How to achieve the best experience from shopping at Aldi?

1. Come Prepared

  • Make sure if you intend to use a trolley, bring a $2 coin or a token
  • Bring your own bags, for the sake of the environmentalists.
  • Didn't bring any bags? Use one of the boxes that are near Empty. Save 15-25c.

2. Shopping List

  • There was a shopping list program on the Aldi website. For some reason, this was removed.
  • There are a number of Apps available for Phones/Tablets, that you may find suitable.

3. The Checkout

  • Remember, there are people behind you that want to unpack. Condense your groceries. Use the seperators, that are provided.
  • If you have a large trolley of groceries, look at anyone behind you with a few items. Let them ahead, if there is room (and they have cash in their hand).
  • Have your payment method ready. If you have a card with a chip, you can insert it & select cash out (if available). Save time.
  • There is a surcharge on Credit Cards. ie Paywave etc
  • Stand away if possible, so the next person can unpack their trolley.
  • If there appears to be a long line starting behind you, suggest that the cashier 'buzz' another attendant.