Flyhal FC600 +


expired Flyhal FC600 Two Batteries RTR 1/16 2.4G 4WD 60km/h Brushless RC Car US$79.10 (~A$110) CN Stock Delivered @ Banggood


Truggy version of well-reviewed HBX 16889a Pro: Supposedly exactly the same as the HBX 16889a Pro, but with different wheels and …


expired Flyhal FC600 (HBX 16889A Pro) RTR 1/16 2.4g 4WD 60km/H Brushless RC Car $146.93 Delivered @ Banggood

RC deals have been pretty popular lately. This is the truggy version of the super popular HBX 16889A Pro which is widely regarded as the best budget basher out there at the moment. It's …