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Everyday Extra: Annual Plan $35 for The First Year (Ongoing $70/Year, New and Returning Subscribers) @ Everyday Rewards


Spotted on page 39 of the catalogue

Catalogue advertises:

$3 a month on an annual plan. Discounted annual plan offer ends 4/6/24

Benefits include (copied from VantageXL’s deal):

  • 10% off one shop at Woolworths and Big W each month (up to $50 off at a time, exclusions apply)
  • 2x Everyday Rewards points on all shops (exclusions apply)
  • Free item from Woolworths every month

Edit: Promo is now live, website showing as $35 (than the advertised $3/month in the catalogue)

Similar to their previous Black Friday promo

Referral Links

Everyday Extra: random (979)

Referee and referrer get 1500 points after referee's first paid month of subscription.

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  • +4

    I take it this won't stack with referral would it?

    • +9

      Yes it will.
      From the T&Cs:

      This offer can be redeemed in conjunction with the Everyday Extra Refer a friend incentive for eligible new and returning subscribers.

      • I signed up using referral and to take advantage of first month free trial. Was planning to then pay $7 after that to get 1500 points. Can I still change my subscription to $35 per year now and get the bonus points? Looks OK from the T&Cs?

  • +1

    Sweeet thanks OP 👍

  • +3

    Will it stack with having 10% off a month from woolies mobile?

    • +31

      I have both (extra and mobile) and you get 2 x 10% per month. You cannot apply both 10% off in one shop

      • +2

        Interesting. I had 2 lots of Woolworths insurance, but only 1x 10% off per month.

        • +1

          Ya because insurance is one service.

          • +3

            @abs898: So 1 x insurance and 1 x Extra will get me 2 x 10% off per month as they're different services?

            • +1

              @elecpurch: Correct. I have 1 mobile 1 Extras

            • +1

              @elecpurch: Yes, I have insurance and extras and get 2x 10% per month

              • +1

                @cook99: Thanks for the confirmation :)

                • +3

                  @elecpurch: No worries.
                  Note Extras works online or in-store.
                  Insurance is in-store only.

                  When I'm in store I get 2 messages to use code if I haven't used either yet that month

        • +7

          A hack is to register one insurance with your everyday reward card and another insurance with your wife's, then you will have 2 x 10% off every month. We done this for a year

          • @PerthectDeal: This is what I've done now, but had to wait as paid for 12 months.

          • -1

            @PerthectDeal: Just create multiple accounts. As long as you use different email addresses you are OK.

          • +6

            @PerthectDeal: What's the hack to finding a wife?

            • @Illyria: You have to go EXTRA first to find out…

              • +4

                @noelhoi: An Extra wife? Nagging in stereo!?

            • +1

              @Illyria: That's the free item from Woolworths every month…

            • +1

              @Illyria: A fat wallet.

          • +1

            @PerthectDeal: Won't you be splitting the points earned though?

      • Oh WOW that alone is worth it. What is the free item like?

        Ps for anyone who has the Rewards iOS app I just got the notification 8 minutes ago so it’s on there and I assume Android too.

        • I haven't got anything of value. A packet of crackers, a packet of dry pasta, something else I can't recall. I won't be renewing but the 10% off shop would be of value to some (and double points).

          • @Bdawg: Cheers, I thought as much.

            Yeah that’s what interested me as Woolies is our local.

      • Any idea if you had extras + insurance + mobile that you'll get 3 x 10% off?

        • +1

          insurance and mobile only get you 1 x 10% in store, but if you put them on separate rewards account you can get 1 on each.
          The extras gets you 1 x10% online or in store. The hack is to use 1 x 10% discount online. And then you can go in store and use another 10%. I believe it has to be in this order, at least previously it did when mobile could be done online.

    • would also like to know this ie 2 x 10% off a month shop?

      • +1

        You also need to have woolies mobile. I get 2x 10% as well

    • You want 10% + 10% off or 10% off twice?

      • sorry, rephrase, 2 x 10% off. My family all uses woolies mobile, but couldn't put the 10% benefit all in one family points card, so was wondering if thats the same here

      • 10% twice

    • It does, I have insurance, mobile and this but they said max is 2 (from difference sources) per account

  • +3

    Will it stack with pancake purchase?

    • +1

      If you mean pancakes from Clash Royale then sure :)

      • +1

        hahaah, used to play this, now only COC

  • +4

    I've been waiting for this offer for months! I think the last offer which I missed out on was $35 for the first year, so glad this has come back

  • My free trial ends in a few days, how can I take up this offer?

    • +1

      Considering the offer doesn’t end til June you can wait til your current trial ends.

      • +1

        Yes I did this last time. I cancelled ASAP but the free trial continued until the original end date of the trial period. Then I signed up to the $35 deal. I did not get another free trial period.

  • +1

    Pity it’s on first year only, my plan is about to expire

    Guess I’ll wait for November and see if it pays off for another deal like last year

    • +6

      Nothing stopping you from just making a new account right? Churn and burn 'em.

      • +4

        Yeah I considered that, but then I lose track of which account has which points, better offers on this account this month, better ones on the other the next, or great offers on both for different things and purchase amounts etc… I’m too lazy for that aha

        • +15

          Tru Ozbargainer never lose track, speaking as someone who has 3 wws rewards & 4 flybuys ;)

          • +1

            @Nohtyp: I already get accused of fraud on a frequent basis due to the savings I make with gift cards and coupons I find here and elsewhere online, so I’d rather not add to that speculation aha

          • +5

            @Nohtyp: Yes - I have a spreadsheet on my phone for all the credit cards offers I have applied for, when I closed them and when I can reapply :)

          • +1

            @Nohtyp: Sometimes it just isn’t worth the time and effort to dedicate for a little savings when you can spend that time to earn more money

        • +2

          Microsoft ToDo… Have a separate list tracking ED rewards from mobile, insurance, EE, etc. for my partner and I. Just set it as a monthly recurrence at the end of every month and close out the tasks if I haven’t used them all by the end of the month.

  • +1

    Woolworths and Bigw in the same month ? Didn't know that

    • +2

      Yeah, last month I preordered Stellar Blade and this month it’s something much more exciting - socks and undies.

  • +3

    what kind of free item can be expected?

    • +28

      Oats, semi dried tomatoes, fabric softener…

      It’s like a show bag of useless crap spread out over 12 months

      • The honey soy marinade from the other month was nice - had it on grilled salmon - yummy.

      • +2

        Those items sound pretty useful though..

      • +1

        I got 500g free pasta today.

    • +12

      Just got a can of free corn this month they're really generous with it yknow

      • Interesting I got a twin pack of Handee Ultra?

      • +4

        I got the organic oats this month, probably the most useful of the free items I’ve been given

      • +1

        I got some free paper towels this month

      • +1

        Interesting, I didn't know it was different for different people. Mine is corn this month too - I haven't picked it up yet - must remember.

        • How are the items received? Is it pick-up only?

          • @harvestloon: I get mine when shopping in person, but I suspect online purchases would qualify too.

          • +1

            @harvestloon: I just find them in the supermarket when I am there in person. When you check them out, you get credited with the value of the purchase so it costs $0

    • i get a pack of the mini pringles this month

    • +1

      I got a 500g pack of pasta this month. Previously had things like drinks and snack packs.

      • +2

        I got the same, La Molisana Pastificio, 250g-500g.

    • I got peanuts , tea bags and paper towel

  • Does Coles offer anything similar like 10% off apart from flybuys?

    • They do now, but don't think they have a similar discount offer just now. give them 2 weeks to copy it. :)

      • +8

        Two weeks is incredibly generous

        They’ve been “looking at” allowing gift cards online since 2017 at least

    • +1

      Colesmobile has a 10% off largest shop (up to $300) per month.

      • Up to $50 savings per month…

        • +1

          they say $50, but if you purchase online first and use the 10%. then go instore and use it after that, you can save another 10% in the same month. I save over $50 a month.

    • +4

      Coles is currently trialling Coles Plus Saver in VIC and TAS, where you can get the following for $7 a month:

      • A 10% off discount once a month at Coles (instore or online)

      • 2x points at Coles, First Choice Liquor and Liquorland (instore or online)

      • Access to “member exclusive offers and promotions” (whatever that means).

      • -1

        Access to “member exclusive offers and promotions”

        What does that mean?

        • +4

          You get exclusive invite to senate inquiry meeting.

  • -4

    Sorry !! Any data with this plan ??

    • +1

      This isn't a mobile plan

    • +1


  • +11

    Benefit will vary depending on your spending & usual targeted offers.

    As I've warned in previous Everyday Extra Deals, lost out on points worth far more than 10% off offers on my small Woolies & rare BigW shops - once a month.

    Signed up to free trial + 1 month ($7) paid for 4000 bonus points last year.

    But lost the weekly targeted offers I usually received😜
    ($40 spend for 2000 bonus points most weeks
    That brings in up to 10,000 bonus points / month!)

    Targeted offers returned after unsubscribed.

    Free gifts were mainly useless $3+ items.

    • just create a dozen other rewards accounts for decent offers, and only use the everyday rewards thing once a month for 10% off.

      • +4

        Already have enough Rewards accounts thanks😉 Set up many years ago to get good weekly targeted offers!! Have posted advice on that.

        Took up Everyday Extra offers on 3 Rewards accounts (for the pts offers) - loosing good targeted offers on all 3 accounts.
        Others reported similar experience.

        Only some accounts receive good targeted offers. So reducing the chance to receive those offers meant a huge loss of points while subscribed!!

        Last week had offers of $40 spend for 2000 bonus points on 4 accounts. Received over 9000 pts ($45cr) - far better than 10% ($16) off $160 spend, once!
        Week before received 4300 pts ($21.50cr) on $50 spend on 1 account (stacked multiple offers). Extra benefit would only be $5 - once in month!

        Plus didn't pay Extra to save more!!

        As explained, only do small weekly shops (usually $40-50) at Woolies & almost never at BigW, so 10% off once a month is insignificant…
        Unless buying a dramatically increased shop once a month! (Which I did - still have a cupboard full of non-perishables!!)

        • Your example doesnt apply to many people. Not many have 4 accounts. Plus if you only spend 40 a week. to get 9000pts on all 4 accounts, you needed to overspend. I also spend only around 40-50 a week. very difficult to find things to buy more than that. to do that means stock up on stuffs i dont need straight away

          • +2


            Your example doesnt apply to many people

            As I warned above, "Benefit will vary depending on your spending & usual targeted offers."

            So.determine what best suits you, not just the reduced price of the subscription & number of upvotes.
            Certainly not suited to me, even if free!

            Not many have 4 accounts

            Well they miss out on some great targeted offers!
            But some here have far more accounts. just create a dozen other rewards accounts😊
            (Signed up extended family members to Rewards accounts. They didn't want them…)

            I've recommended in Woolies Deals over many years - the advantage of multiple accounts.
            Mainly to choose from the best available targeted offers & discard the rest!

            Great when offers of 2000 points are offered for 1c min spend per account! Some collected $100+ in Rewards Dollars in 1 Deal💰
            I've posted a targeted 16,000 Bonus point on 8c spend offer a while back💰

            It's all about getting the best Deal for your shopping Dollar! Don't know why people here would be opposed to not spending more than they have to… Especially @Woolworths!

            if you only spend 40 a week. to get 9000pts on all 4 accounts, you needed to overspend.

            "overspend"? Don't think Woolies think customers spending more than.usual is "overspend"😂 I spend as needed.

            Got to be mindful of the ALGORITHM!
            Spending the usual $40 on each of 4 accounts, rather than "overspend" $160 on 1 account doesn't raise the min spend on that account as some find😉

            Occasionally, like yesterday - I take advantage of multiple good offers & spent $160, as I stated… Which doesn't affect my average weekly spend much.
            To stock up on things I was running short of coming into cooler weather. Such as half price soup, & non-perishables.

            Why pay more later when there maybe no good targeted offers? This week it's back to 1 x $40 spend for 2000 bonus points. So $40 this week, with a full fridge & pantry.

            Nothing unusual about that. But most weeks are usually $40-50. It depends on what Rewards Boosters are available - which are usually $40 & $50 spend.

            Signing up for this Extra subscription for a year would increase my spending, due to loss of good targeted offers. Plus the unnecessary cost of the subscription

            • @INFIDEL: Another advantage of multiple Rewards accounts…
              Accounts are ONLY used for good offers.
              And use is spread between accounts.

              That 'teases' the algorithm with their infrequent use. Seems to result in more good weekly offers!

        • How do you monitor all those accounts though? Do you have to manually sign in to each one through the app to see what offers are available?

          • +4

            @Grandslam: Offers are usually emailed & in notifications. As well as on app.

            Have been doing this for years…
            Only check each account on mobile app when preparing to shop. Takes minutes to choose & boost. (Usually done when doing something else.)

            To make process easier, all accounts are linked to same mobile number for quick verification. Rewards numbers + passwords are auto entered.

            Some offers are valid for multiple use ($40 spend = 2000 bonus pts per week - is for 3 weeks) - only requiring 1 Boost.

            Most weeks only use best offer on 1 account. Almost every week for last 6 months received $40 spend = 2000 bonus pts on different cards. That suits my spending pattern.

            I write offer & Rewards Dollar balance on Rewards Cards to help make choices easier when shopping. Usually pay almost total bill with Rewards Dollars earnt.

            • @INFIDEL:

              I write offer & Rewards Dollar balance on Rewards Cards to help make choices easier when shopping.

              Are we talking masking tape or white lablel stickers?
              I'm trying to picture multiple cards, with tape or white stickers on them.
              Bulky, potentially sticky.
              How do you manage this?

              • @cobbadan: Sticky! Easiest way… Felt pen, crossed out / erased after use.
                Write Offer + Balance (eg $40=2k, $60)
                Then pop that week's Rewards Card(s) in wallet ready for use.

            • +1

              @INFIDEL: Thanks! That's very helpful.

            • @INFIDEL: You can have multiple accounts with the same mobile number?

              • @rokufan: Yes. Can always go into Rewards accounts to change mobile number later.
                All mine are same address, same mobile number, same family name but different first names, & slightly different email addresses.

        • +1

          I have a stack of accounts. A few of them were not really getting offers anyway. I signed up a couple of those for the Everyday Extras and still get the the same offers on the other ones. I don't keep track other than to check the emails if there's a good offer happening. May be different if you're not spending much, when it was just me I don't think I'd have gotten much value, but with a couple of kids I spend a fortune at the supermarket now.

          • @Miss B: Similar with not spending much.
            Only 1 account had no good bonus pts offers for 6 months, until last week. So hopefully will keep receiving them.

            For me, the multiple good offers like last week: 9k pts ($45cr) on a rare $160 spend, suits me far better than 10% off $160💰
            Usually receive 10k pts ($50cr) per month on $40/wk spend.

            Paying a sub for 10% off 1 usual $40 shop with no good points is much worse than my FREE weekly targeted 2k bonus pts!

            BUT if you've got LARGE WEEKLY SPEND, its 10% off once a month. So MULTIPLE (4) EXTRA Subs would be best for you👍
            (I had 3 Extra subs for 10k bonus pts, but usual $40/wk spend made it pretty useless.)

            Others could take up your suggestion, by opening new Rewards accounts & add Extra subs😉

    • +3

      I found the same. Great boosts and offers, signed up last year to Extra in the Black Friday sale and now my offers are dismal. Cancelled the renewal during the Aus Day saga and might just be placebo but they have got better and more often. Will see how it changes when it expires in Nov this year.
      Definitely worse off when it comes to boosts and multipliers in points earning since paying the $30 odd dollars for Extras.

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