Foxshot: OzBargain's Screenshot System

It is called foxshot because Firefox is used to power the screenshot capture. We are using a recent version of Firefox running on Linux to take the screenshot of submitted web pages.

  • When a new deal is posted or when the URL is changed in an existing deal, the URL is sent to a queue.
  • Queue will be polled by our Foxshot engine. A new screenshot will be taken if it's currently free.
  • For some merchants where “product image” feature has been implemented, it will try to locate the product image on the page and use that image instead of taking a screenshot.
  • Otherwise a border-less Firefox instance will be started at 900×900, load in the URL, and a screenshot will be taken.

Moderators have ability to refresh the screenshot. If the screenshot does not appear to be correct, please Report to the moderators.

Why my deal's screenshot says "Picture Coming soon"?

If you have just posted the deal, it will be up to 5 minutes before the backend can process the posted URL and turn it into a screenshot – so be patient :)

However if it stays as “Picture Coming soon” for extensive amount of time, there might be some issues with the backend. Please contact us about the issue.

How do I use my product image rather than screenshot of my website?

When we first load the page, we will go through a few checks to see whether a product image is available.

  • Use Schema Article inside your HTML document. For example, <img src=“foobar.jpg” itemprop=“image”/> or <a href=“foobar.jpg” itemprop=“image”/>
  • Use Open Graph Protocol in your HTML header. For example, <meta property=“og:image” content=“foobar.jpg”/> or <meta name=“og:image” content=“foobar.jpg”/>
  • Have a single DOM element with ID “image”. For example, <img id=“image” src=“foobar.jpg”/>

We do however also implement special rules for some merchants to parse the HTML to extract out the product images. Please contact OzBargain if you need this service done on your website.