Are there 200 people who want a HTC 8X?

Hello all,

This is my first post on the forums, so I'm hoping this is the right place to do it!

mobileciti has said they may be able to do a sub $300 HTC 8X if they're able to sell at least 200 units. It looks like they only have black on their website. It also appears to be Australian stock. Is anyone interested? If you are, please post below/respond to the poll, and I'll let them know there is sufficient interest if we can hit their target!

Here is the comment:

We are working hard on the HTC 8X deal, we can only get the price under $300 if we have demand over 200psc. Please let us know if you guys interested on getting this deal so we can get it going.

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Edit: - There's a new deal going on now. :)

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  • 11
    I'm keen to purchase one (1) HTC 8X
  • 3
    I'm keen to purchase two (2) or more HTC 8Xes

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