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Got this one. It's pretty basic and is pretty chonky.
26/09/2021 - 13:01
Well I think if there was an open beta for CP2077 more people would know to avoid it
25/09/2021 - 08:07
>Did you estimate energy cost or is the $5 based on recent energy bill? Rough estimate. Paying a few dollars a day for the household...
25/09/2021 - 08:06
I wouldn't go all out like OP but if you have a half decent GPU you can give it a go. Older cards can still mine alt coins.
25/09/2021 - 00:23
I'm mining eth with a 3070 and getting around $5/day even after factoring in electricity. It's helping to pay for the new PC. Adding more...
25/09/2021 - 00:21
Harvey has it for $69 and can take advantage of $30 off $100 spend through latitude pay.
24/09/2021 - 21:39
I agree 90%. I think steam is taking a big cut from sales which hurts the smaller guys and deserves some flack.
24/09/2021 - 21:38
Hopefully there's a grace period... (wishful thinking). There really needs to be lights on every school zone sign or at least in frame...
24/09/2021 - 15:57
I picked one up C&C at Padstow. Someone had a stock list the other day and there was around 20 there. Worth a try calling.
24/09/2021 - 15:39
Funny thing is that the Disney Winnie the Pooh webpage redirects to the homepage.
24/09/2021 - 11:18
Is it possible that there are hardware level issues that installing a custom ROM won't resolve?
24/09/2021 - 11:16
I thought Hellopam was the H word?
23/09/2021 - 15:31
>auto-adjust light wasn't it being able to change colour temp? I didn't think the slow speed was a problem until you mentioned it. It can...
23/09/2021 - 12:18
I replaced the screen on a keyboard kindle. Pretty easy with a prying tool and would have been easy to replace the battery too. The screen...
23/09/2021 - 11:58
Worth noting three new models all have usb-c but you're only charging every few weeks anyway. Signature model has wireless charging for...
23/09/2021 - 11:48
Yeah, definitely try before you buy. There is a steelcase showroom in Sydney if you fancy the drive. Should call or email first to see if...
23/09/2021 - 10:28
Nah, as great as Goku is, Saitama has hacks and plots armour. I do love DB though
23/09/2021 - 10:20
So it'd be a lot worse if there was no lockdown...
23/09/2021 - 10:18
>when I was >200kg. Now 50kg later, I am looking for something in the 150-180kg range. Just confirming you mean lighter not later? I know...
23/09/2021 - 10:12
Sure, Dan has made a few missteps but he's had the decency to front the media and answer every question without running off. He hasn't been...
22/09/2021 - 20:39
It's a questionable post imo as it's just a movie released on VoD after a cinema run. Not like we're having posts for each movie release on...
22/09/2021 - 17:09
Yet another reason to be annoyed at Slomo and Gladys.
22/09/2021 - 16:33
If you're doing the basic stuff like emails, web browsing, office stuff and light video/photo editing go for the M1. Just need to get used...
22/09/2021 - 13:25
What exactly do you need the tripod for?
22/09/2021 - 12:45
Poco is good. If you want to push the budget a bit - $680 for the Oppo Find x2 pro on ebay. It has been less than $600 historically though.
22/09/2021 - 12:32
Maybe this? and get carbon fibre for less weight.
22/09/2021 - 12:27