Title Guidelines

General guidelines
  • Be descriptive – a title that simply states “Big Sale at Myer” is much less useful than “‎[NSW] Kids Wear 20% off Sale @ Myer, Sydney CBD”.
  • Don't be spammy – a title should be clear, concise, informative and unbiased, i.e. providing sufficient information to let other members to decide whether it is a good deal. Marketing speak and personal opinions create bias.
  • Mention if users need to Like on Facebook, Retweet on Twitter, or perform some other tasks to acquire the deal.
Titles should state:-
  1. Product model. May include relevant, but brief, specifications such as screen size.
  2. Purchase price after discounts & savings. The amount of discounts & savings (e.g. “$2 off” or “half price”) may be mentioned if space allows. However, the price should NOT include referral discount/credit, cashback (commission refunds) or gift card discounts – mention these additional savings in the deal description only.
  3. Shipping cost. Exact cost if known or approximate range.
  4. Name of company or merchant.
  5. State of sale if not available nationwide. Put the state as 2 or 3 letter abbreviations in square brackets at the beginning of the title, e.g. [VIC]. To include multiple states, separate each state as comma separated values and avoid the use of other special symbols such as slashes or ampersands, e.g. [TAS, NSW, QLD, WA, NT, SA]. Cities and suburbs (e.g. Abbotsford) should be put at the end of the title. If a VPN is required to obtain the deal, please add (VPN Required) to the title.
Titles should NOT include:-
  • Advertising phrases or emojis. Like “Great price 🤑!”, “Hurry!” and most other things with an exclamation mark. Good deals speak for themselves, and the community will ultimately decide with their votes. Advertising phrases annoy users and waste space that could be used to communicate relevant information.
  • Too many specifications. Specifications become meaningless when there are too many numbers and letters. Less vital specifications should be included in the description instead.
    • If a model number/code is specified in the title, it should provide sufficient information for other members to find out the exact specifications.
  • Personal opinions. Please leave any personal opinions about the deal in the post description, and keep the title clear and concise. This applies to both positive and negative views.
  • Spelling errors.
  • Standard cashback rates. Cashback rates should not be mentioned in the title unless it is a special rate or new cashback offer.
Example of a good title
  • Acersus EeeWind 1234 netbook w/ Atom 1GHz CPU & 10” screen - $499 + $19 shipping @ ComputerStore
  • [VIC] Free Coffee Today (24/4) @ Acme Corporation (Melbourne)
Example of a bad title
  • BEST BARGIN EVER - cheap 1234 net computer - not many at this price save $100 wow! warrenty