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Australian Sites that can incur a fee for transactions

If you buy from an “Australian” website that bills in Australian Dollars (AUD) but uses a foreign payment processor, the local bank charges their usual FX percentage on the AUD amount. This results from a change to the T&Cs on Mastercard and VISA effective 20th March 2014, but may also apply to bank-issued American Express cards.

The problem is that there is no way that they or a cardholder can tell where a merchant will process a transaction. If the merchant does not disclose this on their website, there seems to be no way to tell.

Likewise some sites of multi national companies (no .au) address e.g. Dell/Apple do not charge

Hence through our members we can advise others here of past experiences with websites that through their payment policies will incur such a charge unless you use a card does not charge there fees (eg 28 degrees card)

Here are some sites that do:

Site International Transaction Fees/Charges
adobe.com.au Charges
airnewzealand.com.au No Charges
amazon.com.au Charges
apple.com.au (seen as Apple.com/au/) No charges
asos.com Charges
cebupacificair.com/au-en Charges
clearlycontacts.com.au Charges
ctshirts.com.au Charges
dell.com.au (seen as Dell.com/au/) No charges
delta.com.au Charges
ebay.com.au Charges (for seller fees only)
eventbrite.com.au Charges
firsttable.com.au No charges
Google (Adwords, Drive, Play, etc.) Charges
groupon.com.au No charges
hellofresh.com.au No charges
holidayautos.com.au Charges (bill from UK in AUD)
hotels.com No charges
intrepidtravel.com/au No charges
microsoftstore.com.au No charges
mightyape.com.au Charges
nike.com.au Charges
nintendo.com.au (eShop) Charges
ozgameshop.com Charges
paypal.com.au May or may not charge1
royalcaribbean.com.au No charges for initial deposit (when booking), charges for subsequent payments
Sony Entertainment Network (inc. Playstation Network) Charges
spotify.com.au Charges
superdry.com.au Charges
Taxify (app) Charges
tourradar.com Charges
uber.com.au No charges
Unitedairlines.com.au Charges
vistaprint.com.au Charges
zenrooms.com Charges

1 Sometimes when you buy from a reseller at ebay based overseas you can be directed to pay via Paypal rather than Paypal Australia.

Please add any other sites you find, so we can all help each other to avoid this charges should we so desire