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 ==== Off Topic==== ==== Off Topic====
-When comments veer from discussions on the product, moderators may unpublish them. If there are too many members going off topic then discussions may be closed. The intent of comments is to help inform members about the bargain, be it issues, points of clarification alternative offerings etc. Excessive ramblings reduce the visibility of these points that may assist our members with the bargain and will be restricted. +Comments that aren't related to the deal post may be collapsed as off-topic. Decisions of collapsing off-topic comment threads are determined by moderators at their discretionOff-topic comments are not removed, rather collapsed/hidden by default (changeable in user settings).
- +
-Members who persistently engage in off topic comments may receive warnings directly or by a time limited ban being imposed. +
- +
-The degree of excess in bargain posts is more restrictive than in the forums, but both will be policed. +
- +
-Moderators often act on reports made by members. An off topic may stand as it's not seen by a moderatorReporting off topic posts means a moderator will adjudicate. +
- +
-Comments that lead to off topic responses are more likely to be removed (including the responsesthan a one off, off topic post. +
 ==== Personal Attacks ==== ==== Personal Attacks ====