How to unlock Telstra Elite ZTE MF60 Pocket Wi-Fi Modem?

Has any OzBargainer succeeded in unlocking this modem? Will you please post your experience so we (I am sure not just me) are able to do it too?



    Tell us what you have tried so far Ubor…

    I have Unlocked more than 1 :)


      I downloaded the latest verison of DC-Unlocker. Followed the instruction putting a non-Telstra SIM card into the modem and connected it to my laptop. I selected ZTE and autodetect and the modem turned on by itself. However, DC-Unlocker was not able to identify the modem and the modem panel displayed "SIM locked" instead of "Invalid SIM". And I was stuck. Did you use DC-Unlocker to unlock your modem?


        yes i did.(unlock with DC Unlocker)

        What happens when you change it to Unknown ZTE modem ?

        (as an aside i unlocked the last one with NO sim)

        *use an administrator account on win7(or older version) as win8 seems to create more issues too.

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    Just heading off for a while- some tips may help on this blog VVV.

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    Hi Snappy. I finally got it unlocked. Many thanks for your help.


    Hi guys,

    is it free to unlock via DC unlocker? Or have to buy credit?

    When I searched the prices it says "Credits need for one operation: Free Unlimited"

    what does it mean?

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