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Worth mentioning that the Ryzen 2600 can be had for $228.60 after discount.
20/06/2018 - 21:56
[@McFly](/comment/6073084/redir): Bummer, well let's hope Optus recover from this quickly and hit the ground running with their next venture
20/06/2018 - 19:05
I was wondering the same; they really ended up behind the 8-ball after this latest debacle.
20/06/2018 - 18:59
Well I'm glad they got the ball rolling again by offering everyone a chance to watch it for free
20/06/2018 - 18:18
Must've missed that, thanks rep!
20/06/2018 - 16:37
I'd like to know this too. I want to buy a Ryzen 2600 now from their ebay site, c'mon rep do it for ozbargain please! =p
20/06/2018 - 16:11
[@Computer Alliance](/comment/6071012/redir): Is it possible to list it on site so I can buy it as part of the ebay sales? Happy to wait...
20/06/2018 - 11:41
Thanks rep, do you have any Ryzen 5 2600 in stock that you can put up on ebay? I only see the 2600X
20/06/2018 - 08:20
Rep (or anyone), do you know any motherboard that can support the Ryzen 2600 out of the box instead of doing that silly BIOS flashing crap...
19/06/2018 - 22:18
Lol @ the person who negged you
19/06/2018 - 22:17
I was gonna go have this tomorrow lol, what was so bad about it?
19/06/2018 - 18:56
>Became addictive to Yang Za Sui Tang (Mutton Soup) there Woah, didn't realise soups could get addicted to humans ;)
19/06/2018 - 11:27
Lol @ the person who negged you. I thought it was funny sheesh
19/06/2018 - 10:08
Do I need to be an Indian to take advantage of this?
18/06/2018 - 17:06
[@particle](/comment/6062405/redir): Thanks particle! I'm definitely not using it for 64 cameras haha, just 4, so I think I'll chuck in a...
18/06/2018 - 12:14
[@lyl](/comment/6061981/redir): Not really looking to a server or anything. But would this be good for surveillance purposes? I want to use...
18/06/2018 - 09:00
Better turn off your phone and lay low for a few days until this deal is over haha
16/06/2018 - 13:22
Running costs? In what way? Water or electricity?
16/06/2018 - 11:31
What if someone wants to game on this? I'm not looking for a 1080 spec machine, I just want to run some old games on high (gta v). What's a...
15/06/2018 - 21:34
Hope you're not getting too heated up thinking about it :P
15/06/2018 - 16:02
Lol this would be the perfect time for them to capitalise on the World Cup and sell alot of TVs, but no they specifically excluded it. The...
15/06/2018 - 15:50
Will this course help me when I go spear fishing???
14/06/2018 - 20:58
Is this headphone Sony's equivalent of the Bose QC35?
14/06/2018 - 12:53
[@This Guy](/comment/6042732/redir): I'm enjoying this fight lol Starts an AMA then gets pissed when asked how much he paid for his own car...
12/06/2018 - 13:02
Mate you need to take a trip overseas. Australian accents are one of the sexiest according to women abroad
12/06/2018 - 10:50