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Slazenger Men's Jogging Bottoms - $9.46 Delivered - TheHut.com


navy mens Slazenger Men's Jogging Bottoms for $9.46 delivered from. sizes small through to xxl.
$7.89 before postage, save $39.50

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  • Got my free pair a week or so ago, no shoes though, but they are really comfortable!

    • Why free?

      • +1

        They were giving them away in a previous deal, but oversold the shoes, and still sent the pants anyway.

        • What's the sizing like? I read in previous posts that we should buy 1 size up? Did you have that problem or does yours fit just fine?

        • +1

          Mine fit fine, they are very stretchy.

        • how many days it took for delivery?

        • About a week (Give or take a few days) to NZ.

        • There's a size guide on the web page, personally I don't think it's worth the risk with sizes and quality (the stitching looks cheap IMO)

    • I'm a size 34, do you think XL would be too big? They do have the drawstring, so I'm hoping not.. The smallest in grey they've got is XL.

      • +1

        Id get Medium or large depending how tall you are. Im the same waist but mine are a tad big (bought large). im 5"11

  • Just purchased a few times from this store, they did not charge any postage to Australia?????

    • 99p

  • What i meant, free international posting?? was not expecting that. Nice.


    • Oh nice, maybe they have made it free..

    • Still 99p for me.. Maybe because you had 16 items for a total of 100s?

  • +8

    Save 25.00 GBP. TheHut are seriously over exaggerating their prices.

  • Is size 36 waist, large?

    • Depends how tall you are. My Tongan mate is fair-dinkum built like a bloody Egyptian statue, and his waist is 34"/35" at about 6'2"-and-a-bit… whereas my Cypriot mate Mav would look like a little bit of a lardy-tub-tub (Mav's 5'9"-ish).

      I reckon a fair-dinkum 'large' starts at about 40", and anything above that means you probably should consider lap-band surgery or buying fewer packets of Tim Tams.

  • 8OFF Coupon
    Save £8 Off £80 Order, That's a lot pants.

  • Thanks, ordered a pair, used the 10% off code from the apology email after the previous cancellation too.

  • HUTVC100

    Save £11 Off £100 Order

  • +2

    Only L, XL, XXL left

  • -7

    Monster iSport Immersion earphones for £55 with a free New Balance t-shirt using code - THGISPORT

    Not sure if this is a good deal or not? appears Harvey Norman have them on sale atm for around $150

  • +2

    Beware. It is made from "Fleece" material.

    This is not cotton, and generates static electricity. Just putting it out there guys.

  • +3

    Grey Marl for the win.
    Less prominent logo.

    Same price.
    Thanks OP.

    If it's not cotton like they claim, I'll ask for a refund.

  • the waist strap on the outside looks so odd to me

  • -6

    They sell these at Kmart I wouldn't even fart in these

    • They're good trackpants, obviously your farts just do not deserve to be released in these…

    • You rate pants on fart suitability?? My nudie jeans are low fart rating, they are so tight it squeezes my butt cheeks and farts always make a noise. Bad for around the office

      • I dont think its appropriate for janitors to wear jeans to work.

  • +3
    • Scratch that, they just pulled the navy ones from the site and changed all these to £7.99 …

      • And scratch that (although the navy ones are still gone) - they're back to £4.99 … wtf?

        • thanks.. changed order to a grey while it's still 4.99

  • how is the size on this thing? For a 34, should I get M or L?

    • +3

      I'm 36 so I got L according to their size chart

      (I miss being 34.. oh and 32.. woot.. good times)

  • +1

    Pretty much all gone now. L, XL and XXL left. GG :/

    • +11

      heard of hungry jacks vouchers?

      • Huh? I don't get it. Is that supposed to be a joke?

        • +8

          Hungry jacks have discount coupons at the moment, His saying you should go there and get fat than buy a larger size.

  • +2

    these are great to jog in commando style :]

    edit : thanks OP, bought 2 pairs

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Always good to get my hands on some nice men's bottoms.

    • +2

      I'm pretty sure that's sexual assault

      • not when they enjoy it

  • +1

    got an email from them saying order cancelled.
    anyone else get this? or know why?

    • Same here - just received a cancellation email without having requested for cancellation. Is this common practice with "the hut" if they have stock issues?

      • mines been dispatched but I didnt obtain the navy ones because I missed out, try ordering the whites and the black ones?

    • me too. The wording of the email even makes it sound like they have done me a favour because it has been "successfully cancelled".


  • Ordered charcoal ones and dispatched.

  • I ordered some, paid on paypal, had the money taken from my paypal, then had the order cancelled because of some money issue. Except the money is gone from my paypal :(

    • If you bought using creditcard, the money may appear in your creditcard directly. Not reappearing on your paypal account.

  • +2

    Got mine 2day, nice. Happy with quality & fit.

  • Got some too - my current bottom doesn't like jogging very much, so I'm looking forward to fitting my new jogging bottom and taking it out for a spin around the Tan.

  • Looks to be sold out as its no longer listed on their site.

  • Got mine in WA today ,look great thanks OP

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