$950 One-Off FREE Cash Bonus from Government to Support jobs

  • Tax Bonus for Working Australians of up to $950 paid to every eligible Australian worker earning $100,000 or less. This will support up to 8.7 million individuals.
  • $950 Single Income Family Bonus to support 1.5 million families with one main income earner.
  • $950 Farmers' Hardship Bonus paid to around 21,500 drought affected farmers and farm dependent small business owners receiving exceptional circumstances related income support.
  • $950 per child Back to School Bonus to support 2.8 million children from low- and middle-income families.
  • $950 Training and Learning Bonus paid to students and people outside of the workforce returning to study to help with the costs of education and training.

Click : http://www.pm.gov.au/media/Release/2009/media_release_0778.c... for more information

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    Why the hell is the government giving away cash?
    Most of the cash will get spent on crap made overseas and will only help keep a job for a checkout chick!
    It looks like I'll be one of those eligible for $950, so I'm not whining because I'm not going to get a payout.. I'm whining because $8 billion could be used to build something useful for future generations.. AND generate real jobs!

    • Exactly how I feel. Another political stunt from the Rudd government.

    • its all about people spending it on useless crap. Stimulates the economy, if people keep buying stuff, it sends a positive image that the economy isnt going to sh*t, and as self-fulfilling prophecies go, it kinda works,

    • +1

      Perhaps some of the money will be used to buy overseas goods. But there are more people than just checkout chicks who will benefit. Think of the importers, the transportation companies, the dock workers who unload shipping containers, custom workers, the truck drivers, the mechanics who maintain the trucks, the air freighters, the pilots, airplane mechanics, petroleum companies that provide the fuel, store workers who load and unload goods, retail assistants, retail store managers etc. And then what happens to the money that the checkout chick earns? She uses it to pay for groceries, childcare, fuel, education etc.

  • Looking forward to my tax bonus!! Rud wants to give me 950~ I see a new tv in the lounge room. That'll stimulate the economy right? :)

    Be interesting to see how it's done. Will it be at tax time or now..

    • +3

      April apparrently..
      And your proposed purchase is exactly what I'm talking about..
      You're going to buy a TV made in China (or Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand etc etc). So 50% (or more) of that $950 is going straight overseas never to be seen again.
      30% will go to the rich buggers who own the store.
      and the 20% remaining will be split amongst the rich bugger who owns the property, the sales rep and the importer.
      Immediate value to Australia =20%= $200
      Future value to Australia = $0

      Alternatively, the government could fund public transport expansion..
      Immediate Value to Australia = numerous jobs for numerous years
      Future Value to Australia = $millions saved from not having to buy oil to drive..

      • Yeah agree totally with that…

        'These one off cash bonuses reflect the weight of economic authority – including the advice of the International Monetary Fund – that targeted one off payments rather than generalised tax cuts spread over a lengthy period are more likely to be consumed, and thus provide a more effective economic stimulus and provide more support for Australian jobs.'

        I think it also encourages the wrong type of financial behaviour… the government wants people to be thinking short term and blow it all today on some shiny new toy instead of paying off their mortgage or putting it towards their future in some way. And the scary thing is, they're probably right… and while it probably will help a little towards weathering the economic storm we're in, I'm sure $42 billion could have gone a long way towards something bigger and better for everyone.

        Well, for what it's worth, my 'bonus' is getting chucked straight in to the mortgage

        • Of course, if you actually read about the $42 billion package, you'd see that most of it is being spent on nation building and infrastructure. The cash bonuses are seen as necessary to prevent unemployment in the short-to-medium term, because the other measures in the stimulus package have a longer lag before they impact the economy.

          • @DisabledUser12674: 14 billion in cash payouts is not going to prevent unemployment when it goes into paying debt..
            There are tons of small infrastructure projects that can start tomorrow if they have funding.

            • @ESEMCE: No government infrastructure project could simply "start tomorrow".

            • @ESEMCE: Again, excellent point about cash handouts doing very little for unemployment.

              Even if $14 billion isn't injected in to infrastructure, the government could use that money to offer more attractive employment options in areas where there are shortages. For example, there is a massive shortage of nurses in the country and no wonder. For the pay they get to do what they have to do (crap handling, crazy shift worker hours, worrying about being sued by the people they're trying to help), it's not surprising that many people would rather do something else.

              Surely injecting a chunk of money into better pay/benefits for areas where there are employment shortfalls would be better? Solve two problems at once!

              • @RandomNinja: Not a bad idea you have there; you should send it to the Letters section of a major newspaper!

      • The cash handouts are only one part of the fiscal stimulus package — most of the $42 billion package announced today is being spent on nation building and infrastructure. These cash handouts are decidedly aimed are stemming short-to-medium term unemployment, since all other stimulus measures have a much longer lag before they have an impact on the economy.

      • We live in a global economy…. helping each other is helping ourselves.

        The quicker our trading partners such as China and Japan are back on track, the sooner we will be.

        • Show me the other counties giving cash handouts that are "helping" us out..

          • @ESEMCE: They also have handouts, cash or voucher… Maybe they are buying their own products.

            They are helping themselves to help us, we are helping them to help us…. good logic!

          • @ESEMCE: Japan, our largest export destination, is giving US$22 billion in cash handouts.

            • @DisabledUser12674: OK, name 1 product that more than 1000 Japanese will buy from Australia with their cash handout that will help Australia?
              I assume corporations wont be getting the cash, so Iron Ore doesn't count!

              • @ESEMCE: A simple Google search will give you an export table for Australia to Japan. "Metalliferous ores and metal scrap" counted for only $6.7 billion out of $34.6 billion in exports to Japan in 2007-08.

                Nevertheless, of course iron ore counts. Japanese companies turn it into consumer products, the sales of which generate demand for our iron ore.

                • @DisabledUser12674: A simple google search will show that Australia's Current Account Deficit is at a record high..
                  December's deficit, 18% higher than in 2007!! Despite the much, much lower Australian dollar that ought to encourage exports.
                  Coincidentally at the time of the last cash handout? I think not.
                  No prizes for guessing whether the deficit for April/May will be higher than last year's..

              • -1

                @ESEMCE: Kangaroo scrotums….

                • +1

                  @DisabledUser12327: :)
                  Perfect moneybags for their cash handouts

                • @DisabledUser12327: LOL, well, I guess that'd would come under the "Hides, skins and furskins, raw" and "Leather, leather manufactures, and dressed furskins" categories, which had about $20 million in exports to Japan in 2007-08.

              • @ESEMCE: One word = Rice

    • depends on what you see on TV - it could stimulte personally as well ;)

  • This is a government announcement and not a bargain.

  • Borderline… but I'm going to allow it ;-)

  • Really clever announcement… UP TO $950 making everyone run out there thinking that they are $950 better off only to discover two months later that they only got $300 from rudd. Sure stimulates the economy but whatever credit card company that you belong to is the one most thrilled about this announcement :) UP TO is a bargain hunter's worst nightmware.

    • yeah, good pick up..
      They mention the "up to" only once.. just to cover themselves, then talk as if it's $950 for everyone for the rest of the announcement.

      • Eligible taxpayers will receive a bonus of:

        $950 if their taxable income is up to $80,000;
        $650 if their taxable income exceeds $80,000 to $90,000; and
        $300 if their taxable income exceeds $90,000 to $100,000.

        I think the majority of the eligible workers will get the $950.

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    $950 bonus will be paid to eligible taxpayers with a taxable income of up to and including $80,000;

    $650 bonus will paid to eligible taxpayers with taxable incomes exceeding $80,000 and up to $90,000; and

    $300 bonus will be paid to eligible taxpayers with incomes exceeding $90,000 up to and including $100,000.

    • Is the taxable income based on last years tax return?

      How does the government know what is your current year taxable income? even I dont know!

  • don't ask me why that ended up so big…I've got no idea.

    • +1

      clandestino, if you use a leading hash (#),

      the font looks like this.

  • If i have school kids, earn less than 100k and single income, do i get 3x$950 ???

    I cant find any details in news sites.

    • Less than $80K and I think you do. See above commentry.

      • Is the taxable income based on last years tax return?

        How does the government know what is your current year taxable income? even I dont know!

        • We receive a Family Tax benefit. As such we need to estimate our income. That's how the government knows what we will earn. I'm not sure how it works with those without a Family Tax Benefit.

          • @MichaelRoos: Hmmm I don't have Family Tax Benefit… hence I wonder…

            • +1

              @iamcoke: just found this:
              from the Treasurer's web site: "A lump-sum payment of up to $950 will be made to eligible taxpayers from April 2009. The bonus will be available to Australian resident taxpayers who paid tax in the 2007-08 financial year after taking into account available tax offsets and credits. The bonus is subject to an income threshold test which determines that a: $950 bonus will be paid to eligible taxpayers with a taxable income of up to and including $80,000; $650 bonus will paid to eligible taxpayers with taxable incomes exceeding $80,000 and up to $90,000; and $300 bonus will be paid to eligible taxpayers with incomes exceeding $90,000 up to and including $100,000. Taxpayers will not need to apply for the payment. The Australian Taxation Office will automatically make the payment after determining eligibility."

        • +1

          based on 2007/08 financial year.. it's all there in all the articles

          • +1

            @ESEMCE: woohoo…

            But I feel sorry for people who got more than 100k last year and got sacked recently.

  • This is not a bargain.

  • +5

    sigh, it's not a bargain because the government will create debt, then they will just tax us more in the future.

    Money now = debt later

  • Hahaha!

    But scubacoles everyone needs a big TV..
    What would be a better purchase iyo?

    • +1

      Personally I'll be reducing my debt.. which will employ no-one at all!!

      I just think the concept of cash handouts is stupid, political bullshit. if they were deadly serious about generating jobs, they'd start up big time construction projects where money is recycled through several contractors before disappearing overseas.
      Builing a public transport system you encourage employment of engineers, earthmoving contractors (therefore mechanics to keep the earthmovers maintained and operational), concretors (and therefore concrete manufacturers), scaffolders, Electricians, Plumbers, welders (therefore drive demand for steel) etc etc etc..
      And as a bonus at the end, there's something useful for the community for decades to come.

      That's what governments exist to do.. Generate and maintain public services and infrastructure, something that all governments State and Federal have ignored for too long!

      • But everyone needs a big TV, I bet you have a big TV, don't you? :)

        What you're saying is correct, but it's called a stimulus package for a reason. It's not an infrastructure package is it?

        I really don't want to talk about the evils of the big bad government, it makes me upset.

        • Kinda.. I've got a 68cm CRT TV and a secondhand projector..

      • +1

        If you had read the details of the stimulus package, you would be aware that most of the $42 billion is being used to fund long-term infrastructure projects such as Science wings for High Schools. However, the problem with these projects is that they take a long time to get started. You can't start building a Science wing tomorrow, it takes many, many months of planning and surveying. Therefore, what we also need is short term stimulus that quickly boosts demand in the economy. Tax breaks are an effective method of achieving this.

        Also, you are misguided in believing that reducing your debt will not help employment. What do you think happens when you pay off some of your mortgage? The bank takes the money and puts it in the shredder? It just disappears from the face of the earth? No, the bank has now increased its capital and can use that money to employ more workers, or perhaps buy new equipment or buildings, or most likely re-lend that money to businesses or individuals who will then use it to buy a house, car, whatever.

  • +2

    Not a bargain.

  • +3

    It doesn't fit Ozbargain's rule, this should be listed in the forum area. Good news read tho!

    • +1

      Agreed. Should probably be in the forums.

  • +2

    This may not be a "bargain" as such but it is informative to members of this site and the cash shall enable members to spend on the actual "bargains" that are listed here.

    It's a big talking point for the community and discussion of it can only be a good thing for everyone. Plus, it's very confusing in some areas so it is helpful to hear others opinions.

  • +4

    Not a bargain, but terrific news for those who don't care about our future generations!

  • -1

    you must understand. govt is getting into the red. they will then need to source money. most will come from tax, paid by individuals and small businesses. it may help put more cash in ppl's pockets now, but they will need to get it back later.

  • Comes as a cheque/bank transfer.. cool.

  • oops. wrong thread

  • $950 = Playstation 3 or iPhone.
    Those money will go out to Japan, US, and China, so we create the job for oversea, and INCREASE THE AUSTRALIAN DEBT

  • -1

    this is not a bargain. this is just news.

  • -1

    We should really get this place moderated.

    • -1

      Agreed.. hopefully this dowsn't become a norm.

  • -1

    Agree with everyone else. Not a bargain guys.

  • I thought Australia was a smart country.

    Didn't the world get into this mess, by easy money for too long.

    Now we have governments just throwing money at people..i.e xmas one-off payments..(Still shaking my fist - i wasn't eligible LOL - no kids but working full-time)..now more money for nothing.

    I think even the Zimbabweans might start offering our politicians some advice on monatrary issues. LOL

  • does it get transfer automatically to my account?
    looking forward for my $950 :D

  • It doesn’t fit Ozbargain’s rule, this should be listed in the forum area
    It doesn’t fit Ozbargain’s rule, this should be listed in the forum area
    It doesn’t fit Ozbargain’s rule, this should be listed in the forum area
    It doesn’t fit Ozbargain’s rule, this should be listed in the forum area
    It doesn’t fit Ozbargain’s rule, this should be listed in the forum area

  • -1

    Turd ..no offence mate, next time try not to live up to your name in the deals area, cheers

  • +1

    What happens if you were on social benefits last year and did not send a tax return, are you still eligible for the $950?

  • who ever work in the Ceiling Insulation industry would be jumping for joy today!!!

  • +1

    Remember nothing is free… all of these hand outs will bite us in the back side years down the track through increased taxes.

  • -1

    for all the ozbargain-related non-political reasons explained by others

  • -1

    This is not a bargain, does not belong here.

    • -1

      But it deserves a Positive Vote all the same?

      • ..and you vote negative?

        • -1

          Yeah.. I agree, it's not a bargain, by definition. It's news..
          Therefore I voted negative.

  • -1

    What a waste. Most the people who will get it will just waste it on junk. Why not $1000 in training, $1000 in tools, $1000 in educational software, $1000 into your super, $1000 of your home loan.

    • No No not into Super - Guess what happened to all those who sold their home to put it into super when John Howard induced them - all are sitting with a huge debt and the money in super has vanished!

  • "The bonus will be available to Australian resident taxpayers who paid tax in the 2007-08 financial year after taking into account available tax offsets and credits"

    Are you still eligible if you got a 100% tax refund due to low income?a

  • -1

    damn so young singles not at school and not a farmer get nothing?

    • -2

      Only if they earned over $100k last financial year.
      Everyone earning less than 100k in 07/08 is getting some payout.

  • -1

    hi, this is a bargain website. Tax Bonus is apparently not a deal.

  • wow, can we close this thread? this is not a political debate forum

  • does anyone know if students receiving youth allowance but ALSO considered independent by centrelink, eligible for the grant?

  • -1

    instead of whinging about saving one dollar here and 50 cents here, someone has posted to inform you tightasses that you're going to get 1K for absolutely nothing and most of you still complain about it.

    • -1

      1) not everyone here are tightasses, we all are smart shoppers.
      2) not everyone here will get $950 or even a cent from it.
      3) tax rate cut or similar bonus are not something that people pay to buy.

      Put this off to a forum topic please.


  • -1

    im buying a gigantic blow up kevin rudd doll

  • -1

    Since when is tax break/bonus is a bargain? If you are unemployed, would you benefit from this?

  • -1

    This is not a bargain

  • -1

    lol if this gets more negatives than positives, does it mean pm.gov.au will be banned? :P

  • -1

    Government handouts are not bargains

  • -1

    Okay guys, I think that is enough discussion (& arguments) about this deal - this isn't really an bargain, because it's an Government hand-out (like your tax refunds, etc). As such, this hand-out should be discussed in our forums…

    Comments are now closed for this thread & I'll discuss with the other mods whether this thread should be unpublished.

    • Post re-published as a forum thread.

  • What happens if you did not file tax or if you earned less than the 6K minimum ? Does such a person not get anything ?

  • Can I just say…who voted Labor?! :\

    • I did coz John Howard is a lying b*^$%#@d that took us to war and saw house prices go so high that I don't know how my kids are ever going to be able to afford to buy one!

  • It's all a bit silly really… if your buying a tv in australia… i'm sorry to say the money is already in china or wherever, but at cost price! but when it is sold in australia, as long as you try to buy from australian companies all the markup stimulates jobs. Anything you buy in australia as long as it's an australian owned company will benefit the company. dare i say no one here is buying directly from the manufacturer thus not giving the money to china or anywhere. Loads of chinese stuff can still be from australian companies that is "outsourced" to china, so most of the money still stays heres… ok so not the manufacturing jobs but like someone else said about all the importers etc. most products go through like 3 lots of aussies handling before reaching the consumer. Quit whining about it… it's going to be done anyway. Take the money. If you are so opposed to it and don't think it will benefit the economy give it to an australian charity… they will put it to good use.

  • Has anyone read this? http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/740274/opposition-may-bl...

    Does that mean we might not be given the bonus?

    • Hmm. Some of us will never get the bonus anyway. It might just mean I don't need to pay for someone else's bonus…

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