Burned by OzBargain deal (Seamless Bra)

As suggested by one of the moderators here at OZBargain, I'm sharing an experience I had with a dodgy deal posted a little over a month ago.

On the 8th of Feb, a deal was posted for cheap seamless bras. I promptly notified the boss who in turn promptly reminded me that she had been nagging me for months for new bras. So I ordered some for her. Needless to say they never arrived and Mrs 0xFFFF started nagging me about the non-existent bras. I attempted to go to the original web site but it was 'under maintenance'. I monitored the page for a few days, then I went to PayPal to file a dispute in order to get in contact with the seller and ask why Mrs 0xFFFF is not wearing their fancy bras yet. When I filed the dispute the case was immediately escalated.

Hopefully this will be helpful for others.

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    • Ah. right. sorry.

  • Paypal definitely has its uses

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      What I call a necessary evil.

  • As a personal preference I tend to only purchase deals which have a minimum of 10 + votes, just because the more people which see it the higher chance someone will notice a dodgy site etc. Freebies I dont really care, but its lucky we have a very savvy community sussing out deals.

    You may have missed out an a deal beforehand and it was sold out and been quick to jump, it's better to miss out then get scammed. Good warning for others.

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    You couldn't tell by its post history that it might be a but suspect?


    • I don't know why I didn't check. It's my own stupid fault. I've made hundreds of purchases online. This time I just forgot to check and got burnt. :/