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Brisbane OzBargain Meetup - Free Food & Free Wine or Soft Drink for 2 Hours. Oct 19, 7:30PM


UPDATE 19/10

A few spots have freed up due to late cancellations. If there's anyone wanting to take their place PM me your full name and mobile number - 3 spots confirmed + a couple more potentially available at the moment. #

UPDATE 2/10:

The cap of 40 has been reached. Please see quop's comment.

Quop has kindly organized an OzBargainers meetup in Brisbane, October 19, 7:30PM at L'Academie Hotel. It is completely free. You must RSVP by October 2 (tomorrow). At this point the tally stands at 5 yes's and 4 maybes. That leaves 31 free spots left for the meetup. You are not required to interact with anyone but interaction is encouraged. Anyone is welcome!

What you will get:

Enjoy two hours of Golden Ranges Sauvignon Blanc or Cabernet Merlot and free-flowing soft drink.
EDIT: Note: Limit of 2 glasses of wine per person per hour

Comprehensive canapés package includes:

80 Spring Rolls
60 Samosas
50 Swedish Meatballs
20 Chicken Bites
20 Chicken and Garlic Balls
30 Mini Wood Oven Pizzas
20 Mini Gourmet Pies
20 Crumbed Prawn Cutlets

Take home a bottle of bubbly after your event.

Note: The food is to share.

RSVP by sending a message to Quop

mod added emphasis to the number of places that were available when the deal was posted

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  • +8

    If tiger airways had $20 tix like last year i might have flown up.

    • +1

      Well, hopefully we will have more meetups in the future in various cities. Let's see how we go in Brisbane.

      • +16

        Wasn't Dick Smith kind enough to organise a get together for ozbargainers across the country not so long ago?

        • +2

          Yea, but canned food is not as good as Quop's deal.

        • +1


    • Good point - no shipping in description

  • +29

    Will it be unlimited alcohol for those 2 hours? Any good looking single Brisbane ladies want to be my date? Requirement - Pulse. Inbox me.

    • +24

      Limit of 2 glasses of wine per person, per hour.
      Ref: Our Deal

      You can probably bypass that by using these.

      Can't help you with the second part.

      • +1

        That's why people should get their non-drinking friends and then they can increase that to 4 glasses of wine per hour.

        • Any vouchers?

  • +33

    "don't broden the food" <—awesome tag

  • Ohh, I'm in :)

    • Free pies, samosas and meetballs? Hell ya i'm in! i'll ditch uni for a day if i have to.

  • How to RSVP? By reply here? I am in.

    • Send a message to Quop.

  • -2

    This free food and wine, is it Kosher?

    • -6

      It's Halal

    • +8

      It's food.

    • +2

      I think you will find that the prawns at least are non-kosher :-)

      • +12

        Anyone else getting the sudden overwhelming urge to trout slap JV right about now?

  • +3

    Great deal - when is it coming to Melbourne…

  • PM sent, pretty good idea

  • What's the normal price ?

    • +3


      • +4

        Does it have warranty? Is the cake all a lie?

        • No warranty, expressed or implied. Damn your edits.

        • +3

          Australian stock or grey import?

    • +3

      Not a valid reason for a neg.

      • -4

        Whenever Perth used to get good deals, people ALWAYS negged them.

        Just giving some back ;)

        • Your neg was handled back to you in less than 15 mins. Swift.

        • Although sharing the love is thoughtfull its more of a whingepool type of thing.

    • -7

      who cares about Perth

  • +16

    I'm loving the note: "Note: The food is to share."

    • +1

      You have to remember the orgnaniser is an ozbargainer too

    • +14

      Please take a bite & pass it on….

  • I'll be there, i think?

    Just need to, hmm, find parking? :p

    Look for the crashed car somewhere there :p

  • +6

    warning: ozbargainers may devour the food in 2 minutes :o

  • +3

    "Note: The food is to share."

    Worst deal ever. If I wasn't so lazy, and didn't want to pay for petrol / public transport / begging someone to drive me to and from, I would go.

  • +2

    need one like this for sydney

    • +1

      need one like this for my street

  • +25

    I want to go to one of these to see what jv looks like

    • +3

      I want to downvote him. :D

    • +41

      He'll be the one with the permanently dissatisfied look on his face.

  • Will be there. Do we need to rsvp for +1?

    • +1

      Yes, you must RSVP the number of people so Quop can organize accordingly.

      • Thanks neil. Details sent to Quop.

      • +1

        No more +1s, replies to say you're bringing 10 friends (slight exaggeration :p) etc. everyone is to rsvp for themselves. I'm still a few hours behind in going through my inbox so this applies to you even if you've already rsvp'ed with your extras and I'm yet to read it.

        • +1 for Quop, awesome guy helped me get some Gold Coast theme park tickets =)
          (had an awesome trip by the way!)

  • any1 know a cheap airfare to Brisbane?

    • +2

      Scoot? You fly to Thailand or somewhere down there and then fly to Brisbane… Unless time is an issue.

  • will be away in NZ :(

  • +7

    lmao. the stingiest people in Australia! THis shall be fun.

    • +1

      it's not stingy, it's a smart way to spend your hard work money =)

      • No, you don't need to spend any money! :D

        • +3

          What it should of said "its a dumb way to save money on stuff you don't need"

    • +1

      Yes, hope the wait staff aren't working on tips!

    • +11

      "Daily limit for voting negative on comments is currently capped at 5"

      I need more to neg jv comments!

      • +3

        You know that when there's a + on one of JV's comments we have run out of negs. :D

  • +1

    To those who have RSVPed after seeing this post, please be patient on a response as I am currently overseas and cannot reply to new private messages. Once I get this sorted out I will confirm and respond to RSVPs in the order they arrive in my inbox.

    I estimate that we're probably up to about 20 yeses and a few more maybes at the stage, so there's still room before we hit the 40 cap.

    • I've PMed you. You should be able to reply to new messages.

      • Thanks, all good now. Have replied to some messages but the rest will have to wait until later today while I go holiday in the meantime :)

        For RSVPs please provide your real name and a contact phone number if you have one

        • +6

          Hopefully they have a real name….

  • -3

    Pickup only? How much to have the food delivered to my door?

    • -1

      um.. ok, how much to stand outside the hotel and chomp down the food then? >_>

  • +21

    I've called Officeworks, they will price match and beat by 5%.

    • 5% off free?

      • 5% extra food I'm guessing. Party at Officeworks instead!

        • Party at Officeworks

          Lollies and instant coffee.

  • +1

    Already 91 + votes but only 40 places. This will not end well. ;-)

    • There will be people waiting outside for the leftover food, highly doubt there will be any! Haha

  • +10

    "You are not required to interact with anyone but interaction is encouraged." LOL

    • +12

      "Can't talk, eating"

  • +1

    Just pointing out to anyone excited about the bottle of bubbly, it looks like they mean one bottle for the organiser.

    "You can host a lunch event up until 5pm or a dinner event up until 12 midnight. If you happen to be particularly popular, you're welcome to purchase two vouchers and combine them for a catered party of 80 guests. Once it's all over you will take home a bottle of bubbly to keep the celebrations going at home."

    • So quop is a guy right? Bugger, there goes that plan to share the bubbly.

  • +37

    I'm surprised the menu doesn't contain a ton of Whoppers and 6-Inch Subway meals

    • +1

      lol… that deserves post of the day…

    • -3

      And dogfood.

  • +1

    Can we bring containers and fill up with free soft drinks a la 7-Eleven BYO cup Slurpee day?

  • Should be titled "Turn up to Tight-Ass Tuesday"

    • +1

      and bring your Ainol tablets?

  • +10

    Needs to be a lucky door prize.. I'm thinking a toothpaste roller!

  • I don't want to feel left out here, but I already have plans for a ball out Dockside that night. Would you guys mind donning OzB t-shirts and gatecrashing it later on?

    • +2

      Sure, mail me a OzB t-shirt? :D

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  • We still have time, why not make this a nationwide celebration. Surely there's somewhere in each capital city who would love to host one of these and get some foot traffic in exchange for a bit of food and drink on a quiet night.

  • +4

    Rep of the year award goes to…… neil and Quop =)

  • -7

    Have seen it cheaper.

    • cheaper than free?

      • -1

        Tough crowd.

        • +6

          I think most people would have found the comment amusing if you hadn't negged the deal.

  • +2

    he spent at least $229 for this event. Thanks Quop for your generosity. Unfortunately, I can't joint.

  • +3

    I live in Sydney but +ve for good idea and support to expand it to more cities.

  • +4

    I'll try to respond to RSVPs as I'm able to. A few comments about this event:

    • I'm not the sponsor, so I haven't paid for it.
    • this is supposed to be a meeting of and for ozbargainers, hence I'm not going to accept any further +1s / rsvps for friends etc. to be fair, everyone who wants to come should rsvp for themselves.
    • for any other questions about the venue, the deal were using etc, go read the original forum thread.
    • who sponsored it?

  • Gee it a wonder no tosser have whinged that this is a forum topic.

    • +1

      Wouldn't i be right in saying that it would be more appropriate, befitting, and legitimate for this item to be categorised as a forum topic?

      • +2

        It's already a forum topic and has been for the last few months. Neil's just added it to the deals page so that more people are aware of it.

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