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Factorie - Fashion + Accessories under $5, under $10, Many Sizes Still Available


Just came across this - tons of items under $5 and Under $10

Free shipping for orders over $40

Unlike other shops where the sizes are all either too big or too small, a lot of the stuff I've clicked on still have all sizes available.

Also the range is huuuuugee. most of them are summer clothes, but there are some hoodies there too (under $20 and under $30). Considering you can grab actual clothes for less than $5 I think it's a real bargain.

I've already bought tons of stuff all under $5 each including tops, shoes, shorts, dresses and accessories. Tees for $2.45, Sunnies for $1.50, Dresses for $4.95 —- I'm sure girls will LOVE THIS!

Under $5 http://www.factorie.com.au/shop/girls/nothing-over-5/
Under $10 http://www.factorie.com.au/shop/girls/nothing-over-10/
Under $20 http://www.factorie.com.au/shop/girls/nothing-over-20/
Under $30 http://www.factorie.com.au/shop/girls/nothing-over-30/

Under $5 http://www.factorie.com.au/shop/guys/nothing-over-5/
Under $10 http://www.factorie.com.au/shop/guys/nothing-over-10/
Under $20 http://www.factorie.com.au/shop/guys/nothing-over-20/
Under $30 http://www.factorie.com.au/shop/guys/nothing-over-30/

hope many of you find nice stuff on the there too

note: had a problem checking out with Chrome (kept saying my bag has expired!) but no problems with Firefox.

bought $82 worth of stuff (13 items) mostly under $5 and the most expensive item I bought was a $12 hoodie!! epic :D

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    Very good deal, snagged a men's blazer and jacket for 20 dollars combined. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    11 shirts and a pair of shoes for 42 dollars, thanks op!

  • Very low prices, but personally not too enthused at the collection. Bought a pair of black plimsoles last time for 2 bucks, but be warned - very shotty; maybe worn them once (inside). Will wait for something else to pop up

    • Yeh those shoes tend to be the cardboard type, I always look for actual textile if buying. 2.45 shirts can really go wrong http://www.factorie.com.au/shop/product/longjohn-tee-maroon/

    • i'm not sure about the shoes, but I bought the yellow t-shirt last time for 5 bucks. It is damn good for 5 bucks. I'm skinny and the cut of their slim fit shirts are good.

  • Just bought 4 items of the website, but i'm not receiving the confirmation email yet?? any ideas?

    • all good took about 20mins for email to be sent

  • $80 later (: Thanks

  • Good deal, thanks. I also spent $80

  • spent around $80 as well :/

  • thank you op! so much variety in the girls category.

  • Argh I got $41 worth of items, clicked submit / confirmation and it says Sorry, an error occurred.

    Crap no idea if it has gone through or not :( :( :(

    • +1

      Ok I just checked my email and it has gone through thank god :)

      Some great bargains here thanks for the tip!!

      • I have the same problem except I didn't get a email nor have I been charged on paypal

        • oh that sucks :(

        • $42 later, same error but got email ..

  • +2

    Wow, Great Prices….
    I clocked up $60 (on stuff i really didn't need)
    Note To Self
    Purchasing things i dont need "Is not a Bargain"
    Im glad i didn't click the Purchase button

    Like i said, its a great deal, BUT, It kinda feels like i just has sex (without the "happy ending bit" )


  • Awesome replacing a good chunk of my old T shirts with this deal haha :)

  • Items ran out of stock in cart on three attempts!

    Great share, thanks, OP :)

    Btw, was anyone able to process via PayPal?
    I kept being led to an error feedback page.

  • Bought 3 button up shirts, 2 hoodies and a wallet for $42. Paid through paypal and did it all on my phone. Thanks op.

  • anyone else not get the free shipping for orders over $40 within AUS???? I ended up putting the order through regardless coz I didnt want to miss out on my sizes but pretty frustrating when their bloody site doesnt work and I have to pay extra coz their checkout system doesnt recognise the deal. Didnt see a coupon code for it either. Regardless, very cheap clothes even with the extra $10

    • Did you re-check your cart? I thought the same thing the first time then noticed my items were actually totaled to below $40, but showed $40+ after shipping. Added a few more items until items were over $40 and free shipping applied on its own

    • You have too spend $50 total and then the shipping is free and your total will be brought back to $40.

  • This website looks a lot like Cotton On.

    • It is a Cotton On subsidiary

  • The following items are out of stock:


    Edit your bag

    Does not say which items out of stock… Cart contains 30 items..how am I going to know which one is out of stock if they don't say so

    • Had the same issue, had to redo my entire cart to narrow down that it was a pair of shoes that did it.

    • Go back to your cart and it should be the last item in the list or the last two items in the list.

  • plenty of bargains on there. scooped up enough to get the free shipping.

    had troubles putting my suburb and postcode but after a few refreshes it worked.

    thanks for sharing it !

  • Got 2 chinos, 1 jeans, 2 tees ,1 button up shirt and black shorts all for 40 delivered!

  • Argh! I've accidentally made a double order..! Can i cancel one of the orders???!!! I Tried to ring them up, but I cant get through! >_<!!!

    • I realised last night that I put in FOUR ORDERS! Didn't get the confirmation emails till later and kept getting error messages the first three times so I didnt know. Emailed them before bed to say please cancel my first three orders and refund my account, and they replied before 10am today to say they were cancelled and refunded. Just email them and you should be fine!

  • Payment went through on PayPal but didnt get an invoice through email… is my order even shipped?

    • My PayPal confirmation email came through straight away but the order confirmation from factorie took a few hours

      • Ordered last night, Still no email today :/

  • +1

    Sweet, got 4 x tees, 3 x shoes, 1 x dress, 1 x jeans and 1 x jumper for $41 delivered

  • Same prices in store and similar variety / sizes too.
    I picked up the space invaders glow in the dark shot glasses (set of 4) for $1.50 in store - they're not on the website though. I am looking for another set too so will probably head out to another store in hopes of finding it. Myer sell them for $19.95.

    • oh they sound cool :D

      • I totally didn't need them and wasn't going to buy them at $3 but when I found out extra 50% off I got them and will use as gifts/prizes for an event I'm planning :) So I'll be hitting up Bankstown and Homebush tomorrow to see what they've got!

  • Anyone know the length of the S or M singlets?

  • Thanks, bought so much stuff for so little for my Tweens !

  • is the sale for only online or instore as well?

    • Had a quick browse at Factorie Elizabeth (SA) today and there are signs up stating 'take an extra 50% off already reduced prices'. I noticed a few items are the same price as the online price, but a few items (i.e. the $20 jacket) is still $60 in store ($30 after the 50% discount is applied). However, to answer your question — yes, most items are on sale in store too.

  • Same, chrome doesn't work but IE worked for me :D

  • Update - I just received my items. Super fast postage - great stuff. Everything is individually wrapped in plastic which is a pain but still happy - got some nice basic tops to wear to the gym and some random jewellery and accessories :D

  • Nice just got my items today and guess what. I initially cancelled my first order and it got refunded to my account…but they sent both orders out! Score :) but now i got double of everything ..

    • I sure hope you at least email them and let them know. They'll probably let you keep your order free of charge, but you should still at least contact them.

  • Awesome deal youve got here!