Moderators have found you have a link with the deal/company you have posted. And as a result you have been banned.

what have i done wrong?

For the purposes of OzBargain, it's posting a deal, comment or voting while not declaring that you are affiliated with the company.

Some examples:

  • A person posts a deal pretending to be a customer when they are actually the business owner.
  • A friend, family member, or employee posts a deal without declaring affiliation.
  • The OP creates multiple ghost accounts which then vote or comment on the deal.

How long have i been banned for?

The length of your ban (e.g. permanently or 1 month) depends on:

  • the severity of the incident
  • initiating a dialogue with us through the Talk with Mod forum
  • an explanation of the sockpuppeting
  • what policies you set to prevent this in the future
  • whether the sockpuppeting was intentional

Whilst many users & stores have been permanently banned for sockpuppeting, some have come back. These companies have imposed a strict social media policy and become valuable members of OzBargain.

Are you guilty of sockpuppeting?

Are you….

  • working for the company? (all tiers - including management!)
  • on the companies payroll?
  • designing the companies website?
  • working as a marketer for this company?
  • designing/making/producing the product being sold?
  • related to someone mentioned above?
  • a contractor for this company?

have you….

  • been asked by someone to post on this site?
  • been offered money/prizes/incentives to post this deal?

If yes, its okay! All you need to do is declare your affiliation

If its a direct affiliation - tick the “i am a rep” box.

If you're unsure, just write it in the body of the deal.

Example: “Disclosure: I worked here over the holidays”

* If you believe this was unpublished for the wrong reason or would like the deal reassessed by a different moderator, please contact the moderators. *

However, lying to moderators will result in ban extensions, including permanent bans