Long Running Deals

  • See Film First – See films for free, before they are released.
  • Oovie - Free DVD hire on the 1st Wednesday of every month
  • Optus movie tickets - Discounted Hoyts movie tickets ~$12
  • Telstra movie tickets - Discounted Event, Birch & Caroyll movie tickets $11 inc booking fee. Also one free streaming movie from choice of three each Thursday. Need a Telstra service or $2 sim card used in the last 6 months.
  • Bupa - Bupa memebers only, Event, Hoyts, Birch & Caroyll discounted movie tickets, up to 45% off movie tickets
  • Entertainment book movie tickets - Event cinema example here, around $12 depending on location, movie points also collectible with these tickets
  • NRMA - NSW only, NRMA discounted movie tickets for members, up to 45% off movie tickets
  • RACQ - QLD only, RACQ discounted movie tickets for members, up to 45% off movie tickets
  • RACV - VIC only, RACV member discounts, up to 45% off movie tickets

Tips and Hints

Thanks to DEvok, cinebuzz points can be used in conjunction with the Entertainment book vouchers, to gain points more quickly than say Telstra thanks tickets, which earn less points. Original comment:

  • Screensaver tickets with Vmax Surcharges earn 100 points. Telstra Thanks tickets earn 50 points for standard and 75 for Vmax sessions. Telstra tickets do not qualify for the online bonus points. Moonlight GA can be redeemed at 600 and Moonlight Gold Grass can be redeemed at 1500 points. Moonlight GA Earn 100. Moonlight Gold Grass Earn 250.
  • Standard 2D/3D Earn 100 Burn 600
  • Vmax 2D/3D Earn 150 Burn 900
  • Gold Class 2D/3D Earn 250 Burn 1500
  • Entertainment book tickets earn the full points.