SpinTel referrals have been imported into the OzBargain referral system. Please do not add your name here.

SpinTel Referral Links

SpinTel's Refer A Friend program rewards both new and existing customers with account credit when a new customer signs up with an active referral code. Reward credit varies depending on the service being connected:

Home Broadband Bundle$25.00
Home Phone$15.00
Home ADSL$10.00
Mobile PromotionFree Minutes
Business Broadband Bundle$25.00
Business Phone$15.00

Full program terms and conditions are available on SpinTel's website.

For New Customers

  1. PM one of the referrers in the grey random referral box (required for creating the referral code) with:
    1. your full name, and
    2. either a contact email address or mobile phone number.
  2. You will receive either an email or text message directly from SpinTel with your referral code. (Hopefully you'll also receive a confirmation PM from the OB user.)
  3. Complete the sign-up process for your service through the SpinTel website. Be sure to enter your referral code (it's one of the last steps.) Note that this is different from the promotion code (occasionally SpinTel will have promotions for free activation and SIM postage.)
  4. Keep your SpinTel service connected for two full billing cycles. Both you and your referrer will receive credit after you have paid your second bill (as per the terms & conditions.) You will most likely see the credit applied on your third bill.

If you do not receive the credit by this time, contact the OzBargain user you received the referral from, check to see if they received any credit, then contact SpinTel as necessary.