expired Free Sample of Chicken Feed from Eggstra


Eggstra is offering A chance to try out their chicken feed. You have to specify what product you want.
Choose from:

Chick Starter Crumble
Poultry Grower Mini Pellets
All Purpose Layer pellets
High Performace Layer Pelets

Eggstra is a poultry feed brand with a strong value proposition. The name says it all. For more and better eggs.

The brand and product range, owned and manufactured by Rivalea Australia, is designed to meet the nutritional needs of laying birds from hatching through to laying.


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    Free Sample of Chicken Fee from Eggstra

    For a moment I thought it might be chicken feet, a yum cha "delicacy". I am disappoint. :)


    awesome. just today, my 2 chooks, one laid an egg so much smaller than the other one. hopefully this helps. :)

  • +5 votes

    Next come the flood of all the "I don't own chickens or have any use for this product whatsoever but ordered it anyway"

    It's sad that people here have to be reminded not to needlessly screw over Australian businesses.

  • -2 votes

    "Eggstra?" Oh Jesus, rise from the dead and save us from the battery of incoming puns!


    As an impoverished uni student I might take advantage of this bargain for desperate times.

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    Where can you buy chickens anyway?
    I actually sorta wanted to grow a chicken in my house as a pet, hoping it will eat away some of bugs that live in my house.
    Not sure it would be suitable though, in a unit environment, where there's no big yard or anything.

    • +3 votes

      I sell chickens! You can buy them from most produce stores or more rural pet stores or straight from the breeders. Don't think a chicken would enjoy living inside your unit though, they like to be able to scratch around in the dirt. If you only have one or two chickens, they don't need much room & they can get really friendly!


        Where in QLD are you? I'm after a few more chooks. Which breeds do you have?


          Sorry Abbycat, I didn't see your reply. We are on the north side of Brisbane, currently we have mixed bantams, just shy of point of lay.


      markets (not the arty type markets, the fresh produce ones). make sure you get a hen, otherwise you'll have noisy mornings :P
      if they are just chicks you'll need to make sure their nests are kept warm at all times - they can't survive in our normal room temperature at such young age. you'll need to hang a light bulb very close over their heads to provide warmth, or find other methods that provide heat.

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      I had some chickens a few years ago, but they have since past on. (Didn't replace as i was moving os for a while) Very fun and interesting to watch them. Best to have 2 as they like the company, and probably best outside with a bit of space. I've seen a chicken coop and chickens setup in the small front yard of a terrace house in Sydney. Not a huge area, but enough space for a bit of a stretch and scratch. It was pretty surprising walking past and seeing it though!

      There's free e-book on raising chickens just posted here the other day: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/102028 - or check your local library for more info. I got my chickens from Dural (Sydney)

      Also, don't forget that you might have to actually pay for chicken feed to get 'free' eggs! Of course, they will eat your food scraps (and bugs and grubs), but unless you have a LOT, they will usually need extra feed.

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    Serious, can you feed this to other birds?

  • -2 votes

    Thanks OP. I'll feed these to the magpies.


    A new division of Telstra?

  • Received an email from Rivalea:

    Please be aware that at the moment free samples of Eggstra chook food will
    be not available until further notice.

    Marked as expired.

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