What is Broden?

Seen across forum and bargain posts throughout Ozbargain the term “Broden” is frequently used, especially in posts that contain freebies or ridiculously cheap items, to refer to deals which sell out very quickly and/or are out-of-stock. The term to “Broden” was coined (as detailed below) to imply that, in keeping with his self claimed actions, user Broden has taken the majority of the items available.

Where did the term Broden originate?

The term “Broden” originated from a PS3 deal, where user Broden boasted about obtaining 10 PS3s for $199 each and selling them for $380; a total profit of $1810. However, it was later exposed by user Jiakz, digging into Broden's history through various forums that Broden had only bought 1.

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