Wiki Guidelines

How to use OzBargain Wiki.


OzBargain Wiki uses a different editing syntax than posting deals, forums or comments. Please refer to the formatting syntax document.


“Namespace” in Wiki is used to describe the prefix of a page name, and is usually used to categorise pages. Think folders or directories. Namespace is not only used for categorisation, but also to restriction functionalities so users with only certain capability can modify pages under certain namespaces.

Namespace is separated from page name with a colon character ':'. If a page name does not contain a colon, the page belongs to the root namespace.

Existing Namespaces

Here is a list of namespaces. When you create new pages, please consider putting them into the right namespaces.

Namespace Description Restrictions
help All help documentation about OzBargain Editing restricted to mods


No Spamming

Edits with low-quality content or spamming will be reversed by admins/moderators. Repeat offenders will have account terminated.


When listing resources on OzBargain wiki, please list them in alphabetical order unless explicitly state the order.


OzBargain Wiki has tagging plugin installed. To add tags to the page, please add the following links to the bottom of the page:

  {{tag>tag1 tag2 tag3}}