Cities XL 2012 +

Cities XL 2012
Type PC Game
Cities XL 2012 is a city simulator developed by Focus Home Interactive. Cities XL 2012 is the third game in the Cities XL franchise. The game focuses on a single-player mode, and was released on October 20, 2011. New features include new structures, new maps, a starter guide, opens the game to modding and allows you to share your mods. It will be fully compatible with Cities XL 2011 version with a discounted upgrade available. An expansion pack is being released simultaneously.
Cities XL 2012 - $10 USD on Steam (75% off)

expired Cities XL 2012 - $10 USD on Steam (75% off)

Just purchased this myself, decent price if you can overlook the mediocre reviews and "some" bugs :P About the game (copied from steam page):