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 +====== Polls ======
 +Polls are part of the [[http://www.ozbargain.com.au/forum|discussion forums]], where the OP of a discussion topic can create. They can be used to ask other members of OzBargain for opinions, by providing a list of possible options where other members can vote on.
 +A typical use of polls is //"help me to choose between <option A>, <option B> and <option C>"// kind of question, where a poll of 3 options can be created. Other members can then vote on one of the 3 options.
 +==== Who can create polls? ====
 +Currently, any user that can create forum discussion topics can create polls. That means users in penalty boxes won't be able to create polls (except polls in the Talk with a Moderator forum).
 +==== How to create polls? ====
 +Use the following instructions to create polls.
 +  - In Discussion Forum page, click on **Post New Topic**.
 +  - After entering in subject and body of the new discussion topic, open up the **Poll Settings** fieldset. There are two fields to fill up to create a poll.
 +    * **Poll Options**: A multiline text-area. Put each poll option on its own line. Some Markdown syntax can be used.
 +    * **Expiry**: When the poll will expire.
 +  - **Submit** and your poll options will be displayed.
 +Do note that once a poll has been submitted, **it cannot be changed**. In order to change the poll (having mistakes, adding/removing an option, etc), please use the Report button to contact the moderators. 
 +==== Who can vote on polls? ====
 +Currently all users except those in penalty box can vote on polls, provided that
 +  * The poll hasn't expired.
 +  * User hasn't already voted on this poll.