50% off Everyday Extra Annual Plan $35 for The First Year (Ongoing $70/Year) @ Everyday Rewards


As part of its Orange Friday sale, Woolworths is offering Everyday Extra for half price. Benefits include:

  • 10% off one shop at Woolworths and Big W each month (up to $50 off at a time, exclusions apply)

  • 2x Everyday Rewards points on all shops (exclusions apply)

  • Free item from Woolworths every month

Terms and conditions:

50% off an annual plan offer + Promotion runs from 0:00 AEDT 15/11/2023 to 23:59 AEDT 20/12/2023. To get 50% off the fee for your first year of Everyday Extra, sign up to an annual plan via the Everyday Rewards app or website. New subscribers or previous subscribers without a current active subscription only. You will be charged $35 for your first year, then $70 to the payment card provided at time of sign up for every year after unless you cancel your subscription.

Other Orange Friday offers include:

  • 50% off Delivery Unlimited annual plan

  • 50% off Everyday Mobile 30 day starter packs

  • 1,200-2,500 EDR points on Woolworths Group gift cards

  • 35,000 EDR points on Origin Internet plans

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +11

    Everyday Mobile from Woolworths uses parts of Telstra's 5G, 4G and 3G network

    • +1

      So who is the other part with?

    • +5

      Not the good parts that Telstra Retail, Boost, JB HiFi and The Good Guys get access to though

      • +6

        But you get the sundae Vinny. You get the sundae.

    • +2

      I know that the Everyday Extra went back to allowing online ordering for the discount, but did the mobile offer the same change too?

      • +2


      • was that from the kindness of their hearts or customer backlash

    • So are they better than boost?

      • No as boost has full access to network but capped at 250Mb/s

  • +7

    GC T&C -
    f you spend:

    $180 - $249.99 you will collect 1200 points
    $250 - $349.99 you will collect 1800 points
    $350 or more you will collect 2500 points
    Gift Cards purchased at giftcards.woolworths.com.au/orangefriday/c/orangefriday can be physical or eGift Cards and there is a limit of 5 Gift Cards which add to a total value of $2500 (max. value of $500 per Gift Card) in a single transaction.

    • So what, about 3%?

      • +4

        So if you say that 2000 points are worth $10 in Woollies gift cards. Doing the math for 2500pts @ $350. 2500 is $12.25 in Woollies credit. 12.25 is 3.5% of $350.

  • So I should cancel EE today and re-subscribe tomorrow?

    • +11

      it will only stop when your subscription expire.

      • -6

        wow, this is unfair

        • +8

          Open a new reward account?

          • +3

            @fozzie: Yeah, that way you can do two shops with 10% off a month.

          • @fozzie: Sounds good but what about for those who convert to Qantas points?

            • @rekke: 2000 EDR points equivalent 1000 QF points.

            • @rekke: Unlink your Qantas and relink?

  • +3

    Now that online purchases have been re-activated, can you still use this twice a month?

    • +3

      Yes, did an online order at Big W. A few days later went in-store and used it.

      • +2

        Didn't work for Woolies. Used it in store early November and couldn't use the discount online. Was showing up as re deemed.

        • +6

          JUst checking if you have tried it the other way round? Shop online first then in store? It worked last time (before they end the loop holes back in June / July thing)

          • +1

            @tulalit: This is it, it’s always been that you need to use online first if you want to double dip.

          • +1

            @tulalit: Correct, I can confirm this works. This is how we got 10% off 4 times a month. We had one woolies card and partner card. So both my partner's and my rewards cards were eligible for 10% discount. 2 online shops and two instore, worked well. Ah! good times..

        • Thanks I didn’t know!!!

      • +1

        Bugger, I just used it in store over the weekend without knowing that online discount had been reactivated.

        Do we still use MMMYYYY as the discount code online?

        • +7

          This is for everyday extra only. My mobile 10% is still in-store only.

          If you have used it in store already and says you have already used it, try the code online. It's worked for me previously.

          • @lawtil: Appreciate the alt code but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work saying that 'you are not eligible for this code'.

            I will try to use it online first next month and test it out.

          • +1

            @lawtil: so online is only for Everyday Extra?

            • @yoquierotaco: Yeah, which sucks. My closet Woolies is an online only centre. And going shopping with my 4 young kids is chaos.

          • +2

            @lawtil: Why does online code work for this and not 10% insurance. I stopped shopping at Woolies since they took the online code away. I can’t stand going in when I can have someone else do it for me

            • @Bensch: They only reinstated the online for the everyday extra rewards.

              • +1

                @lawtil: They should reinstate it for everything then. I don’t know why they took it away in the first place

    • +3

      Am I understanding correctly that you can get 10% off Woolies twice a month by doing an online order first, then an in-store shop, using the same code?

      • +1

        That was my question. It used to work that way until they took away the ability to use that code for online orders. Now that it's been re-introduced (at least for everyday extra), I wanted to know if it's possible again but there doesn't seem to be a conclusive answer from the comments above.

  • +13

    As an existing Extra and Unlimited subscriber they are devaluing their services. Having recently signed up to both, I am really surprised and disappointed (unless they offer some perks to existing users).

    • New and returning subscribers only.+ I paid $70 get 12+3 months.

    • +8

      It was always gonna be like that though - starts off great and then they milk you more after you are already in. Still great value for me but I don’t like where they are headed with members only specials

      • +6

        members only specials

        Aren't they for all EDR members, whether paid or not? Or are there more specials for paid members that I'm unaware of?

    • +2

      Yep. Have noticed significantly spend x get y points since signing up.

    • Most online shopping services are doing this with their subscriptions. eBay, Amazon, OnePass, etc.

  • +1

    Time to cancel main acc which I joined 18 Nov 23 (but renews 18 March 2024 given 4 free months 🤷‍♂️) and re-join using “wife’s” acc 🎉

    • +2

      very nice play sir

      • +1

        Got the wife/son/daughter etc an account each due to Healthylife rewards 4000pts for each new EDR-linked customers 🤣
        Works out like 75% off RRP for the vitamins I buy as opposed to 50% from normal catalogues

        • +12

          You can save 100% if you dont buy the vitamins to begin with.

          Vitamins is a tax for the gullable, if you eat reasonably good food most of the time, you dont need vitamin supplements.

          Most not to say all items in a health food shop has ZERo medical value, dont believe me ask them to give you a peer review study that shows any of their products or the products you are interested in actually has measurable benefits.

          • +1

            @CowFrogHorse: YMMV
            Is a placebo a bad thing even if you know its a sham but you feel better from it

            • -1

              @Gdsamp: Like i sad a tax for the stupid. Hardly a shock - the world is full of stupid people.

              • +6

                @CowFrogHorse: That's a bit harsh. Just because people haven't been taught, doesn't make them stupid.

                • -7

                  @omblygombly: We live in a world of knowledge at our fingertips, google is your friend. Its not hard for a random nobody to appreciate that vitamins and other supplements have basically no medical support papers for their consumption as recommended by health food shops.

                  In less the a minute i can find the capital of Australia is Canberra from a REAL authority like the government or someone like the UN. If i search the internet for random vitamins or other healthfood, there are ZERO and on rare occassions maybe one mention about said item. However if you search for other REAL medicines that have been verified by the Australian government, you can be sure there will be dozens or more papers in REAL academic journals detailing the audience, and what the medicine helps and more.

                  I have tried and its impossible to find anything about vitamins and their health food compansions from REAL authorities, and by REAL authorities i dont mean some random website written by a fake doctor. I mean real JOURNALS etc.

                  THis is basic stuff - if a random person cant figure this out - well they are a fool.

                  Anther meaure of a fool - is they dont know they are fool and think they know everything. A smart person knows their limits and knows how to ask or find this information.

                  • +9

                    @CowFrogHorse: You want a trustworthy source? Try the Harvard School of Public Health. Their page on multivitamins gives a more complex (and more accurate) opinion on multivitamins. It's true that the "random joe and betty" may not need multivitamins, but there are plenty of people who do.


                    Many (I can't even say "most") people get enough vitamins from a "healthful diet" (the term that the Harvard site uses), but, as the site observes, "more than 90% of Americans get less than the Estimated Average Requirement for vitamin D and vitamin E from food sources alone" and "Certain groups are at higher risk for a nutrient deficiency" (older people, pregnant women, people with malabsorption conditions (from various diseases, surgeries, diarrhoea, alcoholism) and those on a restricted diet or certain medications).

                    What we need is a long-term study of "average Joes" in Australia who eat fast food often, don't always prepare completely balanced meals, etc., and don't forget those who can't afford nutritious, balanced meals, etc. I reckon the above describes a majority of people (no proof yet… just "reckon"). So… we can't knock multivitamins just because we imagine everyone has a healthful diet (or can afford one!). Whether the majority of people need them or not is a matter for empirical study, not blanket statements.

                    • @dlee: dlee: Their page on multivitamins gives a more complex (and more accurate) opinion on multivitamins. It's true that the "random joe and betty" may not need multivitamins, but there are plenty of people who do.

                      cow: So you jsut confirmed my point.

                      dlee: What we need is a long-term study of "average Joes" in Australia who eat fast food often, don't always prepare completely balanced meals, etc., and don't forget those who can't afford nutritious, balanced meals, etc.

                      cow: Thats a different question. Yes those people are eatting crap but you cant just assume that visiting a health food shop and buying lots of bottles and boxes is the answer because you want to believe.

                      Multiple scientific studies are the only proof, your wishes dont count, thats not how science works.

                      dlee: Whether the majority of people need them or not is a matter for empirical study, not blanket statements.

                      cow: Exactly so until there are multiple studies that confirm any supplement works for a problem they detailed, then it doesnt. There is no let pretend it works until we have a study.

                      You fail to ssee the dishonesty in health food stores and the related industry where people are actively and dishonestly making statements about benefits they have ZERO proof for.

                      Thats plain out dishonest and fraud, it s that simple. People die from these lies all the time, Steve Jobs died becaus ehe believe health food supplement and his special diet would cure him of prostaate cancer, so yes thats a perfect example of an idiot who believe in health foods when they should have been visiting real doctors. Befor eyou jump at me about real doctors not having perfect solutions, thats true, but real doctors are a much safer bet.

                      if your kid is sick, and i mean really sick, better togoto a hospital, not a health food shop. If you have cancer bette rgot to a specialist and not a healthfood shop.

          • +2

            @CowFrogHorse: Unless you have a genuine deficiency, which is best determined through blood tests.

            • @mitt: @mitt:

              Thats a very different situation from random joe and betty buying vitamins because they saw an ad in Woolies…

              Cant you tell the difference ?

          • -1

            @CowFrogHorse: Almost, some people don’t absorb vitamins properly so they need extra.
            These are usually chemist brand and extra strength not the fancy branded vitamins though.

            • @Oz em: Those people should be under doctors care, not buying random plastic bottles from a random chemist because their friend across the road told them it was a good idea.

              You really havent thought about how dangerous this is. If a person has a medical problem they should be seeing a REAL doctor, not reading random bullshit on a website that is filled with ads selling dildos, crypto and vitamins. They could have something very serious, but either way a lay person is not qualified nor do they have the equipment to actually diagnose their problems.

              People die from being this stupid, and while i dont care if people die because they take advice like yours, i do worry about kids who are treated by moron parents because they take your advice or ideas like it instead of seeing a real doctor.

          • +6

            @CowFrogHorse: Thanks for imparting me with your wisdom mate, inb4 I purchase them based on the professional medical advise by my GP due to deficiencies. Appreciate you going out of your way letting us know the real truth like a true ozber 🙂

            • -1

              @noelhoi: If your GP is suggesting you buy vitamins from Woolies you should think about getting a different GP

            • -1

              @noelhoi: Given i was criticizing self medication using vitamins you should done a proper job and written a complete sentence and mentioned that your GP recommended them.

          • @CowFrogHorse: when you have things so figured out, you're either too young to know better, or too old to change.

        • How to get 4000 points by linking Healthylife with EDR account?

          I looked online but couldn't find any information.

          • -3

            @sharing is caring: Thats real smart, taking random "medical" treatment because you saw it on ozbargain.


            Why dont you just start taking insulin for fun…

            • +1

              @CowFrogHorse: Did I say anywhere in my comment about 'taking random medical treatment'?

              For all you know, I might just be interested in the points…

              • -2

                @sharing is caring: You didnt disagree.. and since the thread was about vitamins that implies you think vitamins & healthfood shops are fine.

        • +1

          I think most people just blindy buy random ‘recommendations’ on supplements. Take a methylation test and take targeted supplements for your own deficiencies. I take TMG now and it has managed my hypertension. Sure you can and should eat healthy food but modern agriculture is very nutrient deficient.

          • -2

            @MakeBread: As opposed to taking supplements that have zero proof of actually being absorbed by the human.

            • @CowFrogHorse: i love browsing ozbargain and randomly coming across medical professionals and people who got lost on their way to /r/iamverysmart

              you could have said your intended original message a dozen different ways without needing to sound toxic or pretentious

  • +2

    I have 10% off from Woolworths car insurance then if I sucribe this one, will I get 2 times 10% off or same? Thank you

    • -2

      may try with different rewards number when you subscribe as i believe only one rewards per month.

    • +13

      No you can use the same rewards number. It will ask you if you want to use your 10% insurance or 10% extra. You can't use both in the same transaction.

      • do u know if that applies with woolies mobile as well? as that has 10% a month too

        • +5

          You can do Insurance and Extra, or Phone and Extra. Not Insurance and Phone and Extra.

        • Woolworths mobile 10% only works in store.

    • +9

      I can confirm you get two a month (I have a car insurance policy and everyday extras).
      When you proceed to pay at checkout it will ask you if you want to apply the insurance 10% off, if you click no it then prompt you if you want to use the everyday extra discount (or vice versa)

      • So you know of this only applies to the Everyday Extra discount?
        I have pet insurance and mobile, but can only use the 10% off once

        • Yeh only with everdyay extra can you get two. I used to have a WW credit card so i took the insurance policy out in my wifes name on "her" card so I would be able to get two a month, otherwise it still would have been one if I linked to the same card.

    • -1

      No, as you would be using the same Everday Rewards number

  • +2

    Tell em the price son

    • +12


  • I wonder if it will stack with this:

    My renewal came before this deal but I am wondering if I should make another account and it will cost $10?

    • Defn have a go at it and report homebase mate 😁

    • +3

      The terms for that say you need to spend $70 or more in a single transaction, so likely not.

    • You have to spend more than $70. I would say that it is impossible to stack.

  • +9

    Their delivery service is hopelessly bad in my area. I cancelled the free trial after 2 weeks.

    Multiple times, they missed out up to half the order, leaving me having to go through my order to check off all the things I needed to claim a refund. Then I can't cook without all those things so I have to travel to a store anyway, which was the entire reason I pay for delivery, to save that time……

    Cracked eggs as well, either check the eggs or don't smash them on the way..

    Also they wouldn't bring orders up to my apartment door, which Coles happily do.

    Also, many things are 'unavailable' online but obviously are on the shelves when going instore, I'm talking absolute staples like packets of chicken breast. I guess 'force customers to shop twice' is just part of the business model, but I see through that.

    Coles is consistently ok for me so I'll stick with them.

    • +2

      They are supposed to deliver everything to your apartment door. If you ever become a member again do call customer service if the driver is not going their job.

    • the missed items even when u allow substittues is the bane of my existence

      as u said, u cant cook with missing ingredients so have to swing by the shop urself

      i end up just using uber/doordash for emergency ingredients and manually shop myself. cant be stuffed relying on unreliable delivery services

  • How do I get the 50% off annual plan for delivery unlimited? Clicked through and it still says $119. I don't have a current subscription.

    • +12

      Wait until tomorrow.

      • Right… thanks. The "Today" tag on the front page threw me off.

  • +21

    I seriously recommend getting this. If you spend $30 or more in one shop each month at woolies, then this has already paid for itself with the 10% discount. Not to mention that you get a free random item each month, and 10% off one shop at Big W too

    • Yep no brainer - I've already got it on my card but will sign the wife up.

    • 10% off BigW has restrictions right? Cant just buy a console and expect 10

      • +6

        Can't use on consoles, see FAQs here

        The Extra Discount cannot be used for or on any smoking or tobacco products and accessories, liquor, gift cards (including iTunes), mobile recharge, Woolworths Mobile, travel cards, tickets, cash outs, delivery charges (including Delivery Unlimited items), bag fees, donations, Carpet Care, lottery products, pre-order kiosks, purchases on a charge account, BIG W Photos online, Apple products, gaming consoles, rainchecks, BIG W eBay, BIG W Market, DukeLiving, pre-orders, lay-by fees, remote and bulk orders or Everyday Market from Woolworths orders and any purchases made at Ampol Woolworths Metro and MetroGo stores.

        • Bugger!

      • Is this the same discount as you get with the Woolies pet insurance? I’m guessing yes and consoles excluded.

    • Do you know if I can use this for 2 different addresses?

  • $60 amaysim plus $35 extra is much cheaper than the $170 Woolworths mobile plan, but it's on Optus network :(
    Any other yearly prepaid cheaper than $135?

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