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Ah so theres a difference between the animal one then
02/07/2015 - 20:41
Cheaper again https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/201146
02/07/2015 - 10:16
People keep talking about the PS4 Slim coming out soon... Does anyone know when?? Because no doubt the ps4 will see a possible price drop...
27/06/2015 - 00:26
haha well said lol...
26/06/2015 - 22:44
I own one as well! it's an awesome fridge I paid $1,500 from memory.. but the price has gone up to $1,700 in the past! Jump on it or go in...
26/06/2015 - 22:28
Guess it's just luck.. Sometimes click and collect items take a few days to process and I wanted it there and then :P Anyone who wanted to...
26/06/2015 - 22:02
I got myself a good deal.. Panasonic Microwave Oven 32L NN-ST641W...
26/06/2015 - 21:46
Hmmm.. www.myer.com.au/shop/mystore/vacuum-cleaners/dyson-dc37c-origin-barrel-vacuum-cleaner%3A-65005-01 Vs...
24/06/2015 - 19:40
I have the 5TB for over 4 months no issues, I pulled it out and used it internally
24/06/2015 - 12:39
Yeah I would go Palmolive over Aldi at this price anyway.. especially the pain of lining up at aldi still decent deal for an everyday price...
24/06/2015 - 08:53
@spark :) Thanks mate! =)
24/06/2015 - 07:39
I haven't received my missing 2 yet.. but I did receive my original shipment on tuesday you should of got yours because they said they sent...
19/06/2015 - 20:12
Did you email them? how are you trying to get in contact with them? Try emailing this guy " Lloyd Perry <lloyd@bigrichard.com.au "
19/06/2015 - 20:03
thought these were salt and pepper grinders :p
18/06/2015 - 21:26
[@yht](/comment/2837261/redir): I got the original shipment on tuesday, that's when I noticed I only got 48, but mistakes happen but they...
18/06/2015 - 19:35
Yeah I emailed them and got a reply they said they would but haven't seen em give it a day or two ;) eitherway these condoms are awesome...
18/06/2015 - 19:29
Well done TA! You got your own promo code! :D
17/06/2015 - 23:08
on the phone to double check Okay guys stop calling browns plains! haha they don't have any.. well they had limited qty the guy said and...
16/06/2015 - 15:35
I'm about 10 minutes drive from browns plains does anyone know if they do actually have this in stock tho?
16/06/2015 - 15:33
Mine arrived! however I counted them and only received 48 :( @spark? I'm sad! Any chance I could get sent out another 2? :) Time to get...
16/06/2015 - 15:24
Found it! Just under the order total screen
16/06/2015 - 11:33
where do you type promo code in? *Mod: Removed referral code*
16/06/2015 - 11:30
Must.. Resist! Purchased a 5TB for $178 few months ago..
15/06/2015 - 20:15
Friend of mine reckons it's from the ground and flicked up, see attached photo's.. http://imgur.com/a/bTLKe I'm still undecided :/
13/06/2015 - 13:58
2 ~ 3km/hr it was on cruze control at the time and the road had a slight hill in it
13/06/2015 - 13:49
Got a quote for repairs, O`Brian have said can't fix it as the marks are two small and to fill in the chips would require to dig more glass...
13/06/2015 - 12:59
I'm not following it to closely.. But you think otherwise?
13/06/2015 - 10:56
Would you consider this the trucks fault for not covering its tray? I'm considering having the company held responsible for the repairs on...
13/06/2015 - 10:56
I've kept a small fragment that was found under the wiper arm.. it's tiny! I'm guessing it was bigger.. Link to the photo of the stone.....
12/06/2015 - 23:13