High quality F2P game

Over the last few years I've been mainly sticking to free games cause of low cash and lack of motivation to pay for games.

Been playing : LoL and tf2 both are excellent but getting a little boring as I have done 2000+ hours in each. Any other hidden gems out there, I like games which are popular with the Aus community as well.

I also tried playing runescape which I played 5+ years ago but it turned to shit. Tried dota2- similar to lol and BLR- bad ping and perma wall hack Wtf?


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    Chivalry Medieval Warfare, $8.50 - that's less than a large big mac meal!

  • Try Planetscape 2 for a huge-ass F2P FPS. Or try out the still in Beta Mechwarrior online.

  • Hawken if you like mech games.
    Warframe for a coop third person shooter game.
    Unfortunately these 2 don't seem to be overly popular.

    Counter Strike Source and CS:GO are also both very cheap and popular games.

  • TERA for mmorpg..best playing with a few people.

  • Planetside 2 - massive version of battlefield (large scale fps), but with some rpg leveling mechanics on the side.
    Runes of Magic - as close as you will probably get to wow while not paying for wow.

  • You guys are forgetting the best game of all!

    Ozbargain - Try to find the best deals and broaden everything before everyone else does.

  • Thanks for the input so far,dont worry I won't get so immersed in a game and forget my beloved Ozbargain ;)

    I enjoy popular games because you can be active on forums and speak english to others as opposed to spanish haha. Well I guess you pick up a bit along the way. Free éspanol lessons ftw!

    • Do you have an 360 or ps3?

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    IMO, the highest quality F2P game is APB: Reloaded. Highest amount of customisation of any game ever released, and you can get by fairly well just using the free stuff. There's a lot of microtransactions, as you would expect from F2P, but they're mainly for customisation and there's no real Pay2Win in it.

    The only real problem I see with it is that there aren't any AU servers, however I've managed to get used to the ~200ms latency over the past 2.5 years playing it.

    • I want my AU servers!! GAH Part of the reason why you don't see me on anymore poed (that and getting gypped off my G1Cs in that last comp) :(

  • Thanks for the recommendation, I'll be sure to check it out. Its annoying most f2p games dont have the cash to have AU servers but ya gotta compromise somewhere. I dont mind micro transcations as long as they dont provide mind blowing free win advantages. This is what attracted me to TF2 and LoL probably still the 2 biggest free games atm.

  • What's this about bad ping and wall hacks on dota2? My ping stays under 100ms and I've never had anyone hacking. LoL is just a (bad) adaptation of dota. I played it when private wc3 server went to shit, but never enjoyed it as original dota, until dota 2 came out that is.

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      The bad ping and wall hacks he was talking about applied to BLR (Blacklight: Retribution).

      • Yeh the problem seems to be exaggerated in FPS games. MOBA's such as LoL it doesn't seem that bad, just for skillshots. BLR was quite fun for a while, just seems the maps were a little limited and optimisation for my PC wasn't great even at low settings.

    • To be entirely fair, my friends and I had horrendous ping in the afternoons and evenings, (talking 500-1000+,) for DotA for about 3 months after the beta was announced, but they've fixed that issue now.

      So is okay again :3

      Also, there are wall hacks, depending on what items you buy or character you pick…. I mean, it's not a hack, but seriously, y u go up cliff? I wuz chasing you.

  • MapleStory

    • don't feed the nexon trolls.

  • Both runes of magic and planetside 2 both have australian servers.
    Primarily because they make a lot of money, because they are better than most F2P games.

  • Really got into Planetside 2, and have to say it's a great game. Thank you all for the tips.

  • Planetside 2 indeed is great. If you like MMO I recommend you also TERA Online.

  • Games Names, Server Location
    Blacklight: Retribution, AU
    Planetside 2, AU
    Path of Exile, AU
    Hawken, AU
    Warframe, Not Dedicated
    Extraction, AU
    Dota 2, AU
    Tribes Ascend, AU
    Team Fortress 2, AU
    Warface, US
    MechWarrior Online, US
    Tera Online, US
    Ghost Recon Online, US
    War Thunder, US
    Star Conflict, US
    Neverwinter, US
    Raiderz, US

    Please bear with the formating, these are games I'm either playing or worth trying in the future after a lot of research. Weeded out ones are don't interest me. Also check out the Steam free to play category for more other games.

  • Recently started DOTA2, pretty good.
    +1 for hawken too

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    He said free games, not free MULTIPLAYER games. So I shall break away from the mould that everyone has been sticking to and suggest…

    Dwarf Fortress.
    It is a game where you use Dwarves to build a fortress.
    Has more content than any of these games here.
    Why has nobody said Dwarf Fortress?
    Seriously, go install Dwarf Fortress, it's like 50mb. Just Google Lazy Newb Pack Dwarf Fortress. Free feels to be had for an excess of 1000 hours.

    (It also has more bugs than all of them put together. Squared. And less graphics. By less I mean none. It has no graphics.)

    If that doesn't tickle your fancy there's always OpenTTD. BECAUSE TRAINS! Don't like trains? THAT'S FINE! Because trucks!

    At least it has graphics.

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    Path of Exile. Can't believe it hasn't been mentioned yet. Probably one of the best F2P games out, with great devs and an active community.

    • Did you skip my post?

      • Kind of. I normally just give the big list type posts a quick skim. Prefer to see the one game someone is enjoying.

        • Definitely PATH OF EXILE. It's completely free to play. There's NO pay to win. The creators make money purely off sales of cosmetic upgrades and it's made by New Zealanders so you are supporting the local-ish industry.

          And it's a good game lol

  • DC Universe Online?
    Star Wars Old Republic

    • F2P is quite restrictive in SWTOR.

      • Sometimes I think the devs think F2P means Free To Pay

  • Rift is F2P now i believe. When i played it ages ago, it was a pretty good mmo if you like that sort of thing.

    • Was going to say Rift to. No need to pay as you can get everything by playing the game if your patient. Doesn't take long to rake up a lot of money. Only novelty stuff is paid for.