closed 30x Free Promo Code Give Away - Property Log Book (Finance) iPhone/iPad App - Usual Price $1.99



Closing Date 31/12/2013


Description promo code give away
No. of Prizes 30
Total Prize Pool $ 59.70

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a

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30 x Free Promo Code Give Away - Property Log Book (Finance) iPhone/iPad App - Usual Price $1.99


Free Promo codes will be provided to 30 respondents to this thread who will be randomly chosen to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity instead of only the quick responders.

Note: Please ensure your Private Message is ON. We'll appreciate if you only respond if this app is useful for you. As developers get limited number of promo codes, we hope to give away promo codes to people who find the app useful for their needs. Thanks

Property Log Book is a powerful multi-purpose app for Property Owners or Property Investors who like to be in control of their property portfolio in a simple, easy & effective way.

With this app Property Owners or Investors can

- stay on top of household or investment property income & expenses

- get reminders for regular bills and recurring payments so not to forget important things

- have visibility of their property worth

- extract detailed property income/expense reporting in PDF or Excel for the tax period
- Fully customisable & can manage one or more properties in your portfolio.

Read more information and customer reviews in the App Store.

Or Watch Property Log Book in action on:

Please do not forget to let us know your feedback on the application so that we can continue to improve the product.

Many thanks

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