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BONDS 3x Selected Trunks for $30 Delivered, Save $44.85


Were 24.95 each, apply code at checkout to get 3 for $30! You can never have too many comfy undies.
Also 5x hipster trunks for $49 until tomorrow 5pm, were $19.95 each http://www.bonds.com.au/hipster-trunk.html

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    Do you know which ones are available with this deal?

    Edit: NM I see you updated the link. Thanks

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      here from the same seller are 11 pc that appear to definitely be trunk style:

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      How do you know those aren't just cheap knock offs, like the ones on ebay?


        Oh, they probably are knock-offs. Note how they're always "Cal in Kl n" or " alvin Klei ", never "Calvin Klein". They do actually have "Calvin Klein" written on them, but they never seem to put the whole name on the web pages.

        My point, though, is that they're not 'cheap' quality. They're actually pretty good. These ones http://www.aliexpress.com/item/z/729337679.html are quite well made, decent thick fabric, in a 'trunk' style (not as pictured). For $2.25/pair, they're awesome!

        I also bought some of these www.aliexpress.com/item/z/695715755.html and they were crap. Fabric so thin I'd be afraid to fart for fear of blowing a hole clear through them, and cut, well, they'd be a good cut for a woman or a eunuch, but pretty useless for a bloke!


          I suppose you have a point. I doubt the quality of bonds these days is actually any better then the knock offs, hell they probably make them in the same factory. Bonds used to be worth the price, now they just as bad as the cheapest stuff

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        They're not a 'bargain', per se. $2.23/pair is standard price for brand-name undies from China. When I find them for $2.22, then I'll post them on here as a bargain! :-)

        But what does 'genuine' mean anyway, and what did Philips Van Heusen (owners of the Calvin Klein brand) and Pacific Brands (Bonds) ever do to justify your 'support'? They're just enormous corporate money factories, they have no soul. They're paying a lot less than $2.25 for the /same/ undies from the /same/ factories, AND they're on-selling to you for $10-$30 per pair. Profit, much? They don't manufacture in Australia, they don't employ Australians in manufacturing and, in the case of Van Heusen, they export the money they make from you. The quality of Pacific Brands stuff is so poor now that any sense of 'loyalty' is misguided IMHO.

        So thanks for the deal, I'll stick with decent quality at a fair price! :-)


    no deal, hut has better offers all the time. i sound like a broken record


    Last time with their $5 boxer deal I was pretty disappointed with the quality, even for the price. First time I had bought Bonds ever since they moved manufacturing to China, and probably the last time I'll touch the brand — no matter how cheap.


    Not a bad price but sorry no deal for me.. IMHO Bonds quality is OK but nowhere as good as what it used to be. TradeSecret has Oroton, Devenport and few other descent brands for around $8-$11 all the time. I usually pay around $5 for Oroton when they on sale…


    Thanks OP!
    I was only thinking earlier this week that I needed to retire some of my older pairs!
    3 for 30 including delivery is good for me!


    If you like the product on facebook the total ends up being $27.00 Delivered :D
    I ended up adding an extra pair onto my order..

    Ended up with 4 pairs for $36 delivered

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