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I currently have two of these and I'm pretty happy with the quality ( for the price). they've lasted at least 10 kayaks down a river last...
08/11/2021 - 10:52
I ordered these:
18/07/2021 - 19:37
The Sydney lockdown may have affected things. I haven't received mine either, and it's still in processing.
18/07/2021 - 19:35
Bought, and got some bags from AliExpress
15/07/2021 - 09:51
Ordered when you sent out the email campaign and I've just ordered more thanks!
11/06/2021 - 11:55
Ordered on the 5th, still haven't received mine sent an email yesterday following up (and have received no response) and got an automated...
14/05/2021 - 16:37
Mine never arrived, called Amazon and they've declared the package as lost and provided a refund.
12/05/2020 - 08:05
Thanks, It's not your fault, the entire postage system is crazy at the moment.... I'm just surprised at the logistics that its better to...
08/05/2020 - 12:06
I ordered one during the last deal, still waiting for it to arrive, the expected delivery time has been updated twice and its now saying...
08/05/2020 - 11:59
I love my jerky a bit on the drier side, so my last lot was fantastic, ordered another lot last night :D
10/04/2018 - 17:27
1kg of original ordered :D
01/05/2015 - 14:48
I haven't received my code yet order... Paypal order #2742
08/12/2014 - 10:55
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