Tagging Guidelines


Currently all the deals are categorised by

These categories and tags help other members to find the list of deals he/she is looking for.

Picking the right category is relatively trivial. If you don't think your deal fit into any of the pre-defined categories, you can always use “Other”. However correctly tagging your deal can sometimes be a daunting task. Moreover, every contributor on OzBargain has different ways of tagging their deals.

This document is aimed to be a guideline on how one should tag posted deals.

DOs and DON'Ts

Here is a simple list of DOs and DON'Ts when you tag your deals. Those are “best practises” however there might not be an absolute correct way to tag a deal.

Type, Brand and Model

If the deal is a product, do tag its

  • Type of Product. This is more of a sub-category, especially on a main category that might contain multitude of different types of products. For example “Laptop”, “External Hard Drive” (if posting under Computing), “LCD TV”, “Vacuum Cleaner” (if posting under Electronics), “Blu-Ray”, “PC Game”, etc (if posting under Entertainment or Gaming categories).
  • Brand. For example “Samsung”, “Apple”, “Arnott's”
  • Model Name, if it is a popular product that many other deals might cover it. For example “Samsung Galaxy S20”, “Macbook Air” or “Tim Tam”.

No Domain/Shop Name

DO NOT tag the shop that sell the product in your deal. We already have deals by domain therefore there is no need to tag the shop's name.

For example there is no point to tag “DickSmith” in a DickSmith TV deal, unless the TV is of DickSmith's home brand (which is also called DickSmith).

The same applies to Apple or Dell – tag them because these are brands of product, but not because they are the store.

No Ambiguous Tags

DO NOT use multiple tags that mean the same thing, which just bloats our database and adds complexity, which makes harder for other members to find deals. Please also limit the number of tags to less than 10 (although ideally, less than 5). Having too many ambiguous tags just make a deal look spammy.

For example do not tag a deal both “Laptop” and “Notebook”, as these mean the same thing (in most cases). “Laptop” is the canonical way to tag the laptop computers on OzBargain.

No Adjectives or Advertising Speak

DO NOT use adjectives just as 'cheap', 'free', 'discounted', 'beautiful', 'bargain' as tags. Tags are meant to categorise the deal or product, and not describe. Tags such as these add no value to the deal and will only make the deal look more spammy to users.

Singular Not Plural

Use singular rather than plural nouns when you tag, unless the plural form is commonly used. This also reduces the number of tags needed for a deal.

For example, tag “Laptop” rather than “Laptops”. “DVD” rather than “DVDs”. However, tag “Shoes” and “Eyeglasses”.

Tagging + Categorising Specifics

Here some of the specific guidelines on the products.


Category Guideline

Any components, accessories or peripherals that are typically attached to a computer should be categorised under computing.

Examples: Storage drives (both internal and external), gaming headsets, gaming mice, keyboards, desktop computer parts, uninterruptible power supplies, and other USB-attached peripherals.

Media players and single board computers that run a programmable operating system (e.g Linux, Android) should also be categorised as a computer.


Category Guideline

The following should be categorised under Entertainment:

  • Entertainment media including Music CD's / DVD's, Blu-rays, Video on Demand, music streaming and movie tickets, cinema vouchers, or passes
  • Gift cards for services that provide entertainment, such as Netflix, Google Play, Kayo.
  • Tickets to certain experiences, including live sports, orchestras, theater and performance arts.


Category Guideline

Many electronics and AV equipment are commonly mistakenly tagged as Entertainment. These include speakers, headphones, radios, record players, televisions, surround sound systems and media players. Please tag those as Electronics instead.


Category Guideline

Console accessories should be categorised as gaming. These include game controllers, virtual reality headsets, joysticks and racing wheels.

Computer gaming accessories should be categorised as computing. These include gaming keyboards & mice, mousepads, headsets & microphones.

Tagging Guideline

If possible, please tag posted games with

  • PC Game, Steam Game, Mac Game, Xbox One Game, PS5 Game, Switch Game, iOS Game, etc. Add “Game” suffix to the console/platform type to help people to find specific games for that platform.
  • On the other hand, do not use the console/platform model tag. For example, tag “PS5 Game” rather than “PlayStation 5”, as the later tag is used to describe the console rather than its games.
  • Deals that are only featuring Downloadable Content for a specific game and do not include the game itself, such as Season Passes, Expansion Packs, Add-Ons, Currency and In-game items, should not be tagged with the game's original product tag.
  • For example, a deal post featuring In Game Currency, lootboxes or map packs for the game Rocket League, should not be tagged with Rocket League.
  • For Virtual Reality games, please tag them as “VR Game”


Category Guideline

* Both Mobile phones and mobile phone services (plans, SIMs, recharge vouchers) should be categorised under “mobile”

Tagging Guideline

  • Use the tag: Android on all Android phones and tablets.