This was posted 11 years 3 months 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • out of stock

SanDisk Mobile Ultra 64GB - microSDXC UHS-I 30 MB/s (Read) $35.19 + $10.95 Ship ($0 Pickup)


Flash memory card
Storage Capacity: 64 GB

Morning all! Cheapest I could find on staticice by $20. Free pickup if you have a store in your area (I bought one from ACT)

Have a great weekend!

Speed Rating
30 MB/s (read)

SD Speed Class
UHS Class 1 / Class10

Form Factor
microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card

Included Memory Adapter
microSDXC to SD adapter

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Harris Technology
Harris Technology

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    That's REALLY cheap.

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    $11 postage for a microsd o_O;

    • +3

      Yep… couldn't be the size so it must be the weight? :-(

  • lol.

    "This product is currently in limited availability. You may only order from the existing stock of 1 unit."

    not a deal.

  • This looked good.

  • I ordered the '1' so thanks OP. Hope the order goes through becase I reckon HT would have received quite a few orders in the last minute at that price -.-

  • May I know if anybody picks this up in the store?
    I can't see the pick up option after logged in,
    The item delivery stated "Not available for delivery",
    but the payment page included the shipping fee and my address……

    • Select pick up from store on stage 2 of the order.
      The shipping fee will be remove in stage 3 of the order just before you submit the order.

      • can't see pick up option in stage 2.
        seem liked they had run out of stock.
        thanks for your concern anyway.

  • I ordered this last week and my order got cancelled..

    If any of your orders go through, please let me know so I can abuse HT for cancelling my order

  • -1

    lame, out of stock already

    • Will they call to check with HT's stock availability?

  • Out of stock

  • Bought the last unit at North Ryde for pick up.

    • How do you know it was the last unit there for pick up?

  • Out of stock in WA

    Postage to WA is $13.94

    Tech Code:AE728
    Manufacturer Number:SDSDQU-064G-UQ46A


    Tech Code:AL231
    Manufacturer Number:SDSDQUA-064G-UQ46A
    is available

    HT, please explain

  • Called several stores for price match but almost all stores don't sell 64GB in store and online price on their website range from $140 to $170

  • -2

    This post here is a worry regarding HT's stock, its the old stock and may be slow. Dont expect Ultra speeds for this card.…

  • This is the cheapest I've ever seen it. I got one from Amazon black friday but this is even cheaper. I think I will try and get another.

    • -1

      Was probably a C10 you bought on Amazon, HT is not selling the C10, and thats why its a clearance.

      • Spec said it is a c10 from HT website.

      • It is a C10. Exactly the same. However, it's sold out everywhere, so it's moot at this point.

        • If its c10 they have the incorrect image, HT stock is listed as SDSDQU-064G-UQ46A and this card has U1 written on it, but HT's website is the older image with no class or u1, stock of older card is SDSDQY-064G-U46SA

        • Am I missing something? UHS-I is higher spec than class 10?

          Was probably a C10 you bought on Amazon, HT is not selling the C10, and thats why its a clearance.

          Why would the higher spec/faster card be on clearance?

        • There are two different cards made by SanDisk for Micro Ultra 64GB and they may look the same, but have different results in practice. Many retailers are discounting the lower performance cards, and it is odd that HT is discounting one to $35 while the other is still being sold for $90. Its just difficult to tell which one is being sold as the stock numbers do not match the image of the card, in the case of the $35 card.

          The other card is…

        • +1

          So in other words you're negging a deal because you feel it's too good a deal? Perhaps you're on the wrong site.
          Not because you have any proof as your above link makes no mention of Harris.
          At the end of the day the advertisement clearly says class 10 in several locations and HT are a reputable company.

        • The article you linked above compared a 'mobile' model to the normal model. In that comparison, the mobile version performed marginally worse. This new link which is also the mobile model, they make no mention of classes, the picture still does not include the 'UHS 1' logo, and is nearly triple the price.

          So are you suggesting we should pay $90 with no idea which model we will receive rather than simply pay the $35 for one which clearly states it's specifications. And even in the event of the card being the incorrect model, we can take that issue up with HT for misleading advertising.

  • Went to a HT store and they would not honor the price on their website. Lame HT

  • I got a cancellation email from HT this morning. Oh well.

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