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Kogan 2000W Portable Electric Panel Heater with Air Ioniser 50% off at $99


The Kogan 2000W Portable Electric Panel Heater utilises the expansion and upward movement of hot air to gently circulate warmth through the room.
With a built in ionizer to purify the air, along with a safe, silent & long-lasting aluminium heating element, the Kogan 2000W Portable Electric Panel Heater provides all-round comfort during the Australian winter.
This whisper quiet package has a flat front panel, compact size, and best of all it has a tip-over switch, just for that added bit of safety! It’s so portable you can roll it from room to room or mount it on the wall in your room!

Just plug the Kogan 2000W Portable Electric Panel Heater in and you’re ready to beat the freeze. It’s that simple!

Suitable for room size up to 20 square meters
Brackets for wall mounting
Adjustable temperature setting from 5-30°
Silent operation
Over-heat cut off
Tip-over switch
Splash proof to IP24 – Perfect for bathrooms

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    How is this better than a $20 fan heater?

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      I bought convection heaters from Sunbeam for around $300. Panel heater is a shitload better than a fan. No noise, more efficient and actually warms the room up. The best is convection ceramic panel heaters (like my sunbeam) which are generally dearer than normal panel heater. Again they are more efficient. A must is a good auto thermostat so you can set the temp and it will go to whatever power level is necessary. Also try and get one with three power setting eg 600W/1000W/2000W rather than some that are 1200W/2000W.

      If you do this you will be happy and your power bill wont be crazy compared to a fan heather.

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        No noise, more efficient and actually warms the room up

        Again they are more efficient.

        Not more efficient. Electric heaters are ALL the same efficiency. 2000W is 2000W

        your power bill wont be crazy compared to a fan heather

        They use the same amount of power for the same heat output. Fan heaters also have thermostats.

        The convection heaters are certainly quieter than some fan heaters, but they cannot blow air across the floor like a fan heater can. So, they do a different job.

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          Thats power consumption which they both use equally, however turning electrical energy into thermal energy is a shitload more efficient. More efficient in the sense of per kw you get better heating. Rather than a thin little wire glowing red hot with a fan blasting air at it, there is basically a tile in there that warms up and through convection your room heats. Also mine has a glass front which retains more heat (has 3 ways of producing heat from the one ceramic heat source). Try using your 2000w hair dryer to warm your room, you will be there a while but it uses the same energy.

          Also panel heaters start producing heat within 1-2mins and you can feel a noticeable difference to room temp within around 7-8 minutes. I use to have a fan heater and as soon as it was turned off it was cold, my power bill was shocking. With the convection panel heater its the cheapest option when renting and not having central heating.


          All that makes absolutely NO difference. All electric heaters have the same efficiency.

          Furthermore, convection heaters tend to cause stratification which is where all the heat is at ceiling level, whist your feet remain cold. Fans stop this happening, which results in more heat where you need it (but a ceiling fan would do).

          Try using your 2000w hair dryer to warm your room, you will be there a while but it uses the same energy.

          It will take EXACTLY the same amount of time. 2000W is 2000W - this is physics, and there are "laws" that cannot be broken LOL

          Good article here:

          Learn more here:


          Thats power consumption which they both use equally, however turning electrical energy into thermal energy is a shitload more efficient

          That's a wrong statement. It seems efficient ways of using a heat source and efficiency of heat source gotten blurred here(ie: Temperature is not a synonym to thermal energy or heat). Yes, different heaters work differently, but the thermal energy they produce is just what the wattage is(Slightly may vary if it's a radiating one).
          Your heater is better at retaining and directing the heat.
          Fan heaters warms the whole area(wherever the air flow is permitting), hence they take more time to feel the temperature difference and more cost for a poorly insulated area.


          The panel heater is a combination of radiant heat and convection.
          While it does not heat the room any more quickly than a fan heater or hair-dryer, a person will feel the heat sooner due to radiant heat.

          Why all the negs for llama? You are both right really.


          I don't see how hot air being blown onto you directly will warm you up slower than radiant heat…

          I've used a convection style heater before, but even at the highest 2000w setting, i still felt like i was freezing because i couldn't feel any heat unless i was almost touching the heater.

          I also had the problem where the hot air would rise up, suffocating me, but my feet would be freezing due to all the cold air being stuck downwards.


          If a material is better at retaining heat, it also means it took more energy to reach that temperature (eg. a saucepan can heat up much faster than water, spending less time on a stove, but it also cools down much faster). Efficiency generally refers to the percentage of the energy source turns into the desired energy output and because heat is the lowest form of energy it is usually highly efficient regardless when it is the desired output.

          I think in the end it is irrelevant what material the heater itself is made out of when considering electricity to thermal energy conversion wise because the end goal is to get the thermal energy into the surrounding area, so because the aim of the heater is to heat up the room which is a consistent factor, then the temperature to thermal energy ratio would be the same.

          What does matter however is when you consider that a room is not a closed system, how fast the air would be cycled from the room, how well the heat is spread out in the whole room, if you want to heat the whole room (air/convection) or yourself in the room (radiation). For example a fire place, while still efficient at turning chemical energy into thermal energy, doesn't heat up a room efficiently because a lot of it is lost out through the chimney.

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          If the heater is insufficiently powerful, then no matter what you do it won't be able to heat the entire room. And the air must MOVE so that the room heats evenly, otherwise you get stratification (temperature layers) and because heat rises that means that you freeze while your ceiling is toasty warm.

          for a number of reasons, a fan heater is usually better for most people. It will take the chill off a whole room because of the fan's ability to move the air around. And you can sit in front of it and get lovely warm air blown on you!

          We brought our fan heater out this morning for the first time this season. It didn't heat the room very much because our 9 year old sat about 40cm away from it and sucked up all the heating goodness.

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          LOL at the numerous people who Negged my comment above, even though I included links to sites where people can learn more and confirm that what I said is correct.

          Thanks to the other people who neutralised the negs for me. Logic rules, OK!

          It's amazing how ignorant people can be, huh? I am a consultant in the Energy Efficiency industry, and this kind of stuff is extremely basic, fundamental stuff. I had no idea that stating facts and trying to inform people would be so controversial LOL

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      It doesn't have a fan

      But it has an Ionizer so your crystals will be regenerated while ever the heater is on.

      This is a box with a heating element in it, and a thermostat.

      Alleged initial price of ~$200 is an absolute joke for a non-name product. You can certainly get cheaper on eBay, and probably at any electrical store like Bing Lee.

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    A real ozbargainer will use a blanket

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      What would an Ozbargainer do in winter?
      Sit around a candle.
      What would an Ozbargainer do when it gets really cold in winter?
      Light the candle!!


    Got one of these running now. Always been around this price. I bought it last year for that price during free shipping. Saves me money when I stay in one room rather than using central heating.


    Kogan heater? Better keep an eye out for bargains on home insurance deals that cover house fires while you're at it.


      because you've been conned into thinking an ioniser is good?


    winter is coming


      but the night is dark and full of terrors


    In the UK they have radiators which are panels all around their houses. They heat up the room very quickly, and are a comfortable kind of warmth, non-drying. I think they work by hot water being pumped through them. I have not been in a house in a metro area that has these things, but I am intrigued by heating via a panel. I usually use a fan heater, but it's freezing when I move away. For the bedroom, I use an oil column heater, but that's really expensive to run.

    I need to heat an open lounge-kitchen area, about 40 square metres. I was wondering if a panel heater would be better for my needs? Are there any experts or people with experience who can help with an answer, please?


    I was going to buy this few weeks ago but after reading someone's review that the heater got caught in fire in a day I decided not to.