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Domino's codes


I got this in the mail the other day:

Large Pizzas-Pickup from $5.95, Delivered from $9.95
Pickup Code: 67716
Delivery Code: 83016
Minimum $20 for delivery

Choc Lava Cake $2.95
Minimum $20 for delivery

Pasta $7.95
Code: 32589

Pasta Combo:Pasta Bowl & Vitamin Water $10.95

2 Large Pizzas plus 2 choc lava Cakes
Pickup from $17.95, Delivered From $24.95
Pickup Code:43992
Delivered Code: 60142

1 Large Pizza, 1 Pasta Bowl, 2 choc lava Cakes and 2 Bullet cans of Coke
Pickup From $22.95, Delivered FRom $25.95
Pick up Code:48161
Delivered Code:32055

All Codes expire 31/03/09

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  • All work fine at Nedlands, WA.

  • All work fine in Epping, NSW, but I wouldn't call any of them good deals.

  • +2

    It's a good deal if it works in WA. So many domino's codes never seem to work around here. I'll take what I can get :)

  • +1

    had a pasta bowl, they are absolutely DISGUSTING!


    • Yeah after seeing the ads, thought they might be a bit dodgy.

      It was funny - seeing those ads.

      You go to a restaurant and the chef comes out and says
      "I've got a surprise for all you - i didn't cook it >>> I just got some guys to drop-in some Dominos take-away instead"

      I probably won't be clapping LOL

      • Isn't that a Pizza Hut ad?

        • ahhhhhh…you right…i'm so embarrassed..i knew both of them have started with pasta menu…can't believe i messed that one up….i'm goose..

          I tried to give myself a negative vote…but says you not allowed..LOL

    • +1

      Next thing you'll tell me is their pizza isn't top notch!

  • +1

    Yeah these have been floating around for a quite a while. Just check the old Domino's bargains.

    WA Users are probably screwed out of half of them though.

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