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Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for Wii $15 + $4.90 Shipping Again at Mighty Ape


If you missed it last time this was on (10th of April), great price (even after $5 shipping).

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  • Yep, missed it last time, grabbed it this time!

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    I don't even have a wii, but it's tempting if I ever get a wii u lol

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      I bought it last time. Don't have a Wii but planned to play it on PC using Dolphin emulator (better graphics).

      Turns out a genuine wii remote plus with nunchuk is still needed to play it, and while the fakes are $15 delivered on ebay, the real thing is at least $55. Might as well get the wii + Mariokart deal for a few dollars more if I can find one…

      • you can put a wii disc in your ROM drive and play wii games!!!????

        • +1

          Not sure if it reads the disc. I was just going to torrent it (after all, I do own the game).

          But yeah, because the wii is old and not powerful, Dolphin (emulator software) can play wii games nicely - with better graphics than the actual wii, if you already have an OK video card ($100 or better).

  • Ordered, thanks :)

  • awesome find. purchased!

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    I got this first time around, arrived in the post within a week. Great deal.

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    want to order but I still haven't received my last order, soul calibur V =.=
    been 8-10 days already and still nothing.
    Even ordering from amazon only takes me 3 days

    • where do you live that amazon usa delivers in three days? or is it amazon uk?

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        nope amazon jp

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          I've gotten amazon USA orders in 2 days using just the regular cheap-o shipping.

          I've ordered quite a bit from Mighty Ape and they're generally pretty quick, 2 - 4 business days. HOWEVER, the ONE time I actually wanted something to arrive quickly (uncharted 3 GOTY, wanted to play it on the weekend) it took the full 6 business days which really miffed me as there was a public holiday so it arrived 2 weeks after I ordered it. Lousy Murphy's Law…

        • Then still no reply from mighty ape, last time I check auspost(this morning)(then lost the tracking number) the status is still manifested =.=
          Now I really feel like pressing dispute button

        • keep us updated on how it goes. Hopefully this is a one off thing, but for $5 shipping they really should be doing better.

    • I bought a couple of previous daily deals from Mighty Ape (Kirby's Adventure and The Last Story) - Kirby only took 4 or 5 days to arrive, whereas The Last Story took over 2 weeks. So hopefully it's not too much longer to wait for you.

    • Soul Calinbur V from last deal just arrived today for me. But I'm spitting blood I've missed Zelda twice now :(

      • That's why you gotta check ozbargain obsessively throughout the day, everyday. :)

      • +5

        if your F5 button still says "F5" clearly, you're doing it wrong.

        • I'd just gotten in bad habit on only checking the front-page deals… :(

  • Great, got one. Thanks OP.

  • Cheers! Grabbed it.

  • Such a great game - have almost finished it and some of the items in it are awesome fun. Didn't expect Zelda to still be surprising me after all these years!!

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    sigh. ordered it. i hope i'll be able to play it. i just ordered ni no kuni a few days ago when i saw it here. i also have the mass effect 3 collector's box that i haven't even opened yet (yes i posted that deal here a few weeks ago). sooooo many games, so little time.

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    Dick Smith is selling it for $25 if anyone missed this.

    • still haven't got my soul calibre order. Now read the website and they said 1-2 weeks delay for deliveries. Not ozbargain style but I would rather pay the extra $5 and get in on the day

      • Shipping is terrible, if this is ebay, I would press negative feedback already
        I don't get it why shipping from new zealand taking so much time when shipping from USA and Japan would only take 3 days

      • Got it today!! Update

        Ordered last wednesday

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    Woot woot - just found Link in time.

    ( •_•)>⌐■-■

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    Got it last time. The games box is sealed in plastic if anyone wants to know.

  • Also waiting for my Soul Calibur.

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