Sydney Mini OzBargain Meetup at CeBIT on 29 May 2013 + T-Shirts Giveaway

As discussed in the recent CeBIT free ticket deal post, I'll be going to the exhibition & bring some OzBargain T-shirts to give away & hopefully meet some OzBargainers there.


Wednesday 29 May 2013 at around 11:30-12PM. I have a morning meeting in the CBD so hopefully it would be finished by then.


We'll meet first near the entrance outside the exhibition ground. Not really sure which hall would be the main entrance. We won't meet inside first as some might not want to go to CeBIT or have very limited lunch time.

Update: Outside entrance of Hall 5.


I'll bring 10-15 19 OzBargain T-shirts of various sizes to giveaway. Depending on how many I can fit into my bag though (and I don't want to lug around a huge bag in CBD to business meetings). So it would be first come best dressed.

If time permits, maybe some of us can then go into the CeBIT exhibition and start hunting for more freebies :)

Potential Issues

A lesson learnt from our cancelled Melbourne Meetup — there can always be unforeseen disruptions to your organised events. For example CeBIT got cancelled the morning before (unlikely though). Or CeBIT won't allow me to distribute promotional material outside the show ground without paying them a fee (hopefully not).

We'll be using this thread to communicate.

So, who would be coming?


  • Woohoo im in. Will be looking for someone dressed in Star Trek garb lol

  • Darn it, I have class between 11 and 1 on Wednesday so I can't make it unless I skip my class (which I'm tempted to do).

    • Whats the class?

    • There might be more meetups with on UNSW campus later this year so no need to skip class to come to the city :)

    • Yeh, but I really want an OzBargain shirt, hahaha.
      @Mikinoz - It's a tutorial for a subject I'm acing so it's not really a big deal if I miss it.

  • +6

    By the way we now have a new badge — Not a Bot that will be awarded to those who turn up to meetup next week :)

    • +2

      Can I get the badge for having turned up to the mini-mini Ozbargain meetup on campus? =DD

      • +3

        A badge has to be linked to a post. Since there wasn't any post about that meeting on OzBargain, so… No.

        • +1

          Oh okay. Guess I'd better show up the next Ozbargain meet up then.

    • is this for sydney's meet up? about bloody time.
      most likely i will be there.

    • Only bronze?

  • I have no business in the city on Wed, but that shirt is so tempting !!

  • I will try to come and grab one!

  • I'll probably one of the sideline guys, sussing out that you aren't to weird before I approach…^^

    • Act to late, and the shirts will be gone !!

    • And when you do finally approach we will all be weirded out by you, glancing at us from the sidelines lol

      Way to make yourself feel comfortable in a group :)

      • heh I was guessing I'd be in the majority..

        • you never know, even if you are someone is going to be weirded out lol

          Nah it will be fine i am sure it will be hi scotty where's my shirt, then byee

  • Not really sure which hall would be the main entrance

    Entry via Halls 3, 5 and 6. Hall 6 entrance is for conferences. Hall 3 & 5 entrances are for the exhibition.

    If you park at Darling Harbour Exhibition Centre car park, Hall 6 would be the closest. Which one will you be waiting at Scotty, and how do we recognise you?

    • Have meeting in the morning near Kent/Bathurst street so would be closest to Hall 3. I'll be walking there though.

      • +2

        In the absence of an answer as to how to recognise you, this is what Scotty looks like.

        • Will he be wearing the ozb shirt though?

        • +2

          My guess is that it would be too cold for that. And no, definitely not in Starfleet uniform.

        • make sure you part and comb down your hair

        • +2

          Up until now, I have always envisioned Scotty as the guy in his Avatar. ;D

        • @Hirokuro — sorry to be a disappointment :) I have actually been thinking of changing to the Simon Pegg version to "catch up with the time", although that's not yet the Scotty people remember the role for.

  • if i get a t-shirt i'm never taking it off

    • +2

      Why not get the tattoo?

  • I'm in, see you all there.

  • Why not Tuesday :( I want that tag :P

  • Well, Am going to Cebit. Why not indulge in a free T-shirt. Whats 1hour of awkwardness?

    Shame I had to return the mens warehouse suit I bought.

  • Dammit, I am definitely not going to be able to make it, booked to go check on the status of a contracted project on Wednesday so i wont even be on campus…..

  • +3

    I am flying up from Melbourne for CeBIT so count me in. I expect you to bring a pinball machine, a pizza and some gyoza to make up for the snafu last week ;P

    • +1

      I might load some of these on my Galaxy Nexus… Sorry no equivalent for pizza and Japanese dumplings.

  • I'll be coming.

  • coming!

  • Well it appears I am free but I am not sure yet whether I'll come.

  • I should be going, but unforeseen circumstances may arise.

  • Sweet, I'd love to try to make it.

  • Definitely coming.

  • In!

  • awesome, I'll be there :D

  • Ill be there… Looking forward to visiting CeBit for the first time as well.. Add Vivid Sydney photography later in the day, and I think thats a fantastic day out for free!(Well almost…If only someone had some coffee vouchers around the

  • Packed a few T-shirts into a shopping bag this morning for tomorrow (disclaimer: bag donated by Lasoo).

    2x S, 4x M, 7x L, 4x XL and 2x XXL. Make sure you guys come as I hate to bring them back home at the end of the day.

    • Is there free delivery? ;)

      • No. Pick up only, limited size and quantity.

        • Boo. Bad seller F+ not recommended never deal with this seller bad communication.

        • +3

          couldn't make it for wednesday. but still showed the obargain spirit when i went today.

          Tino at Airwatch did happen to notice my tag when I turned up at his stall. Got some details on their MDM product and he gave me a free iphone 5 case. feeling good today.

          a few stall ups some nice girls were making custom t-shirts with your initials on it for free. obviously there is a catch, you have to give them your contact details. Not for dinner or/and drink though. there was a 30 min wait and i was getting hungry so i didn't end up getting one. but for those going i would suggest getting one.

        • and I thought I was the only one with a Brodening OzB tag :)

  • I'll be there, was planning going with some friends/business partners but they can't make it. so I'm all good for the meetup

  • +1

    I ask outside the entrance of Hall 5 with black hoodie, jeans and a bag of T-shirts. Come to say hi!

    • Are you there now or will be soon?

    • Coming don't move!

  • Popcorn & coffee at the Salesforce stand, fairy floss at MYOBMYOB

  • Nice meeting you scotty, thank you for the shirts.

  • mini slurpee at SMSglobal & $5 credit

  • Nice meeting you Scotty, good to put a face to this excellent site.

  • Thanks for the meetup!

    The exhibition itself however is a bit disappointing - even worse than last year. Hardly any freebies, no one even attempt to shovel the pamphlets into my hand (not sure wearing an ozbargain shirt has any thing to do with that). Big PC manufacturers aren't there - Dell, Lenovo, HP etc they were all there last year.

    • HP & Samsung are there but no freebies

      • HP gave away bags and pens if that counts….
        (went today and all I got were pens and bags)

        Regardless, still gutted I missed out on a shirt. Hopefully there will be another meet-up sometime in the future where I can grab one.

    • Haha I love how the focus of why it was disappointing is the lack of freebies!

  • Coffee mug at cyberoam, work mat at laptoplcd

  • Disappointed here too, no sign of previous stand that gave out free 4gb flash drives!
    PS Samsung phone stand did have mints freebie but all out 1st day

  • earphones @ linkedin! inconspiciously grabbed two pairs bwahahah

    thanks for the shirts scotty, much appreciated.

    • You guys are champs. Should have gone for freebie hunting with the pack.

  • +7

    Thanks scotty and nice to meet you all face-to-face. The group photo is available at

    • Aw man, i wish i had come. looks like loads of fun

    • Where's your lady Sam? Why isn't she in the photo?

    • +5

      Wait, the guy on the left is wearing Beats headphones. Surely not an OzBargainer. ;)

      • Nah, He got the beats from this deal

  • Free short massage at community Telco m-stress, also jelly beans :)

  • +1

    Hey guys. Sorry my failed attempt at recording people's usernames to give out badges. I didn't manage to get everyone's name, and I might have got the names wrong from some of you (bloody auto-spelling). I have now given out some badges, but if you did turn up at the meetup today and didn't have Not a Bot badge assigned to you, email me or just comment below.

    • Don't forget me

    • I got the lucky last shirt :).

      Thanks ScottY

    • Missed me on the badge.

    • thanks for the tshirt and badge, scotty :)

    • Hi scotty, I showed up just after the photo and told you my suggestion for default search on the site. Cheers for the badge!

    • hands up, i was the guy with the croaky voice,

    • Thanks, good to met you all, should of took more t shirts.

    • You forgot to give yourself a "Not a Bot" badge, Scotty!

  • The white cloth bag from SMSGlobal holds surprises. A pair of sunglasses, a cloth mouse mat, and a screen cleaning cloth that sticks to the back of your device. I haven't seen a freebie adhesive cleaning cloth for over 3 years.

  • I failed to see the update (Hall 5) so my friend and I waited outside Hall 3 lol

  • +3

    Darn! Missed out the chance to meet "xxbabe"

    We would hopefully organise more meetups this year in both Sydney and Melbourne. With T shirts, I might need to get the sizes before hand. Ran out medium and small sizes pretty quickly today.

    • FYI, the L size T-shirt you gave me turned out to be a perfect fit, sweet! They must be a modest/normal "cut" because the last time I got one from a conference, it was huge and I had to swap it for an S not even an M size as they seemed made for big/fat people.

      • Well. I got those shirts from some shops on So "L" is probably not the average L here.

  • How come I could not read this post! I'll come for it for sure!!! will any future event in sydney?

  • I have just booked my free CeBIT ticket for 2014. The personalised link is hidden in the CeBIT Day 3 wrap up e-mail. One click and it was done.

    Sydney Showground, Homebush Bay

    Monday 5 May 2014 - 10am - 6pm
    Tuesday 6 May 2014 - 10am - 6pm
    Wednesday 7 May 2014 - 10am - 5pm

    • Why is it moving to Homebush bay? I guess it's the cost? They can't even fill the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.

      • You didn't know about the Darling Harbour redevelopment? The Convention & Exhibition and the Entertainment Centres will be demolished and rebuilt. Demolition will start at the end of 2013 and the new Centres are scheduled to open in 2017.

        • No I didn't know about it. Thanks for the info.

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