NZ Bargain

Moving to NZ (North Island) soon, can anyone suggest sites like Ozbargain for New Zealand, or places to buy clothes / furniture / a car / mobile phone etc that are good prices or bargains.

Update: OzBargain has launched in New Zealand: ChoiceCheapies


  • There were a few ozbargain NZ wannabes, but I think they have all gone now.


    Hi you may be interested to look at Kiwimoneysavers.

    They compare deals on mobiles, broadband, flights etc that maybe useful for you?

    2 Degrees or Skinny seem to have best deals on mobiles but more expensive than here.

    Check out Trademe for site like ebay

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    Say, if we branch out to setup an OzBargain-like New Zealand site — how many people will be interested? Probably a bad question here as it won't be all that useful for us Aussies.

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      I think it would be somewhat useful for Aussies too. Consider Hallesteins and the other occasional NZ bargains that already show up. Having a sister site for kiwis would get more deal spotters in NZ that could benefit the Aussie bros.


      Yeah u should do it, it will only make the community bigger and better


    Definitely check out for cars is a cheap department store