Tips and Hints

This page is a collection of tips and hints about OzBargain. Please see Getting Started for more detailed information about discovering, sharing, voting for, and discussing the latest deals, promotions and freebies. There's also a page for Frequently Asked Questions.

Icons and Symbols

Sometimes you will see these icons next to a user's name:

  • – user voted positive for the deal
  • – user voted negative for the deal
  • – first deal posted by the user
  • – began posting 2 weeks ago or less
  • – began posting 6 weeks ago or less
  • – the user is a representative for this store
  • – the user has posted a link to a third-party site in the description
  • – the user is associated with the business (employee, some relationship with store)
  • – OzBargain moderator

Hover the cursor over a symbol to see what it means.

The following graphics appear on each deal page:

  • – allows you to quickly send the deal via email, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and a host of other options.
  • – tags associated with the deal
  • – appears if the deal is a freebie
  • – the expiry date (unless expired)
  • Expired – appears if the deal has expired
  • Report – allows you to report the deal to the moderators
  • Subscribe – subscribe to the current thread.


OzBargain has a search box at the top right of every page. Add sort:created to sort the results in date order. For example:

camera sort:created

Note: The search box on Wiki pages will only search the OzBargain Wiki. Return to the main page to search the rest of OzBargain.

Formatting text

Comments in OzBargain support bold, italic and hyperlinked text. Of course you can combine all of these.

Other web addresses are automatically converted into links (e.g. http://www.ozbargain.com or www.ozbargain.com).

Comments in OzBargain support **bold**, *italic* and [hyperlinked text](http://www.ozbargain.com.au).
Of course you can ***[combine](http://www.ozbargain.com.au)*** all of these.

Other web addresses are automatically converted into links (e.g. http://www.ozbargain.com or www.ozbargain.com).

For more information please see this Ozbargain tutorial post.

Reporting comments and deals

If you see comments that are offensive, inappropriate, is a personal attack etc please click on the Report button under the comment.

It can also be used to let the moderators know if you detect sockpuppeting, suspicious looking deals & activities, duplicates, expired deals etc.

Subscribe to a thread

Click Subscribe to receive notifications when new comments are added to the thread. The button is located at the top right corner at the top of the comments section.

The available subscription options are:

  • all comments - this will include every comment in that thread, including all nested comments.
  • replies to my comments - this will only include direct replies to your comments in the thread
  • top-level comments + replies to my comments - this will include all top-level comments and direct replies to your comments in the thread
  • no notifications

There is also an Auto-subscribe setting in the user settings (My Account - Subscriptions) where you can set your default subscription option. The system will use this setting when you post a new thread or post your first comment in a thread to determine if you should be subscribed and when to notify you. If you have never set your default subscription option, the system will automatically subscribe you with the replies to my comments option at this point.

When you create a Talk to A Moderator forum topic, where you will be automatically subscribed to all comments, regardless of your auto-subscribe notification option.

You can Unsubscribe from individual threads that you have subscribed to by clicking on the same button and selecting the No notifications option at any time. You can view all your current thread subscriptions at My Account - Subscriptions.