Dracula's Cabaret Restaurant - Gold Coast Discount/Coupons?

Hi all,

I'm looking at going to Dracula's on the GC for an Anniversary and would be interested if anyone knows if there is a way to not pay full price for it?

I do recall someone telling me that "Only tourist pay full price" so I don't want to be placed in that bracket since I live in brisbane and have Ozbargain on my side..

It also seems like there is a voucher in the entrainment book for the GC/Nth NSW that has 25% off the show, if by any chance you have one and do not intend to use it, it would be much appreciated for me to use it.

Thanks in advance!



    would also love to know of any tips/tricks here for a trip to draculas later in the year…

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    When are you going? I have the GC entertainment book - you can have the draculas voucher if you want it but I think it expires end of this month?


    Does anyone know of anything else? I am going in may (I think) on my mystery flight and am planning to go to draculas.


      There are often a lot of vouchers (I can remember the ad for Dracula's being in a lot of books, but not sure if they have a voucher attached and for how much) in the various information books you pick up all over the Gold Coast. One of the first things we do when we get there is pick up as many maps/books as possible then plan our eating around the vouchers. You tend to get them at information desks and the front of hotels, although they seem a bit more scarce than they used to be.

      Otherwise you can get discounted tickets via the RACQ


    hey ive lost my gold coast/nsw 2012/2013 book willing to pay $5.oo for the super duck voucher thankx


    Hi alwaysis, I have been looking for discounts for draculas cabaret restaurant-Gold coast on the net and came past this previous forum you commented on from last year. You offered your voucher from your entertainment book. I was wondering if you had the book again this year and were willing to let me have it, or know someone else that may be willing to. If not just let me know.


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