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Sonos Play: 3 Speaker with Sonos Bridge - AU $389 Including Shipping from Amazon UK


Buy a Sonos Play:3 wireless speaker and get a free Sonos Bridge, 60 days music service and a 60 day money-back guarantee. (The page also mentions a 60 day music service trial but I'm unsure as to whether it will work in Australia or not).

Add both products to your cart and the cost of the Bridge will be discounted at checkout.

The price it gives me, including shipping, is £237.67 = A$389

As a comparison, Australian RRP prices are $419 for the Play:3 and $79 for the Bridge.

You will need to buy Australian power cords. These are readily available from electronics stores, although if you want white ones the only online supplier I found was here: http://www.alphaenergy.com.au/s.nl/sc.2/category.486/.f

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    JB hifi did $387 for me for the above. I can post a receipt when I get home..

    They were also able to do 2xplay3 for $350 … Though I didn't need the second play 3 for my bedroom..

    • please post that - I am very keen !

      • +1

        what is that "reason code" and "customer changes mind"?:p

    • Hi Andii,

      Is that right? They were going to offer 2 * Play:3 systems for $350? Might have to get them!

      • $350 total or $350 each?

        • +1

          i think i can answer that one (without speaking to OP)
          350 for 2 is lala land… a place I would like to be but sadly dont think I will find on this half of the planet

  • are these good or over rated like Beats by Dre and Bose? Thanks
    no troll, just wanting to now before a left a relative buy some.

    • +1

      I have two Play5's which are the slightly beefier "big brother" of the Play3, the sound quality is fantastic - can fill a huge room quite easily. I've never heard a Play3 in action so can't tell you but haven't heard anything bad about them.

      When looking at the cost - keep in mind you are also paying for the mesh wireless multi-room technology, which keeps all the zones in sync with each other. The scalability of the system is also a big plus, and the freedom to use your iPhone/iPad/Android device as a controller.

    • +1

      i did a bit research last time when sonos had special here (in australia, around last xmas), they did seem quite good.

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      Got me a 3 a while back and the sound is fantastic. We have it playing in our Telstra store and a lot of people do ask about it a fair bit.

    • +2

      Best music player ever.

      • +1

        agree. nothing beats sonos for multiroom audio

  • I have just checked it out online - is 249 pounds just for the play 3…
    where are you getting your figures from OP??

  • HN Guys told me that they will give me this deal for 360. But didn't take it since I wanted a play 5

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