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Borderlands 2 Golden Keys


More Golden Key codes for Borderlands 2. Probably to celebrate the new DLC.

PlayStation 3 SHiFT Code for a Golden Key in Borderlands 2: 5BWJJ-95ZK3-CC5K3-SJ5JT-KJC5F [Active through 1/7]Jun 28, 2013

Xbox 360 SHiFT Code for a Golden Key in Borderlands 2: WT53B-55FSC-TT9BR-WR3TT-HH3CB [Active through 1/7]Jun 28, 2013

PC / Mac SHiFT Code for a Golden Key in Borderlands 2: KJWTJ-WWBR5-9KR3T-3B33J-53WFS [Active through 1/7]Jun 28, 2013

Have Fun!

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    We post them all here if you want to see the other codes that are still active.



    The secret is that the golden chest loot actually sucks. Weapons found during normal gameplay is much better.


      I kept getting small hand guns so I gave up using them. I now have 62 golden keys. Mybe when Im a higher level, currently 24, it will give me better loot.


        Have been max level for awhile and keys don't drop good loot; would suggest using keys every level or two so you always have decent gear as you play, likely want be beat gear, but mixes it up.
        Also thank you for posting, but not sure if a bargin, as always free and the loot it typically not as good as the stuff you find?

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