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FREE Burrito When You Join The Mex Club @ Salsa's; purchase required to get card


From FB: Want a FREE Burrito? Sign up to be a Mex Club Member until 28 July and you can have one on us!

Sign up at your local store or click here to find out more: http://tiny.cc/djkizw

  • This promotion is NOT related to the Birthday promotion.

mod - amended title per member comment that you need to make a purchase before you get the membership card

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  • +2

    Thanks OP. Salsa's is awesome!

  • Good stuff! Will go grab a membership card soonish.

  • +1

    I thought this was Mad Mex until I clicked through the links. No salsas nearby :(

  • +1

    I love their mexicrinkles

  • +6

    Can any confirm if any purchase is required to grab the card?

    • +1

      Enquired like a true OzBargainer :)

      • Its a good question!

    • +1

      Yes it is.

      Source: Salsa's worker

  • +1

    It looks like Mexican. It sounds like Mexican. It tastes… like Subway in a tortilla.

    Good deal, nonetheless.

  • does anyone have a 'sample' membership number eg. how many characters

    • What for?

      I was already a member, so no free burrito for me but they say there will be some exclusive next week.

      Mex Club No: SMC1234567
      Verification code: 1234AB

  • Salsa's is amazing, I seriously can't get enough of their original beef burritos. Hope they bring out some nice freebies for their existing club members soon!

    • And here I was thinking that I was the only one who mouthgasmed when eating one.

  • +1

    Remember if you are ever going there for Tacos, they are $2.50 each every Tuesday

    • $2.50? I remember they were $2 the last time I had them (a while ago)!

    • Ding Dong… today is Tuesday…

  • How's it compare to Gomez?

    • +1

      I'd have Gomez > > Mad Mex > Salsas - but i still enjoy eating at Salsas.

    • -1

      Wow i reckon Salsas > gomez > mad mex

    • MadMex > Salsas > Gomez

      • +1


      • Gomez > Salsas > Mad Mex

        • +1

          Mad Mex > Gomez > Salsas

      • WTF. How could anyone put MadMex above Gomez? MadMex is hotbox slop.

  • So how do you get the card though?
    Go to a store and ask? Do you have to buy anything?

    • You can just ask for a card. You have to activate it on their website.

  • +1

    It's a good time to join too, since its winter and Salsa's is running a lot of short term deals on the food. Salsa's also offer healthy tacos without Sour cream and cheese.

    I would say though, the points are a rip off compared to Mad Mex, where instead of getting one stamp for every main meal/burrito you buy (10 stamps for a free burrito), you only one point for every 15$ spent.

  • Me gusta! Gracias.

    • Another negative for Salsa's - their staff are all non-Spanish speakers, unlike GyG and MadMex, where they're mostly nice Colombian girls. ;)

      • MadMex seems to be 99% white teenagers here in Brisbane.

        • I guess it's the number of Colombian students in Melbourne.

  • BTW Tomorrow only $5 Burrito's for Mexcard members, the catch unfortunately is only at Bridge Rd Richmond Store Melbourne.

  • gotta buy something before you get the card :(

  • ok so I went and got a membership card and registered online, but no voucher or anything? how am I supposed to get a free burrito?

    • Yeah, still waiting, anyone got their free Buritto?

      • Read the bloody webpage. It won't be delivered to you.

        10 points (worth $10 of Mex Club points) will be added to your Mex Club Card within 2 weeks after registration.

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