Sites, people, tools, ideas, software, etc that contribute to the creation of OzBargain.


Thanks to the following web hosting companies that OzBargain is currently using.

  • Amazon S3 (since February 2013). We are using S3 to host files from Media File Uploader and deal thumbnail images.
  • Binary Lane in Sydney (since July 2015). They host the main OzBargain website. See this comment.
  • Linode in Fremont (since March 2008). A single 2GB VPS is used to generate daily newsletter and acted as smarthost for all out-bound emails.
  • Network Presence (since June 2013). One VPS is used to generate deal thumbnail images (see Foxshot: OzBargain's Screenshot System).
  • Vultr (since June 2016). A pair of VPS are used as front-end proxy for Amazon S3 + RabbitMQ cluster.


OzBargain uses the following open source software.

  • Drupal (backend for the main site)
  • Dokuwiki (powers OzBargain wiki)
  • Nginx (front end webserver)
  • PHP (scripting engine for the front end website)
  • Python (scripting engine for many backend work)
  • Tornado Web Server (Python webserver to handle API calls)
  • MySQL (database)
  • Redis (in-memory cache and blocking queues)
  • jQuery (some UI work)
  • Firefox (to take screenshot of deals)
  • Linux (OS for the server)

For the graphics and images, we use


Thanks to these third party services for making certain functionalities possible on OzBargain.