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½ Price Mayver’s Peanut Butter Varieties (375g) $2.90 @ Woolworths

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    That was on special at Aldi the other week; while I don't remember the price I remember thinking it was reasonable.

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      Yeah it was & 800g jars FYI it takes 183 jars to cover myself in the bath.

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      Let me rephrase that since I'm getting downvotes - last night my local Aldi had massive jars on the discounted "left over from weekly specials" table. Double discounted, if you will.

      Also, for those struggling with food prices, it's common to add peanut butter to rice, porridge and two minute noodles for additional protein/fat/creaminess.

      Try and get the "no added salt" version if you're adding it to two minute noodles.

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        Aldi fyi $8.99 882g, $1.02 per 100g.
        (According to the shelf ticket)
        So this deal would be cheaper.

    • What were the ingredients like though? That’s the first thing we look at and this peanut butter also tastes the best.

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        It was Mayver crunchy salted peanut butter; I'm assuming it's the same ingredients no matter what the size of the jar.

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          Ah nice, I didn’t even know they sold that at Aldi. We’re always waiting for this one to go on sale. Last one was at Coles and they had no stock in WA due to the floods.

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        Tried it (Mayvers Smooth) once after the rave reviews here. Didn't like the taste and like Bega Simply Nuts (which we're still slowly using up) its now on the been-there-done-that list.

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          Dark roast?

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          Fair enough, each to their own. They are both great products in my opinion. We like the Mayvers dark crunchy the most.

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    Thanks OP, by my dog :)

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    Crunchy or smooth tightarse?

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      Always crunchy lol :)

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      I dont mind, as long as its tight.

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    Protein plus varieties?

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    Now need a good deal on bacon. I've got the jam already.

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      $8.4 Primo shortcut bacon 750g at woolies, half price. Dont buy bacon so cant tell if its a good deal but its half price, lol

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    this really gives me dry mouth. i have to load up a lot of jelly for my PB&J sandwiches

    • Yeah I used to complain about dry mouth from peanut butter a lot when I was younger.

      What is the jelly that you have with it?

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        Have never tried pb with jelly but it's a good accompaniment to jam - esp raspberry.

      • Rose's English Breakfast Marmalade

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        Probably mango or the like - anyone weird enough to have jelly with PB will be way out there

    • would using that username of yours to action be of any help?

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      The Aldi organic peanut butter is way better.

      • My wife agrees.

      • went to Aldi to look for it because of your comment, but couldn't find their homebrand "organic peanut butter "
        is it placed separate from rest of peanut butter?

        • No its near the other peanut butter.

          The branding is "oh so natural peanut butter"

          • @samfisher5986: Ok thanks.
            I didn't find "organic " anywhere on it, thats why the confusion. I thought maybe they have a separate section for organic products that I couldn't spot.
            I bough the Oh So for a try anyway…

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    Mayvers crunchy + Nutella sandwich ftw.

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    is the protein ones on sale too? any of you try it or does it make you mouth dry as well?

    • I’ve tried it and I thought it was good. I mostly just add it to my protein shakes these days.

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      Honestly it’s terrible. It’s like extra powdery peanut butter and sticks your tongue to the roof of your mouth.

  • Are the peanuts still sourced from Australia, or are they imported from overseas? The labels from the woolies website are often very out of date.

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      Depends which variety you choose. E.g. Crunchy is 100% Australian, Dark Roasted Extra Crunchy isn't. Labels in this case appear up to date as I've purchased recently and they're the same.

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    Remember, the first 3 are not Australian.

    • Would the peanuts taste different?

  • It's Time

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    Down to my last 5 jars from the previous half price special, time to stock up for another year!

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      I’m with you but my wife only lets me buy a months worth. Maybe I should stock up in the garage where she never goes anyway 🤣

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    Dang that's cheap! I usually buy the 750g jar for $9.50 - this is $5.80. Gotta stock up! Thanks @tightarse

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    Hope amazon pricematch!

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    No dark roast, no deal for me. Sorry TA.

    • He's going to be very upset you don't think it's a deal.

    • It's right there if you read the deal…

  • Stacking with a 25% points offer

  • I'll be camping outside woolies tonight lol

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    Amazon, please, price match, i'm not driving to woolies to rub shoulders with all the plebs just for peanut butter, this is a stay at home if at all possible neckbeard hermit's solemn request.

  • Hope dark roast smooth is in stock 🤞

    • It was at my store, key word was…

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    Surprisingly full shelves at my local of dark roast, stocked up.

  • Bought freaking loads of these the other day. The tribe is sorted for peanut butter for a year.

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