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[CANCELED] Melbourne OzBargain Meetup - $5 Includes Food, Pinball, Video Games & Drinks for 3 Hours. May 17, 7PM (80% off RRP)


16/5: The venue, Bumper Action Amusements, is banned from holding events due to an immediate council order. See my comment. We will be refunding money shortly and will be looking to reschedule the meetup at a later date. :(

As of 15/5: The event is now sold out. You can join the waiting list in case a spot opens up.

See here for more details.

In exactly 2 weeks, you could be playing pinball, eating, and drinking with OzBargain members all for a low price of $5. (80% off RRP! Regular price $25)

➜ When: May 17 7PM-10PM

➜ Where: Bumper Action Amusements 562 City Road, South Melbourne - Minutes from the city, near tram lines.

➜ Who: 60 people is the limit. OzBargain members. $5 per person.

➜ What else: In addition to having 3 hours of unlimited pinball and video games, we will also be providing food and non-alcoholic drinks.

Uber is offering free rides to or from the venue using code OzBargainMeetup. You must enter the code before requesting a ride. ☏

They've generously given us 60 x 1 free ride to the value of $50 to or from Bumper Action Amusements.

  • For new and existing users
  • Valid from 5:30pm to 11:30pm Friday 17 May 2013
  • Code must be entered before ride is taken
  • Ride must begin or end at Bumper Action Amusements

How to sign up:

  1. Go to the meetup page and join the OzBargain Meetups group.
  2. We will manually approve each account.
  3. Once approved you will need to RSVP for the event.

We will be approving non-new members first. We don't want the OzBargain event OzBargained by non-OzBargainers (if that makes any sense).

6/5: The Meetup is now open to guests of members (partners, family, friends, etc.). Each guest needs to signup to Meetup/RSVP. Just enter the OzBargain username of the member attending.

FAQ (updated as people ask questions):

Q: What food and drinks will there be?

A: At this point, it's looking like pizza (Dominos?) and whatever cheap cans of soft drink are on sale in May.

Q: Is there a bar?

A: No, the venue does not sell food or drinks.

Q: Why is the meetup not free?

A: According to the Internet which is always right, if you don't charge for an event ~50% of attendees will not show/cancel. If a small fee is involved, this number drops to 20-30%. The Brisbane event was free and there were a lot of cancellations/no shows. Not only does this screw everything up with organizing the venue but also makes it difficult to cater for food.

Q: Can family/partners/friends attend?

A: At this point, OzBargainers have the #1 priority. You just need an OzBargain account (hint, hint). In a few days, room provided, we will open it up to family, friends.

Q: Do I have to be identified or can I attend anonymously?

A: I will be creating nametags with First Names & Usernames. You can choose whether to wear them or feel free to make edits. No interaction is required other than conversating with the venue's door person (venue employee).

Q: Why aren't you posting as a rep?

A: Last time I posted a rep, it screwed up the posting restrictions on OzBargain.com.au. This is an issue as it affects my editing of deals ;)

Q: Will there be meetups in other cities?

A: Next meetup will be Sydney. We are currently looking for a suitable venue. If you want a meetup in your city, please organize it and we may be able to help out financially.

Q: Where can I park?

A: It appears from looking at Street View, that there is ample street parking outside the venue.

Q: I signed up to OzBargain Meetups but my account hasn't been approved yet. Why?

A: This is a meetup for existing OzBargain members. Those who just signed up to participate in the meetup will be approved at a later date once existing OzBargain members have had a chance to signup.

Q: Can I pay at the door?

A: No, this is a cash-free event. You can pay via paypal or make a deposit into the OzBargain bank account.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: Yes, if the request is made more than 48 hours prior to the event.

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  • Cheap can of drinkg - a box of 20-25 pepsi max was selling for $5 at Big W south yaara yesterday but only 3 were left. May be someone can check and grab for this event.

  • +4
    • +3

      Can't wait to see you there giving away free books!

      • +1


      • +1

        Ive reserved a Booth in the venue with a white board, ill be writing links to free Kindle eBooks
        Dont miss out !!
        Come and Visit !!

  • +7

    Damnit i need to drive to bendigo that day…. hmmm… maybe i can ship my daughter off on the train and save on petrol money while still attending this ;)

    • +6

      +1.. Ozbargain comes before family.. :)

    • +3

      We are your family now.

  • +15

    Not from Melbourne, but big +VE for the effort from the mods.

  • +12

    Discount code? (just kidding ) :)

    • +14


      • +4

        Yeah, I can imagine people making 50 fake accounts, scalping tickets for the event, and re-selling them on Ebay ;)

    • Can i come n preach about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it's free.

  • +15

    Mahahaha @ "don't broden the food".

  • Cashback for a Sydney event?

    • +1

      via redemption
      please allow "forever" days to recieve your cashback
      one cashback per ozbargain member

  • +3

    Huhuhhu how about us on NSW :(

    • +12

      Scott is sussing out a suitable venue for a NSW one. Soon.


      • +1

        If scotty doesn't come dressed in STTNG uniform I'm going to the ACCC.

        • Wrong show mate. Scotty appeared in the original series. He appeared once as a guest star in Next Gen.

        • And he only wore one of the movie uniforms during that episode…

    • +1

      We definitely need some suggestions for a good Sydney venue. I have never done events before so need all the help to run our next one (cheaply too!)

      Will open a forum thread for that.

      • Happy days arcade at Broadway shopping centre is a good place. They have acdc 'premium' and xmen pinball and another old machine.

        Also the Courthouse Hotel at Newtown has a few machines.

      • Scotty,

        I've done loads of events in Sydney. Send me an email to [email protected] and happy to help out.



  • +6

    Can I price match at office works?

  • +5

    Harvey Norman said that they cant beat the price as its below their cost price. Speed dialling ACCC right now :P

  • Can we have one liek this in SYdney. Yea? I will join~

  • +6

    This is out of stock at my local

    • +4

      The shop staffs are keeping the stocks for themselves!

  • I'll be the guy in the corner prancing like Mick Jagger while rubbing my nipples.

    If I get enough FACEFART likes then I will also don a rooster headmask.

    Poor Broden. Did we kill him?

    • +10

      He drowned in a pile of PS3's he was about to donate to the needy.

  • +4

    BRB, searching for cheap flights to Melbourne.

  • So is HN gonna claim we're Professional Pinballers now?

  • -8

    No love for other cities, negable?
    According to ozbargain rule 10.5b, representatives must post bargains as rep.

    • +2

      Last time I posted a meetup as a rep it screwed some things up and restricted posting limits on ozbargain.com.au. That's a bit of an issue when I need to edit posts.

      Other cities:

      Brisbane was last year.

      Sydney should be organized later this year.

      Other cities? Well, organize it and OzBargain may assist financially with it.

  • +1

    Damn I'd so attend this…. if I was in Melbourne! Where are those $10 Tiger Airways flights when you need em!?

  • +4

    Props to anyone who can find a grey import party for less than $5.

  • +4

    Maybe Brent's Bits could make a showing.

    Maybe even an in person $2 day if there was enough interest.

    • +4

      Well, I'm planning to have a table there for random stuff people can take. PM me and we'll organize something.

      • +3

        Just an idea, those attending could bring in their unwanted stuffs bought via ozbargain and could swap with or sell to other members, or can even give for free, if feeling generous ;)

        • +5

          Yeah, that's a good idea although I'm guessing it will end up being a table of USB cables.

        • and another table of power cords

        • Well, we'll see I guess. If folks might be interested I could bring a selection of my stuff for sale

        • or unused condoms from the deals on here.

        • free shipping as usual? ;) If not, I'd go for pickup

        • +3

          It's a meet-up, not an orgy.

    • Oh you!

  • Shame it's on a Friday night…

    Can't do one another night in Melbourne?

    • +2

      dammit. I'm in melb on holidays with the missus and baby. leave tomorrow.
      finding it pretty boring btw. hit lygon, okayy food, nothing special. hit the city yesterday. went on a bus shuttle today on the outskirts. suprised, thought melbourne was meant to kill sydney. Also went to queen victoria markets today. Anybody offer some advice on what to see tonight and tomorrow?

      • Football and football.

        • -6

          not a fan of gay fl. anything else?

        • +4

          "gay f-l" Love it!

        • thanks for clarifying! …I still had to read your reply 3 times to get it :(

      • +1

        Melbourne KILLS Sydney on AFFORDABILITY.

        • Yes, this is true. :)

      • Walk down some alleyways.

        • -1

          we did. cool but every shop is a fkn Baguette shop! wtf! and how many pie faces do you really need ffs!

      • Seven seeds free cuppings on saturdays early morning. check the website for times, definitely worth while. love that place. child friendly also

        • thanks mate! missus is a coffe fiend!

        • coffee*. btw anyone else anything we missed? wanted to hit luna park today but it was closed, not enough time tomorrow.

        • Tickets at Luna Park are $10 ea and the queue for the Ghost Train and Scenic Railway make the day a lot longer than you would like. BTW, don't try to video the Scenic Railway or you will probably drop your camera, like I nearly did before getting told off!

          I save my ride money for Dreamworld every 5 or so years!

        • Iive in Brisbane so dreamworld and the rest are a breeze. just wanted a damn photo of that luna park mouth!

        • +5

          on well in that case: http://bit.ly/134Dckn

        • thats awesome! never seen that 'let me google that for you' gif.

        • y'oar welcome.

          That's another OzBargainism for you.

      • +1

        Eureka tower, ferry ride down yarra, crown casino foyers and river walk. Docklands, williamstown waterfront, mt dandenong,. Plenty to do.

        • Every time I see the word Docklands I hear that screaming woman from the clearance ad years ago. "DOCKLANDS!"

  • +2

    Is there any chance we can get a deal on the 16gb model of the event for the same price?

  • +11
  • Great venue! There are a couple machines there with emulators so you can get your SF2 on. :)

    • +2

      …and we don't want you to.

      • -4

        melbourne sucks

    • +18

      this comment removes your edit ability

    • -1

      I'll lend you some of my old tracksuit pants if you come.

    • +1

      Why don't you come up with a better idea? Instead of lame comments. I'm far from a nerd, just happy to have a drink and catch up with people. I may bring a chess set too. No not really.

      • ….well maybe stratego.

        • Awesome game!

    • It's not a nerd fest if chicks are there.

    • +1

      i totally agree. it sounds super lame and if i showed up the dodgers would probably try to beat me up because i am the neg king.

  • +5

    Can I pay via paywave?

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