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Amino Z Vegan Protein 3kg $99.99 Del+$30 Credit ($35 CZ/$20 NewCust)/5kg $149.99 (Extra $20 Cred), 30% off AZ @ Amino Z


Quick Intro

My deal video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rld2JdYghc

Following on from the last deal we ran, we had a number of requests for a promotion on our Vegan Protein for those wishing to avoid dairy or animal products. This is the first time we've offered a deal specifically on our Vegan Protein and I hope it represents some good value.

The Deal

Amino Z Vegan Protein 3kg for $99.99 Delivered + $30 back in store credit for repeat customers (New Customers $20/Pre-Existing Paid Club Z* $35)

Z Points are added to your account within 10 days of your order being shipped.

OPTIONAL EXTRA OFFER: Add 2 more kgs for $50 and get an extra $20 back in store credit. Ie. 5kg for $149.99 Delivered with $50/$40/$55 back in store credit for repeat/new/Club Z customers. Simply select the 5kg size.

Plus we some featured offers on some other products of ours:

Coupon code: OZB-VEGAN (add in shopping cart)

You will get the store credit just so long as you order 3kg of the Vegan Protein (or more). You can order anything else on top of this and you will still receive the bonus credit amount and free shipping.

*Please note to qualify for Club Z bonus credit, you must be actively on a paid Club Z membership as of 8am 22nd April 2024. Otherwise, if you're on Club Free trial period, you will not earn the Club Z points, but you still get the repeat or new customer Z points back.

Vegan Protein Flavours

We have 8 flavours available to choose from.

All our flavoured Vegan options are naturally sweetened using a combination of thaumatin and stevia. Thaumatin accounts for approximately 80% of the sweetness given how potent it is relative to stevia. The unflavoured version is not sweetened at all.

Fancy Flavour Descriptions:

Written by Chiara on our team, she is far more articulate than me!

Banana Mylk: A smooth shake that blends subtle vanilla with the rich, sweet taste of ripe bananas, enhanced by a slightly nutty undertone from the natural flavour of vegan protein.
Caramel Butterscotch: A rich buttery caramel flavour, with undertones of French vanilla and hints of Himalayan salt.
Choc Cherry Delight: A twist on a classic Aussie chocolate bar, combining the deep richness of dark chocolate with the sweet tanginess of cherries and a touch of coconut.
Chocolate Bliss (New and Improved): A smooth, velvety shake featuring sweet and rich milk chocolate notes.
Latte Coffee: A perfect mix of buttery vanilla and the bold, bitter notes of robusta coffee in a satisfying shake for coffee lovers.
Masala Chai: A flavourful blend of chai spices with sweet, smooth vanilla undertones. This flavour is an absolute must try for chai latte lovers.
Smooth Vanilla (New and Improved): A perfectly balanced vanilla flavour, enhanced by light notes of caramel.
Unflavoured: This will represent the raw/earthy taste of the core pea and rice protein blend, however no additional flavouring or sweeteners have been added.

Flavour Availability:

Flavour availability will change throughout the deal. I will this area updated as flavours run out.

  • In Stock: All Flavours
  • On Backorder (Can be backordered): None
  • Sold Out (Cannot be backordered): None

Flavour Nutritional Info:

You can view the nutritional information on the product back by clicking on the "NUTRITIONAL INFO" tab. Below is a summary (special thanks for @Chaffix for putting this together in our last deal):

Flavour Protein (g/100g) Energy (cal/100g) Cal per g Protein
Unflavoured 85.8 411.1 4.8
Masala Chai 82.1 403.2 4.9
Smooth Vanilla 79.8 404.2 5.1
Caramel Butterscotch 79.4 403.5 5.1
Latte Coffee 75.1 391.5 5.2
Banana Mylk 77 402.1 5.2
Choc Cherry Delight 76.6 400.5 5.2
Chocolate Bliss 69.9 393.8 5.6

Product Breakdown

  • 100% Australian Blended and Packed in our Sydney Facility
  • Our manufacturing facility is owned by us and is a NSW Licensed Food Facility with an approved Dairy Processing license
  • The protein in our Vegan blend is a blend of organic pea protein and organic rice protein
  • Naturally sweetened with a combination of stevia and thaumatin. We do not use artificial sweeteners.
  • Free from soy, lactose and added colours
  • Backed by our 110% Guarantee. Try it and if you don't love it, we'll give you 110% back (in store credit) or a full refund (including delivery). As I mentioned in the video, we offer this so you can try the product risk-free. If you've opened it up to try it we're not going to make you send it back either.

Other Notes/Common Questions

  • Choose Multiple Flavours: We pack these into 1kg pouches. Choose the multi-flavour option for different flavours.
  • Packaging: Most of our bags now have the new and improved pouches (finally - and thank you everyone for your patience!). Should you have any issues whatsoever with the pouches, please reach out and we'll fix you up at our cost.
  • Nutritional Information: To view the full nutritional panel, just click on the "NUTRITIONAL INFO" tab on the page and then select the flavour.
  • Best Before Dates: Best before dates will be 18-24 months away. We turn this product over very quickly so all current stock has been produced recently.
  • Free Delivery: You will get free delivery on your entire order when you order any full-sized Amino Z supplements.
  • Applying Store Credit: To apply existing store credit (Z Points), firstly make sure that you are logged in. Then, go into checkout and after entering your delivery and shipping choice, select "Load Payment Methods". Once loaded, you will see an option entitled "Spend Your Points". Click this and then enter how many points you wish to apply as a discount to your order. You can apply points acquired from previous deals to this purchase.
  • Applying the Coupon Code: Please apply the coupon code in your shopping cart before checking out.
  • 30% Discount: The 30% discount will be off the full price before discount, not on the already discounted price.
  • Receiving Store Credit: Store credit is assigned as "Z Points" to your account within 10 days of your order shipping. It can then be applied to any future order that you place.
  • Store Credit Limit: There is a limit of one lot of bonus store credit per person during the promotional period. You can order more than 5kg of Vegan Protein, but the store credit will be capped so we can stay in business and keep doing deals like these.
  • Other Store Credit Info: Store credit does NOT expire. Also, you do NOT have to be a Club Z member to retain your store credit.
  • Club Z: Our Club Z membership program is a paid subscription with the most common membership being $9.99/month with $10 back/month for each monthly renewal. This is different to having an account on our website. We frequently run Club Z bonus offers, such as in this deal where anyone who was already an existing active and paid Club Z member (immediately prior to launching this promo) will receive a total of $35 back in Z Points ($55 for 5kg). Full info here.
  • Referral Codes: Please note that this offer won't stack with our referral code offer, nor any other offers.
  • Our 5 most popular flavours: Chocolate Bliss, Smooth Vanilla, Banana Mylk, Latte Coffee, Masala Chai

A word of thanks

Thank you again to everyone who continues to support our deals and our business. Should you have any questions please feel free to reach out as I will actively be on here replying to comments. Vanessa (our head of customer service) will be replying to any private messages being sent through.

Amino Z (Owner/Founder/Deals Guy)

Update 29/04/24: We've had a few requests for an extension from a few people that missed this one. We'll extend until midnight tonight, but this deal will end then and won't be extended again. Thank you everyone for the amazing support! - Jay

Referral Links

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Referees get $10 off their first order. Referrers get $10 worth of Z Points.

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    • +25

      We've had the Vegan Protein for a while now and every WPI deal we've run, there have been a number of people asking for a deal on the Vegan range. So we figured we'd give this one a go to see if we could cater to this group (and price it more competitively than the WPI given the current price of materials).

      We decided to name it "Vegan" because it had a better ring to it than "Organic Pea and Rice Protein Blend". But besides vegan, we generally get a loads of requests for this product from people seeking something that is lactose or dairy free.

      Anyway, no plans to open a store in Newtown :)


      • +7

        Have you considered calling it Plant Protein?

        • +14

          No actually and not a bad suggestion.

          We are very open to suggestions though and I'm going to take note on this one.

          Happy to get feedback from everyone here too. We basically want to offer two key proteins - WPI (being the main one) and then a plant based option.

          Thanks @elektron


      • +4

        People are so fragile. It's actually ridiculous and reflects on their insecurities.

        There's nothing wrong with calling it vegan. It explains exactly what the product is and also appeals to a wider array of consumers. You'll also hit those search engine queries, etc.

        For the record, I'm not vegan but I tolerate the plant based proteins much better than I do WPI or casein. So vegan protein appeals to me.
        Thanks for the deal. Will put an order through shortly.

        • +1

          Thanks for your input @ninnypoop, I really appreciate this perspective! These points did form part of our discussion when we were deciding on a name for the product.

          Thanks also for the support of the deal!


  • +1

    Hi OP, will there be a promo for the WPI too?

    • +5

      Thanks for asking @fredwu

      This time around, we do have 30% off everything else with this code, which will apply to the WPI. It won't attract the bonus credit with this current deal we have running, so admittedly not quite at the same level as the deal we ran 2 months ago.

      We do plan on running another WPI deal in the future, but the date is yet to be confirmed.


      • Thanks Jay!

      • +3

        I'm running out of WPI i guess I'll give these a shot in the meantime 🤣

        • No worries and thanks @fredwu @donkeyhokey!


        • I think I'll need to do the same 🙂

          • +1

            @zorrt: Thanks in advance @zorrt! Also don't forget that you can use any credit accumulated from previous orders.


  • How does the Vegan Protein Powder go with Hot water or steaming? Alot of the flavours available would go well while the drink is warm/hot?

    • +14

      @Harrpie thanks for asking. We're going to run a quick test on this and I'll get back to you shortly.


    • +23

      @Harrpie good news, yes you can do it. But to get a smooth shake we would recommend the following:

      1. Mix 100ml of cold/room temp water with 1 serve (eg. in a shaker).
      2. Once the liquid is smooth and blended, add the hot water.

      I hope this helps and thanks for your patience!


      • +1

        Thanks for the feedback Jay!, Always the best with customer service :)

        • +6

          My pleasure, thanks for the support of the deal!


  • +1

    Hi Jay, I've noticed that they all use a mix of Stevia and Thaumatin, my wife doesn't like the Stevia taste but doesn't mind the Thaumatin taste, do you know if the stevia taste is particularly strong with these?


    • +8

      Thanks for asking @peachhead101

      You're right that it's a blend between the two and we've done that in order to reduce that impact of the stevia that some people may find offensive. Thaumatin is notably sweeter than stevia. Approximately 80% of the total sweetness will be derived from the thaumatin component.

      The stevia is present, but far less offensive than a product that is sweetened purely with stevia. So no, it's not strong and is significantly reduced and is barely noticeable.

      If your wife gives it a go and doesn't like it, just hit us up for the 110% Guarantee.


    • +1

      Hey Jay & Jo,

      little science tidbit but relevant -They did identify the bitter taste receptors for Stevia.


      • That was an interesting read, I didn't know they could isolate receptors like that, thank you for that

      • +4

        Super interesting, thanks for sharing this @GuitarNeo

        I'll go through this in detail, but I'll also share this with the team. We may consider transitioning this product completely over to thaumatin eventually, like our WPI.


  • +6

    Too bad there's no unflavored option, like with whey isolate and concentrate. I use it in smoothies with fruits and berries, so prefer higher protein content in place of the flavourings.

    Great deal otherwise, as always, and would definitely give it a go if the protein content was closer to 90%.

    • +3

      Good feedback and I will be passing this along to the team @elektron

      This one is a newer product and we are planning to expand the flavour range comprehensively over the coming months. I appreciate the suggestion on this.


    • +3

      @elektron off the back of this suggestion, we've gone ahead and made an unflavoured version available for backorder. This will be available to be shipped out this week.

      Thanks for the feedback!


      • That's actually incredible, Jay! I'll be placing an order later today.

        • +1

          I'm amazed our team was able to pull this off so quickly. Thanks in advance for the order @elektron!


          • @aminozcomau: You should be on the OzBargain Hall of Fame! Ordered 5kg.

            • +1

              @elektron: 😂Wow thanks for the big order! Thanks again!


              • +1

                @aminozcomau: Just got the order delivered this morning! How on earth did you manage that, considering that this flavour didn't even exist until a few days ago?!

                • +2

                  @elektron: Wow great news, thanks for sharing @elektron

                  Honestly I am going to have to find out how they pulled this one off so quickly. Given their workload, I'm pretty blown away myself. And I'll be sure to share this feedback with the team!

                  Thanks again for the order!


                  • @aminozcomau: Thank you, Jay - expectations exceeded in more ways than one!

  • nice deal OP, you guys always have great deals

    • Thanks for the feedback and upvote @DIYcharcat!


  • Which one of the flavours has minimum amount of sugar?

    • +2

      @mmehta both Banana and Smooth Vanilla have less than 1% sugar in each (0.4% and 0.6% respectively).

      I hope this helps!


  • -4

    Any specials on WPI? I want to order a few bags

    • Thanks for asking and your interest @knowskillz

      Just for reference, this was asked here

      So you can use the 30% off, but there isn't a bonus store credit amount on this particular deal for WPI. Free delivery too. This is the best offer available presently on WPI.

      We do plan to run a new WPI offer, but we do not yet have a confirmed date I'm afraid.


  • Got some. Will be good to see how this stacks up against Amazonia Raw

    • Thanks for the order @pennypinching! Keen on any feedback you may have.


  • +1

    Hi Jay,

    I just added everything to my cart and the code worked but when I went to sign into my paid Z club account the vegan protein went up to $117.56. Everything else stayed the same though.

    Was this meant to happen?


    • Thanks for asking @weekend and sorry for the issue.

      Sounds like a bit of a bug, would you mind sending through a direct message with your account email? Vanessa can fix this up on her end. Thanks in advance.


      • Thank you for your fast reply. I just made an account with OZB and am unable to send a direct message until tomorrow. Is there another way to get in touch?

        • +1

          Actually @weekend I found a bug with our code and just fixed it. Could you try reloading the cart and seeing if it works now?


          • @aminozcomau: Awesome thank Jay! Just ordered

            • +1

              @weekend: Oh great, thanks for letting me know about this @weekend and sorry again for the issue. I really appreciate the order!


  • +4

    Not interested in the vegan blend but upvoting because customer service is elite. I might pick up some preworkout cause running low on that. Thanks :)

    • +3

      Thanks for the support @y33tcity, I really appreciate it and I'll pass this along to our customer service team too, they will be very happy!


  • -1

    How does this mix with milk?

    • +2

      @CommuterPolluter this will mix fine with milk. We would recommend a shaker. Thanks for asking!


  • Hello Jay, I remember you used to sell Magnesium L-Threonine, under your Aminoz brand. Is that no longer the case?


    • Thanks for asking @geeluv but no, I'm afraid we no longer have any straight magnesium products available under our brand.


  • Hey are there any nuts or traces of in any of these products?

    • +1

      @nacl600 thanks for asking.

      We don't process any of these in our facility. There is a risk of gluten, fish and milk and this will be labelled on the packaging.

      I hope this helps.


  • +2

    updoot because these guys are fantastic to deal with, I'm not getting this deal but it's reminded me that there's other flavours of WPI I've yet to try haha

    • Thanks so much for the support @wednesdayfaye!


  • +4

    Just want to commend you on your community engagement. It must be a lot of work but it goes a long way into cementing Amino Z as the go-to brand.

    Do you include plastic scoops in your packets? I have heard of some companies doing away with them in the name of reducing disposable plastic. It's just something small, but every bit helps I guess.

    • +1

      Thanks for the kind words @modded! It keeps my fingers fit 😂

      We do have plastic scoops in this product. This is something we have debated at length internally. For now, we have kept them in all our products as most of our customers do expect to receive this based on the feedback we have received.

      In prior deals, it has been suggested to add a scoop in separately for those that don't want a scoop. This is something we are still exploring as to how something like this can be done at scale and in a food-safe manner.

      I can confirm that our scoops are recyclable however.

      For now we have decided to scrap the plastic jars across all our products and instead use pouches. This significantly reduces the amount of plastic, but also reduces cost (and thus final sell price) and volume for shipping.

      I hope this provides some insight here. Thanks for asking.


  • As always, thank you for the great deal Jay!

    I still have 3kg of WPI to go in the cabinet, otherwise I would've jumped on this.

    Keep up the good work and doing us the Ozbargain community a favour by delivering amazing products at reasonable prices. Much appreciated!

    • Thanks so much @NaRaSaRang! I really appreciate the kind words and thank you for the ongoing support!


  • Thanks OP. Just ordered 5Kgs plus 1KG of Taurine. Cheers for the great service/discounts

    • Thank you for the order @jerryd I really appreciate it!


  • How does your product compare to pure product plant protein? Are all ingredients 100% Non-GMO? Or at the very least the protein part. Where does the saturated fat come from?

    Both Amino Z and pure product make claims of being dairy free and or lactose free but having an allergen warning with manufactured in a facility that processes dairy is bizarre and offsets that claim. Wouldn't it be better to process vegan/plant products first after a machine clean down and then all dairy products to avoid traces of milk for the vegan/plant products.

    • Thanks for the upvote @cobknob and I appreciate the question.

      Our pea and rice proteins are both organic proteins and are GMO free. The saturated fat is contained within both the pea and rice protein.

      I personally have not tried the Pure Product Plant Protein so I cannot comment on flavour or texture I'm afraid. I did try to pull up their nutritional information, but it doesn't change across flavours, so I really cannot draw any direct comparisons here.

      In relation to the allergen warning, yes there is a possibility of traces of lactose in the product as we do manufacture it in the same facility that we manufacture our whey protein. We do conduct extremely thorough cleans between different products, but we leave this warning on the package just in case any allergens remain.


      • There is no sat fat in their product, the vanilla anyway since that is what I consume.. - I have tried choc/original as well.

        Your product I noticed also has ~3x as much sodium? That's a lot more if you have 2-3 servings a day - for 3 it's 1,000mg+

        Thanks for answering my questions. I'll be sure to try vanilla/banana. I always find vanilla to be a good measure of how good a food manufacturer makes other flavours.

        • Yeah likely due to different protein sources. Theirs may be an isolate which has undergone more processing than ours and this may explain why ours has a different macronutrient profile.

          We do add in Pink Himalayan salt to improve the flavour profile and this will explain why our sodium is higher.

          Anyway I hope this helps clarify a little further. Any feedback on the range is always appreciated. And thank you for the order!


  • -2

    Quick question.

    How much volume does 1kg of protein powder typically take up. I just happened to be googling the question when I noticed this thread and thought who better to ask than a powder rep.

    Getting a highly mixed bag of answers from Google. The reason I ask is I'm sizing up some containers for storage of bagged powders and I don't want waste cupboard space with anything oversized.

    • +1

      @chuckroast this will vary greatly depending upon the protein. For example, a casein protein is far less dense than this product.

      As a (very) rough guide, 1kg would take up around 0.003-0.004 square metres. But that would be for a sealed pouch of ours with a bit of air in it.

      Generally speaking, products in jars will take up more space than in pouches.

      I hope this helps.


      • Thanks!

        That would explain the spread in the answers I've found online. I'll be storing WPC/WPI blend and Casein. I might have to do a bit of trial and error.

        • No worries and yep it can vary quite a bit. Even between different manufacturers, we have found that different whey protein raw materials have different densities.


  • Thanks Jay! Bought the WPI in Feb and love the flavours and texture is great.

    The missus body doesn't agree with Whey so picking 5kg of this up for us to try!

    • Thanks for the upvote and support of this deal @Vevku10! I also appreciate the feedback on the WPI.


  • Bought some vegan protein in the last last WPI ozbargain sale, so not as cheap as this. Not sure what the shelf life is so tossing up whether to buy another 3kh already

    • Thanks for the prior purchase @isthisreallife22

      Shelf life will be 2 years from the date of manufacture. We almost always have fresh stock on hand in our proteins due to the volumes we are selling. But the best before date should be on the packets though.


  • @aminozomau while we have you online, I've been seeing lots of ads for "Burn of the Gods" thermogenic - do you know how your Thermogenic Hardcore v2 formulation compares on a ingredients basis?

    • +2

      Hi @donkeyhokey

      I must admit that I am not familiar with this brand, but I can share a bit of a comparison between ingredients.

      I'll include our key ingredients with the comparison to what is in their product per serve:

      • Acetyl L Carnitine (3 g/serve) (Ours) vs 1g/serve (BOTG)
      • L-Tyrosine (1.5 g/serve) vs 0.25g/serve
      • Caffeine Anhydrous (250 mg/serve) vs 162.5mg/serve
      • Theobromine 98% (250 mg/serve) vs 62.5mg (as theobroma Cacoa Extract 20%)
      • Green Tea Extract (100 mg/serve) vs None
      • Huperzine-A (150 mcg/serve) vs None

      And there seem to be a few other items in theirs that we do not have in ours:

      • L-carnitine Tartrate
      • L-Theonine
      • Alpha CPC
      • GBBGO
      • Paradoxine
      • Piperine
      • Theacrine
      • B12

      I hope this helps.


      • Thanks. Not familiar with all the supps so slowly research what each component supposedly does 🙏

  • Perfect timing 🙌 I love the WPI and they're great gifts! Recently found out I can't take WPI anymore so I hope Vegan works for me 🙌 got a 5kg bag

    • +1

      Thanks so much for the new orders @confidantduk and the ongoing support!


  • +1

    If you haven't tried Amino Z, please do. I highly recommend them. I stocked up on whey protein during their last sale. Their protein powders taste good and are reasonably priced. I switched from Rule1 to this brand.

    • +3

      My main problem with Amino Z is I can't drink so much protein in between sales 🤣 that's why i missed the february birthday sale.

      • 😂

    • Thank you so much for sharing these kind words @Vink

      I'll pass this along to the team too, they will be so chuffed to see such amazing feedback shared publicly. I really appreciate you taking the time to put this together and share! Thanks for your support.


      • Still waiting on cookies and cream in WPI. Is that flavour still on cards ?

        • +1

          Yes it is. Although I don't have a confirmed date, we are extremely close to releasing this one. It's been a long time coming!

          You can see a video we posted today here


  • Thanks OP ordered to give this a try, and this is based off user reviews :)

    • Thanks for giving us a go @Krayzii and I hope you like our product! Should there be any issues please don't hesitate to reach out to our team.


  • Anyway to get samples from somewhere before fully committing?

    • @Laz167 yes, we have samples here.

      You can purchase some and then you can request to get 100% of the amount paid back in store credit. Details here

      I hope this helps and thanks for asking!


  • When I try applying coupon - says" i have 20% discount automatically applied so the coupon won't stack" - what to do?

    • Hi @zip2

      Could you check for any typo in the coupon code? Try copying and pasting this:


      This error sometimes comes about from an error in the code. For example, replacing the letter "O" with the number "0".

      If this doesn't resolve it, I'd suggest trying in an incognito window and re-adding the item(s) into your cart and then the coupon code. This may also be a one-off error.

      Please let me know how you go.


      • Tried again, all good now!

        • Oh great, thanks for the order @zip2!


  • What's the most popular flavour or the flavour that you'd recommend as I am new to this and have never tried powder protein let alone Amino Z

    • +1

      Thanks for your interest @mwahahaha

      The most popular flavour is the Chocolate Bliss in this range.

      After that, they are: Smooth Vanilla, Banana Mylk, Latte Coffee, Masala Chai.

      If you're keen on trying out the range, we have a 110% Guarantee backing the products. So if you don't like it for whatever reason, feel free to reach out to our team and we'll be happy to refund/replace or give you 110% back in store credit.


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