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Brisbane OzBargain Meetup - Free Food & Free Wine or Soft Drink for 2 Hours. Oct 19, 7:30PM


UPDATE 19/10

A few spots have freed up due to late cancellations. If there's anyone wanting to take their place PM me your full name and mobile number - 3 spots confirmed + a couple more potentially available at the moment. #

UPDATE 2/10:

The cap of 40 has been reached. Please see quop's comment.

Quop has kindly organized an OzBargainers meetup in Brisbane, October 19, 7:30PM at L'Academie Hotel. It is completely free. You must RSVP by October 2 (tomorrow). At this point the tally stands at 5 yes's and 4 maybes. That leaves 31 free spots left for the meetup. You are not required to interact with anyone but interaction is encouraged. Anyone is welcome!

What you will get:

Enjoy two hours of Golden Ranges Sauvignon Blanc or Cabernet Merlot and free-flowing soft drink.
EDIT: Note: Limit of 2 glasses of wine per person per hour

Comprehensive canapés package includes:

80 Spring Rolls
60 Samosas
50 Swedish Meatballs
20 Chicken Bites
20 Chicken and Garlic Balls
30 Mini Wood Oven Pizzas
20 Mini Gourmet Pies
20 Crumbed Prawn Cutlets

Take home a bottle of bubbly after your event.

Note: The food is to share.

RSVP by sending a message to Quop

mod added emphasis to the number of places that were available when the deal was posted

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  • Woohoo just priced match at takeaway store in bankstown :)

  • +7

    Someone NEEDS to take photos of this event and upload them here after.

    • yeah! it will be just like that $2 galaxy s2 thread last year - that was awesome!!!

  • Damn 19th.. I'll be in brissy 22nd :(

  • Everyone should wear their echo hoodies from the hut :)

    Cheers for organizing. Really looking forward to it

    • heh. I am still waiting for mine to arrive :(

  • I really hope JV doesn't come, with the amount of donuts he eats, he'll eat everything.

  • Can i neg just because ozbargain is supposed to be for aust wide instead of brisbargain?

    • +2


    • no it's not :P

      People post state or area specific bargains :P

  • +7

    Bring a marker to - or + on fellow members.

    • jv will be covered in red stains!

  • +13

    Ok I've gone through and replied to all the RSVP messages. The state of play is:

    • The cap of 40 has been reached
    • There are about half a dozen people on the waiting list
    • I am waiting on further details/clarification from some people, and will contact those on the waiting list if spots are freed up from the confirmed list
    • Everyone who has replied with "maybe" to date do not have a place on the confirmed list. If you are definitely able to come and want to be added to the waiting list, let me know.
    • If you are not on the confirmed list but really want to come, you can be added to the confirmed list for $25. This is in accordance to the T&C of the deal we're using, and available for up to a maximum of 10 people. PM me by this Wednesday 3 Oct if you wish to take up the offer - I'll need an up front payment to arrange this. This will be non-refundable for any reason, and I'll let you know how to transfer me the money if you're wanting to take up this option.

    Clarification for those from whom I've requested more info:

    • The RSVP requirements have been available since 10 August, and are also listed on the updated original post of the forum thread that this deal links to. Please read it to understand the context of me requesting the info.
    • As per my earlier comment, this event is meant to be a meeting of and for ozbargainers, this is why each person is to RSVP for themselves (to verify you are an existing ozbargain member).

    Some other general comments:

    • The food that will be served are canapes. Do not expect for it to be sufficient for a meal - if everyone shares nicely you can expect an average of 7.5 pieces of canapes per person… (from past experience the food comes out in batches rather than all at once).
    • I'm happy to donate the bottle of bubbly as a door prize / giveaway, if someone wants to volunteer to figure out how to do this.
    • I am not associated with ozbargain in any special way - I'm a normal member who has volunteered/been volunteered to organise this event. It is held in Brisbane because this is where I happen to be based.
    • I am more than happy for others to help out on the night with stuff like taking photos (sponsor request), supplying the music/soundtrack, or anything else you can think of that might be worth doing during our meet.

    (I'll probably have patchy access to internet/a keyboard over the next few days, so it might take me a while to respond to any PMs.)

    • +1

      Thanks for all the trouble organising this while on your hols,
      from a confirmed member of the Gang of Four(ty).

    • Am i on the confirmed list? :S

      • Yes, I already replied your message on 28/9.

  • +1

    Awesome initiative Quop !!!!

    Now we need some one in Melbourne to take the initiative…..

  • -4

    2 glasses of wine per hour…What a rip!

  • Damn missed out, all well I hope all who is going have a good time.

  • A few spots have freed up due to late cancellations. If there's anyone wanting to take their place PM me your full name and mobile number - 3 spots confirmed + a couple more potentially available at the moment.

  • +2

    Tonight is the big night! I is excite!

  • Who is going to wear their Ecko hoodies?

  • Should be an interesting social experiment!
    Groups usually already know each other face to face, or get together for a common cause. The OzBargain mob is drawn from very different interests. Face to face may not be their natural custom.

    Looking at profiles gives a clue to those saying they are attending. (My first post was an appeal to the mods to let me out of the sin bin!!) Peoples interests show in their posts & comments. Pity we don't have those clues tonight (maybe name tags with codes/colours for broad interests next time).

    How will we recognise people without username & avitar prominently shown? How will we neg anonymously?? I will be tempted to look up profiles on the phone before having a chat. Will there be a live forum online for those verbaly challenged? Never thought of doing that at a gathering before.

    Should be an interesting night.
    I'm wearing my avitar on my T-shirt (front & back) - in case you want to avoid ;)

  • Hi everyone?

    I'm NGPriest :D

    • How was it?

      • It was fun?
        Met new faces, met afew old faces…

        The current question is, Why weren't YOU there? :p
        Aka So where the bloody hell are you?

        • A bit of a commute for me. I do want to have one in Melbourne so I'm keen on feedback. How many people showed up? How was the food/drinks/venue?

        • You should have booked a virgin/jetstar flight last year…

          How many people? I asked the same question to someone and they said 20…

          Food? Okays i guess? Lazy to cook tonight :p

          Drinks? Drank SO MUCH soft drinks :p

          Venue? The other room had a Wii (i think)? Why didn't we have one…

        • At one point, friend and I counted 25 when quop was doing an announcement.
          Food was good imo.
          Drinks are drinks… Standard house stuff. <- No Fanta, disappoint. :(
          Venue wasn't that great, it was a pretty old place.

        • +1

          The other room had a 60 year old having a birthday party - why didn't we have one?

        • We should do this like, 40 people = 40 times a year?
          And get Scott/Scotty to pay for it all :D

        • No - share the love - get the $$$ from other sponsors who get $$$ from us buying their stuff. Hell a few computer companies etc around OZ would fall over themselves to sponsor (cheap) events like this with their advertising/displays. Even my Uni alcohol tab had sponsors!

        • +1

          Keep a look out for Altech's event. Free good quality finger food, soft drinks, expresso coffee freshly made by barista and beer. Gifts and prizes from sponsors and live entertainment. Plus promo girls in skimpy outfits as eye candy.

        • +1 For melbourne

      • Also, i left early, so not sure who bagged the food, but ask them to mail it to [insert Neil's address here…]?

        • 1 FREE cold spring roll left + Shipping $10 HURRY!!! Won't Last!

        • Use the coupon code: IIsNeilGiveMeFreeShipping for free shipping! :D

        • "I'm sorry that coupon code is not valid for this deal. Have a nice day!" ;)

      • I'll also like to give a shoutout to Jkim (or however he decided to spell his name], Andrew, [insert his name here…] and [insert her name here]…

        I'm REALLY bad with names…

        • Using Usernames (with optional street names) on larger stickier name tags may have helped. Maybe printed with users Avitar.

        • Why use stickers?
          We should get those professionalised plastic name tags, the one they use in conferences and so on? :S

        • What - like they have in Officeworks - get them to price match! Better - get them to sponsor next time!!

  • +3

    Interesting time, but not what I expected. OK, so I imagined staff throwing food in the door (running away screaming) as OBs fought to get the last prawn. (Sorry that was my Uni days.) Far too civilised as the food was taken around on a platter, and most people seemed to be drinking soft drinks. I thought I was in a parallel OB universe!! I certainly drank the hourly wine limit. There was 1 (cold) spring roll left at the end!

    Quop did a great job organising, and getting some discussion going. So what do OBers discuss? Best deal ever - was a bit quiet. Good idea asking how long we had been members, who had posted, etc. Still think the idea of placing '+' & '-' on people is a great idea - maybe as stickers (for next time). Good to meet fellow OBers!! But ratio of M to F was as bad as I expected - very few women.

    Worst thing of the evening - missing out on deals like Jamesons freebie. (I'll never socialise again!) Someone suggested a large screen with OB deals on it which we could vote on. But I think no one would have socialised once a good deal appeared.

    Thanks to the sponsor for a great (free) night! Should be an annual event (with other sponsors money & helpers). Gives us something to build on in future.

  • +11

    Here's a bit of a report of the night:

    • Attendance - of the 40 spots that were at one stage all filled, there were 8 cancellations, 6 no-shows, leaving actual attendance at 26. 21 males to 5 females.

    • Food/drinks - there were 3 platters of canapes, with no injuries from people fighting over the food (everyone shared nicely). Drinks wise there was some standard soft drinks on tap, and the wines which I can't comment on as I don't drink, but some feedback I got suggested they were passable.

    • Venue - it was functional as a space for people to gather, stand/sit around and chat to others over some canapes and drinks. The music was a bit too loud so it was a bit hard to hear other people unless you were standing quite close/speaking up.

    • Interaction - I think most people did make an effort to talk to others. Some probably mixed around more than others. Most of the interaction was in small groups. I tried to get a whole group thing happening at one stage, but was interrupted somewhat by the arrival of food, which I think people found more interesting than speaking up in front of a group of relative strangers…?

    • Overall - I think it went alright for a first meeting. I wouldn't say it was a roaring success, but neither was it a bombed failure. Maybe it was a little bit forced/influenced by the freebies (not sure if as many would have turned up if it wasn't free / didn't have free stuff).

    • Looking forward - Someone suggested this could be an annual thing, perhaps to coincide with OzBargain's birthday, and to be held in the major cities. I reckon something like what Gizmodo did for their meetups last year would be good (ie with some set program and/or prizes), though that would require more organisation and probably needs some third party sponsorship too. I don't think things necessarily need to happen on large scales though - there's nothing to stop a few interested ozbargainers from deciding to meet at a given place and time, pay for their own food/drinks, and chat etc… but I don't get the impression that people are ready/willing to do this, so a regular/once in a while type large scale meet would probably get a better response, which then leaves the question of who's going to make it happen (and I think most people would wait for someone else to do that).

    Well thanks to all those who showed up and I hope you all got something out of it, even if it was just a free snack and drink :p If nothing else you can count yourself amongst the very select few who attended the first ever OzBargain meetup :)

    • Great work Mate,
      Thanks for all the effort you put in.

  • +1

    Great wrapup quop. Thanks again for organizing it.

    I'm starting to understand why overbookings on flights & hotels are so common. Perhaps we need to overbook and then set aside some money, just in case there are extras.

    I like the idea of trivia. We often have functions with the sports club I belong to and the trivia nights are the most fun. OzBargain trivia. What is a broden? Definitely would be cool to do teams and prizes.

    Sponsors. This can be an issue. This is an independent community site and we are very strict in the way we treat companies that post on here. Everyone gets the same posting limits and treatment. We are constantly dealing with companies trying to sockpuppet, both small and big. So if we ask for sponsors, there may be a conflict of interest. At this point, I think having these meetings on our dime is alright, especially if there is a group buy deal.

    • Good points. Sponsors can be a pain. In my past life I always made a clear distinction between advertisers (where a clear agreement was made between payment & outcome), sponsors (support / cash given with no specific outcome, but may look on you more favourably only where appropriate) & benefactors (supporters with cash/assets who got no tangible outcome, just a warm inner glow, reports, & my gratitude). Sponsorship was the most difficult to navigate.

      And that was just for my drinks tab at Uni. (I did run a popular independent student newspaper for a while, but as the money was always drunk - I could not guarantee I would remember who contributed! It was one way to maintain independence.)

      Good to see some integrity! And I like your dime. Thanks!!

  • +1

    I had a really good time, though I was surprised how many people left early with free booze still flowing! Also agree that the venue was average, felt like an over-lit office lunchroom :)

    • A bit like an office party where everyone has to attend.
      No one knew what to expect - we are all strangers in real life.

      That's why these events should be held at HJs etc when there is a great deal on. (Its all about the deal!)
      I'm first in the playground! Lets Ozbargain a place!
      And sneak out to a panelvan for some goon…
      (*Views expressed are not those of OzBargain or its members.)

  • Three cheers to @quop for organising it! Echoing what @neil has said, yes we would like to organise those meetup events in other capital cities probably once a year (using a nice groupbuy deal of course).

  • Have the photos been uploaded yet?

    • Were there any photos taken?

      • Yes indeedy, 1 big group shot and several smaller-group shots.

        • I have some photos of the night i would like to share, how do i go about it?

      • +4

        here are some photos of the night,

        Welcome to share.

        • Just to be on the safe side, is everyone alright with having their photos published here?

          EDIT: Great photos. It does look more like an office rather than a function room.

        • yeah not the flashiest of places but still was a good night :).

        • Nice photos - what model camera do you have? Did you get a deal on it? ;)

        • +3

          Thanks - I've got a nikon d5100, brought from kogan about a year ago

          alot cheap not thou and worth it.

          but it is usually the lens that make a difference, for the close ups it was a nikon 50mm f1.8 (kogan) and for the wide shots i shot with a tokina 11-16 f2.8 (DWI).

          even back then i probably saved $800 off retail price on all of it..

  • @Chongy288 — Do you mind if I post just the first image (banner saying "OZBargain Brisbane") on Facebook?

    • You're welcome to use any of those images for FB or other (also can be my submission for the photo competition you are holding :D), i did however missed the group shot (changing lens..) but Quop's camera did get it.

      • +1

        Photos from my camera, including group shot, are at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/r3ewjyne3yedp9x/IfXZx_-y52

        I've pixelated any visible name tags, as I wasn't sure if people would have liked/wanted for their (user)names to be on display.

        • +3

          Great pictures quop. It's interesting to see how photos can paint a different picture of the event. The odd decor and open space is not seen as much in Quop's photos. ;)

        • Wot's that guy grabbin that girl for?

        • Married couple.

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