Warning: This page is seriously out of date except for the amaysim entry I just updated and the dead links I noted (25/3/2022) this page has not been updated since 2016. Enjoy the history.

Cheap Mobile Plans

Some of the plans and prepaid deals I found that are suitable for low usage users, i.e. no more than $5/month, with no minimum spending per month.

Provider Pre/Post Network $/Min $/Min (Same Network) Flagfall SMS BillingPerSec 1)Data per MB APP
Amaysim $0/month (Pre-paid $5simcard, min $10 TopUp/365 days credit expiry) Optus $0.15 $0.15 $0 $0.15 No 7.2c iOS and Android
E.tel No Plan Autopay (dead link) $0/month Vodafone $0.18 $0.18 $0.19 $0.25 No
Exetel $0/month ($20 once-off activation charge) Vodafone $0.442) Free(50 free 2-minute-max Exetel to Exetel per month; If an Exetel-to-Exetel call exceeds 2 minutes, it does NOT count as a free call, $0.33/minute will be charged for the whole call) $0 $0.22 Yes 7c
Exetel HSPA $5/month ($25 security deposit) Optus $0.50 $0.50 $0.00 $0.25 No 1.5c
JUST Mobile Prepaid (180 days); min. recharge $15; SIM $5 (in credit) Vodafone $0.30 $0.30 $0 $0.15 Yes
Kiss Mobile (dead link) Prepaid (no expiry) ($0.25c / week access fee); SIM $15 Vodafone $0.30 Free3) $0 $0.14 No 25c
Lebara Mobile Prepaid (90 days) Vodafone $0.15 Free4) $0.25 $0.15 No 10c
Planet ISP (dead link) $0/month Vodafone $0.33 $0.33 $0.0 $0.165 Yes
SlimTel VIP $0 Plan(dead link)5) $0/month Vodafone $0.34 $0.22 $0 $0.18 Yes
ALDI $15/$30 ,365 days Telstra 3G 0.126) 0.12 0 0.12 No 5c iOS and Android
Telstra Prepaid Long Life $70, 365 days Telstra $0.78 7) $0.78 $0.39 $0.29 No $2 iOS and Android


  • SN - Same Network. Usually applies to those calling inside the same company, but sometimes can also apply calling within the same mobile carrier.
  • Data rate is for casual use. Lower rate may be available with fee or minimum spend.
1) For low end plan. May vary with plan selected
2) to other mobile network; $0.33/minute to landland
3) Kiss to Kiss calls are free for the first 5 minutes
4) Free for the first 10 minutes, $0.20 thereafter
5) To be eligible for this plan you must bring an existing number from another service provider AND provide an invoice of that mobile number showing the amount and the mobile number on it.
6) 24c for 2 min
7) Cheaper if you recharge & change offers to Simplicity