TPG $1 Mobile plan no more

It looks like TPG don't have their super cheap $1 plan anymore. Just sharing with everyone - as was a good plan if you wanted to hold a mobile number cheaply. Now the cheapest plan is $9.99.

Does anybody know of any super cheap sub $9.99 plans that aren't prepaid?

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    Aldi mobile has $15 for 365 days. Prob best way to hold onto a mobile number cheaply

    • Thanks for that - I'll look into it for my Dad.

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      not too bad. 12c/min for 13/1300/1800 numbers is certainly good. tpg came with free 150/50MB data which was handy

      although apparently you need to have a bottle handy to make a call if the images on are anything to go by.

  • It looks like TPG don't have their super cheap $1 plan anymore

    very disappointing

  • You might also check out just mobile. Their rates are relatively cheap, 6 month expiry for a $15 recharge and data is charged at 1c for 5 secs of access, which is easier for an occasional user to keep track of.

    Check their website, which has special deal at moment.

    But, uses Vodafone.

    Which has improved (actually wife now gets better access than my vaya - Optus network)

    • Well, voda do have 500,000 fewer customers using it than last year!

  • Anyone using AldiMobile at the mo. Any problems with Telstra 3G?

  • I'm looking at SavvyTel on the Optus network.
    Appears to be a small company, so likely to have problems if you need quality customer service, but they have a 'never expire' call credit option, with a $5 sim card.

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