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One deal a day is a web-based business model in which a single type of product is offered for sale for a period of 24 hours. Certain sites sell items uniquely by this method. Other established retailers, such as Amazon.com and Buy.com feature a “deal a day” item in addition to more conventional sales methods.

This page will list One deal a day sites in Australia. Most of these sites have had deals featured on OzBargain in the past. If you see a great deal please submit it!

Update Apr 2015: Most of these websites have evolved from one deal a day to multi deals or general shopping websites.

List of One Deal A Day Sites

Dedicated Sites

Site Starting Time
OzStock 12am AEST
Zazz 12am AEST
1-Day 12pm AEST
Catch of the Day 12pm AEST
eSold 10am AEST
Daily Offer 2.30pm AEST
VinoMofo Varies

Retail Sites Offering Daily Deals

Site Name Starting Time
City Software Mega Deal of the Day 12pm AEDT
Crazy Sales Crazy Sale of the Day 12pm AEDT
Deals Direct Deals of the Day 12am AEDT
OO.com.au Daily Slam Dunk 10am AEDT
Shopping Square Daily Clearance 12pm AEDT
Top Buy Steal of the Day 12pm AEDT
eBay.com.au The Big Deal 12am (ish)
Mwave Bargain 24 12pm AEDT
Harvey Norman Big Buys 12pm AEDT
Steam Today's Deal1) 2:10am AEDT
Mighty Ape Daily Deals 10pm AEDT

One Deal a Day Aggregator Sites

Defunct Sites

Site Starting Time Notes
Daily Steals 12am AEST Stopped working approximately February 2010
Scoop of the Day 12pm AEST Once offered local deals in Sydney, but no new deals since 19 April 2010
1 Sale a Day 12am AEST Infringed on the intellectual property rights of the 1SaleADay U.S. website, domain transferred to rightful trademark holders
Prices Engine 12pm AEST Stopped working approximately August 2010 citing issues with Paypal. They claim they'll “be back as soon as possible”
The Dealer 12pm AEST Shut down site on 6 August 2014 due to issues aggregating other deal sites and team issues. Full explanation on their website